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                                         What You Must Know About Motor Trade Insurance
                                                         By Eric Token

  Motor trade insurance makes sure that your car, your employees and most of all you, are covered
when the situation demands. According to an HSE Statistic report, during 2006 and 2007, employees
were affected by 28,267 grave injuries in the workplace. In this scenario, it becomes a must for you to
obtain a motor trade insurance policy to remain safe. Motor Trade Insurance policies are very
important for you if you are in the automobile industry. If you a mechanic, car dealer, garage or
dealership, you need to obtain a motor trade insurance now! This is because you never know when
you will encounter a major financial loss, which can come to you in the form of a hurricane, a road
accident or a car that is stolen.

 Although motor trade insurance cannot thwart such situations, it is also meant to help you in this
scenario and guarantee you security during such happenings. Motor trade insurance protects your
assets that you toil to attain, and which are imperative to run your business smoothly.

 Motor trade insurance is ideal for those who are involved in the auto industry, as well as for those
people who are between the age of 21 to 70 years. To get insurance, you need to present truthful
information about yourself. If you provide false or incorrect information, you may get disqualify for your
motor trade insurance policy. If you need detailed guidance, insurance brokers can guide you with all
the aspects of motor trade insurance. They can help you understand the requirements and
prerequisites when you apply for motor trade insurance.

 You should consider various motor trade insurance quotes before making your decision. You should
also read all the policy documents so that you can understand all its aspects regarding the terms and
conditions and the coverage.

 The perfect motor trade insurance plan is the one that has low premiums and maximum coverage,
which will include all aspects of your business. It should also fulfil the fundamental requirements - and
your budget. Normally, it is hard to find a cost effective motor trade insurance plan, however it is not
impossible to get one if you conduct good research. The best thing to help you get an economical
motor trade insurance policy is to engage an insurance broker who can help you all the way.

 Some people may think that it is pointless expenditure to involve an agent as they can obtain a motor
trade insurance policy themselves. However, the idea of involving a broker is to save you time and
energy, which you could spend on finding the best motor trade insurance. Brokers also have endless

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resources and contacts to help you find an affordable and effective motor insurance policy. They can
break down the insurance plan on your behalf and help you understand all the details of the policy.
They will also present you with numerous motor trade insurance quotations, and you can evaluate
them and make the right and most appropriate decision. Good Luck!

Quote Me Today provides http://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/motortrade.html Motor Trade Insurance to
automobile businesses looking for coverage and financial protection.

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                                       Different Types of Motor Trade Insurance
                                                           By Eric Token

Motor trade insurance policy is imperative for you if you are involved in a business that involves buying,
selling or fixing cars. Motor trade insurance saves you from financial loss in cases of adverse
situations. No matter if you are involved in a small or medium business, motor trade insurance policy is
necessary for you.

As the nature of every business is different, there are different sorts of motor trade insurance policies.
They involve different types of coverage, and premiums.

There are basically 5 main categories of Motor Trade Insurances:

1. The third-party only motor trade insurance policy
2. Fire and theft motor trade insurance policy
3. Comprehensive motor trade insurance policy
4. Liability motor trade insurance policy
5. A combined motor trade insurance policy

 To select a policy, you need to determine the needs of your particular business. You may also get
many different features of motor trade insurance policies like administrative benefits, social and
personal use of vehicles to particular drivers.

 A motor trade insurance policy that is the law for some traders is the third party only motor trade
insurance policy. Buyers and sellers, mobile tuners, technicians, valier and fitters are legally required to
hold this insurance policy. This motor trade insurance is very important if the insured is driving any car.
Fire and theft motor trade insurance is another option with this policy. This kind of motor trade
insurance policy includes the protection with the third party only policy, however, it also offers
protection in case of fire or theft.

 The comprehensive motor trade insurance policy includes similar coverage as the third party only
policy, but it also has an inclusive aspect. Comprehensive coverage is motor trade insurance that
covers the cost of repair or replaces the insured’s car if it is damaged in some situation other than an

 Liability motor trade insurance policy offers protection for your business, while giving service to the
public. This motor insurance has an important role, as it covers your hired workers who work on the
vehicles. There are 3 types of liability motor trade insurances:

1. Public motor trade insurances
2. Employers and product motor trade insurances
3. Sales and service indemnity motor trade insurances

 Many Motor trade insurances overlap each other and only have slight differences. The best way to
select one is to consult an expert motor trade insurance agent, who can tell you in detail about all the
insurance options and present with you with various motor trade insurance quotes. Evaluating different
motor trade insurance quotes will help you set your budget. If you purchase a motor trade insurance

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policy that is not suitable for your business, you will end up paying extra for your insurance policy - or
you may find out later that the coverage you required for your business is not included in the motor
trade insurance policy you bought.

 Do remember to review motor trade insurance quotes from different insurance companies, so that you
can go for the best deal and remain safe from fraudulent companies as well.

Quote Me Today has a variety of http://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/motortrade.html Motor Trade
Insurance options to choose from so you can find the policy within your budget and that will fully
protect your business.

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