WSN FATA Workshop 19.02.09 - Introduction

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        Welcome Address I
The Vice Admiral Charles
Style (Commandant
RCDS) opened the
meeting by emphasising
that the theme of the
workshop was an
immensely important
subject in interesting
         Welcome Address II
Dr Hubertus Hoffmann (President and Founder of the World Security
Network Foundation) welcomed the delegates and other guests in the
The purpose of the World Security Network (WSN) was explained

WSN possesses the following strengths:
   - It knows how to make peace with weapons
   - It possesses knowledge about the soft factors of peace making
   - It knows about the psychological political factors about building

WSN’s purpose is to enhance the rolling consensus from the dynamic
Obama administration
        Quote by Piet Mondrian

The position of the artist is humble. He is
          essentially a channel.
        Welcome Address II
WSN has been very active in the last few months
It was at Munich where Joe Biden (Vice President of the
USA) spoke
Vice President Biden has created an initiative for the
support package of Pakistan (this is a civilian package)
Dr Hoffmann stated that we need to integrate history and
understand the Pakistani tribes. He referred to the analogy
of investment in business. Addressing the issue of the
FATA is an investment
Dr Hoffmann also commented on the need for a time
schedule and once again referred to the business analogy,
that without a time schedule we cannot run a business.
        Welcome Address II
Pakistan is currently uncertain about its own status and
that of Indian influence
Dr Hoffmann stated that we should look at how to support
the tribal areas because of the global interlinking risk. He
reiterated that we have to end the blame game
There is a need to integrate the strategic interests of
Pakistan into our own thinking, but also we should not
isolate India
There is a need to move from argument to action
Conferences after conferences are held every year to no
effect – with the workshops merely acting as ‘talk shops’
There is a need to employ reliable people and a need for
robust funding
         Welcome Address II
There is a need to be pro-active
in providing codes and co-
ordinating under one umbrella

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Description: Notes in relation to introductory remarks in relation to the World Security Network workshop on the Federally Assisted Tribal Areas of Afghanistan (FATA) held on 19.02.09 in London