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									Building the Future with the Core Values of The Arc
October 10-11, 2007 Dallas, Texas Hyatt Regency Dallas

Hosted By The National Conference of Executives of The Arc

National Conference of Executives of The Arc 1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 650 Silver Spring, MD 20910

October 10, 2007 Dear Colleagues,
Last year our theme was “The Core Values of The Arc in the Real World”. This year, we are continuing that theme, focusing on how the core values can and should shape our future. The topic is relevant to chapter leaders everyday. It's easy enough to sign a Core Values document and pledge to uphold those values. The difficulty comes when issues complicate our intention to adhere to our values. Budget difficulties, staffing challenges, and countless other factors effect chapter leaders and their intent to support The Arc's Core Values as we strive to fulfill our mission in both the "real world" and the "future world". But visionary leaders never lose sight of the values that serve as guiding principles. Our core values form the foundation on which we base our strategic direction. Everything we do should answer back to our core values. In considering a major decision, we must ask ourselves: Would this put People First? Does this promote Democracy? Am I exhibiting Visionary Leadership? Does this allow for Community Participation? Am I considering Diversity? Does this reflect Integrity and Excellence? We need to consider our core values as we shape our future. We can just let things “happen”, i.e. new regulations, rate cuts, new directions, or we can make things happen, consistent with our values. I hope you all enjoy Dr. Plummer as he presents to us about shaping the future. But don’t just “enjoy” his presentation. Take it home. Think about it. Then do something with it. Shape your future!

Peggy Terhune President

The National Conference of Executives of The Arc (NCE) is committed to providing opportunities for the personal and professional support and development of executives of The Arc and other interested professionals to enable them to carry out the mission of The Arc.

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National Conference of Executives of The Arc Board of Directors 2007
OFFICERS President Peggy Terhune Albemarle, NC Vice President Gary Horner Pittsburgh, PA Vice President Barry Meyer Baton Rouge, LA Treasurer Gene Barnes Springfield, MO Secretary Tony Anderson Sacramento, CA Past President Steve Morgan Baltimore, MD The Arc’s Board Representative Lynne Cleveland Houston, TX NCE Representative to The Arc’s Board Barry Meyer Baton Rouge, LA At-Large Members Randy Costales Albuquerque, NM Terry Macy Guilford, CT Deb Seman Howe, IN

REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES New England Region Representative Michael Andrade- Attleboro, MA Mid-Atlantic Region Representative Diane Cary – West Chester, PA Southeast Region Representative John Askew – Leesburg, FL North Central Region Representative Kris Prohl – Gary, IN South Central Region Representative Janet Parker – Shreveport, LA Northwest Region Representative Gwen Lee – Anchorage, AK Southwest Region Representative Tim Hornbecker – San Francisco, CA

ADMINISTRATOR The Arc of the United States Silver Spring, MD

STAFF LIAISON Darcy Littlefield The Arc of the United States Silver Spring, MD

Barry Meyer, Chair The Arc of Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA Tony Anderson The Arc of California Sacramento, CA John Askew Sunrise Arc Inc. Leesburg, FL Randy Costales The Arc of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM Elise McMillian Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN Kris Prohl Arc BRIDGES Inc. Gary, IN Phillip Rosebauer The Arc of XXX ???, PA Dan Stewart Achieva Resources Corporation, Inc. Richmond, IN Rick Swierat Westchester Arc White Plains, NY Mark your calendars: 2008 NCE Summer Leadership Training July ~ New York 2008 NCE Topical Conference November ~ New Mexico

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
10 am – 1 pm REGISTRATION
Landmark Circle

11 am – 1 pm CREDENTIALING
Landmark Circle

1 pm – 3:15 pm OPENING PLENARY SESSION “Shaping the Future” – Dr. Joseph T. Plummer
Moreno AB Our theme this year is "Building the Future with the Core Values of The Arc". We hope to have someone give the execs a different way of thinking about the future and an understanding of system paradigm shifts and how they will impact the role The Arc at the local and state levels. Using our core values (People First, Democracy, Visionary Leadership, Community Participation, Diversity, Integrity and Excellence) we will explore how we should develop plans and execute practices that move our organizations in the future. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Joseph T. Plummer who will use the concept of "shaping experiences" to help us understand how our organizations and leadership styles have brought us to The Arc of today. Further, he will help us understand how we should allow those "shaping experiences" of our families, consumers and staff to aid us in moving The Arc into new futures. We will use his guidance to explore specific aspects of our organizational challenges (eg. Consumer expectations, public policy responses, resource development, workforce development, etc.). The sessions will end with a report on our current picture and the potential development of a year long project to create a "picture of the future" for The Arc.

3:15 pm – 3:30 pm REFRESHMENT BREAK

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm PLENARY SESSION Conference Panel & Discussion
Moreno AB The role of The Arc in the future will be shaped by factors we can control, those we can't, and those we don't even know exist. As leaders of chapters of The Arc we must be as aware and prepared as possible to help shape the future. A panel of individuals noted for their experience in and knowledge of the numerous issues faced by chapters of The Arc will give their perspective on future trends within the areas of "Expectations and Demands", "Available Resources" and "The Environment". Consumer Expectations and Demands including changing demographics and characteristics as well as desires and needs. Presenter: Dr. Ann Turnbull – The Beech Center of the University of Kansas Public policy & funding including Medicaid devolution, consumer direction/cash and counseling. Presenter: Marty Ford – Director of Legal Advocacy – Disability Policy Collaborative Non public resources (philanthropic and charitable giving and maybe social entrepreneurship). Presenter: Bob Hopkins – editor Philanthropy World Magazine Challenges in workforce related issues including increased competition and training and supervision of a dispersed workforce. Presenter: Charlie Lakin Ph.D. Center on Community Inclusion – University of Minnesota Community Supports including community building, building grassroots collaboratives & connectivity, affordable housing and access/transportation and other services. Presenter: Mary Gonzales - California Director for Gamaliel Foundation

5:00 pm – 5:30 pm PLENARY SESSION “Big Sky Project” - Paul Marchand
Moreno AB Paul Marchand participated in the Big Sky Project exercise on behalf of the UCP- United Cerebral Palsy. This presentation will explore the process used to identify the big headlines and develop the focal points for planning and learning for the future of services for people with disabilities.

5:30 pm – 5:45 pm PLENARY SESSION “Presentation by Therap Services”
Moreno AB

Pegasus Foyer & Ballroom Thank you to our sponsor Social Solutions.

Thursday, October 11, 2007
Reunion Foyer

Reunion B & C

The acquisition, financing and operation and remarketing of motor vehicles is a very complex task. This session will explore the many benefits of lease financing and how the Arc’s can take advantage of their tax exempt status. Additionally, a lease can provide access to wholesale pricing for vehicles as well as an array of fleet management services dealing with fuel, maintenance, up fitting and resale.

The acquisition, financing and operation and remarketing of motor vehicles is a very complex task. This session will explore the many benefits of lease financing and how the Arc’s can take advantage of their tax exempt status. Additionally, a lease can provide access to wholesale pricing for vehicles as well as an array of fleet management services dealing with fuel, maintenance, up fitting and resale.

8:30 am – 9:30 am NCE ANNUAL MEETING
Reunion B All NCE members with voting privileges must be credentialed prior to the Business Meeting. There will be no credentialing after the start of the Business Meeting.

9:30 am – 11:45 am CONCURRENT SESSIONS
Reunion B & Reunion C Each of the two breakout sessions will take a cluster of issues. These sessions will offer an interactive discussion with other content panelist and the participants. Breakout sessions will be lead by local and state executive directors who have demonstrated innovative approaches to meeting some of those challenges. BREAKOUT I: Expectations and Demands and Available Resources Reunion B BREAKOUT II: The Future Environment Reunion C * Note: There will be a short break to switch sessions from 10:30 am to 10:45 am.

11:45 am – 1 pm CLOSING LUNCHEON “What did we learn…What should we do?” with Dr. Joseph T. Plummer
Poolside Sponsored by Jefferson Leasing.

Thank you to all of our speakers and moderators for making this event possible.

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