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									Guided tours in
the Stavanger Region
The Stavanger Region is European Capital of Culture 2008
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vågen - Stavanger

                                                                          Valbergstårnet                                                                        Gamle Stavanger               Alexander Kielland

New and ancient stories, memorable impressions –
explore with open senses!                                                                                               City walk                                                     A historic city walk
Nature                                                         Shopping                                                 We start with a stroll through Gamle Stavanger, the           The Stavanger of author Alexander Kielland;
From the astounding Lysefjord in the east, to the              Looking for something special? Streets with shops        old part of Stavanger, consisting of more than 170            a historic city walk focusing on the life and times of
moody North Sea in the west; from Sirevåg village              and not a single car. Intriguing craftsmen and their     wooden houses, most of them are small and white               the rich and gifted merchant son that became one of
in the south, to Tungenes lighthouse in the north              wares. Smiles from a sales booth at the farmers’         painted. The houses were built at the end of the 18th         Norway’s four biggest authors.
– varied adventures and unforgettable sights await             market, or Norway’s largest shopping centre. Factory     and early 19th century and are now protected by a
our visitors. Fjords and mountains, a myriad of is-            outlets where bargains wait.                             special preservation law and form quite a charming            Kielland’s family history is closely connected to the
lands, beaches and polished rockfaces, lighthouses,                                                                     area. Continuing by foot we pass the harbour area             development of Stavanger as a city during the 19th
heather-covered hillsides, raging rivers and cascad-           Transportation                                           with its quaint fish and farmers market to Stavan-             century. This city walk focuses on the days of the
ing waterfalls and golden grain fields.                         By car or bus, airborne or by sea? Getting there is      ger Cathedral, for a guided tour inside. The Cathe-           rich herring fisheries and the bustling city-life and the
                                                               easy!                                                    dral, built of stone in the 12th and 13th century, is         party-life of the people who made their fortunes. But
Culture                                                        It’s a short way to the airport. And the train. Or the   one of the few churches in Scandinavia that has kept          we also hear the story of religious awakenings in the
Thousand year-year-old heritage. Let your spirit               harbour. And it’s so easy to catch a ferry or express    its original design.                                          aftermath of the Napoleonic wars, and emerging cul-
travel through time and space.                                 boat, take a bus, or hire your own car. All the roads                                                                  tural clashes between the different layers of society.
Words cut in stone. Stubborn, weather-beaten light-            lead here – the North Sea Road, highway E39, the         We pass shopping streets on our way to Valbergtår-            This historic walk gives the perfect background for
houses gazing out over the North Sea. Art galleries            scenic Suleskarvegen and the Fjord Road.                 net, the old watch and fire tower built around 1850            understanding today’s Stavanger.
where the human spirit glows. Museums that spell-                                                                       - 1853. From here you can enjoy a view of the city            This walk can also be offered in connection with a
bind you with stories, reminding you that life is far          The Stavanger Region                                     before returning to the harbour.                              historic evening celebrating the good food and the
more than this moment.                                         Has approx. 250.000 inhabitants. Stavanger has                                                                         lovely music from the 1870ies.
                                                               114.000 and is the 4th biggest city in Norway,           Duration: 2 hours
Food and dining                                                Sandnes has 58.000 inhabitants.                          Suggested no: Max 20 pax per guide                            Duration: 2 hours
Colourful and seductive. Dry and wet. Sinful and                                                                                                                                      Suggested no: Max 20 pax per guide
healthy – join us for a meal!
Sun-ripe tomatoes, lamb trotters and other exotic                                                                                                                                     Agent: Eli N. Aga
food traditions. Pubs and restaurants with an inter-           Welcome!
national flavour – culinary magic with the best local
ingredients. Let your taste buds enjoy new discover-

Sports and activities
Take the wheel – floor it! Let your body feel the thrill
of life’s intense moments.
Bicycling on a Sunday? Golfing at a slower pace,
with a new view. The thrill of a tie-break on the tennis
court. Rock-climbing up the cliff face, or the rush of
excitement as a salmon strikes your lure. Get out
and explore!

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                                                                                                      Stavanger Domkirke                                                                                                        Norsk Oljemuseum

                                                                           Gamle Stavanger
                                          Jernaldergården                                                                                                     Norsk Hermetikkmuseum

City sightseeing                                                                                                           From oil to oil - Full circle
In 1125, work began on Stavanger Cathedral and in               We recommend you to visit:                                 City ramble and harbour trip on a veteran ship.                The first platform to drill for oil in the North Sea came
the same year Stavanger was officially recognized                - The Iron Age Farm: The reconstructed farmstead           Stavanger has the finest, best-preserved wooden                 to Stavanger in 1966 and caused quite a sensation.
as a city. Its growth was slow and by 1800 there                from the Iron Age. These longhouses have been re-          houses in Northern Europe. The tour starts with a              No one knew then that the petroleum industry would
were still only 2.000 inhabitants. By 1900 however,             constructed on the original sites, with the same build-    walk through Gamle Stavanger with its 173 houses,              become Norway’s most important industry, that
this number had increased to 30.000, due to the                 ing materials and techniques used by our forefathers       all under preservation order. Most of the houses               Norway itself would become one of the world’s lead-
thriving fishing and shipping industries. Before the             1.500 years ago.                                           were built in the end of the 18th and beginning of             ing oil-producing countries, or that Stavanger was
Second World War, production of tinned sardines                                                                            19th century. The preservation of Old Stavanger has            destined to be Norway’s oil capital.
was the towns most important industry. The post-war             - In the trails of the Vikings: The Archaeological         merited several respected international awards. This           The Norsk Oljemuseum opened in May 1999.
years proved difficult until the 1960´s when Stavan-             Museum. Here you will be greeted by a female Vi-           section of town is like a living museum, with resi-            Study geology and technology, experience the
ger became the oil capital of Norway. Today, after 30           king dressed in her beautiful frock and jewellery. She     dents of all ages.                                             excitement and drama of the oil adventure, life on
years of economic growth, it has developed into a               will guide you through the museum and demonstrate                                                                         board the oilrigs, oil as a financial resource and the
modern and prosperous town. The excellent econ-                 the use of a selection of Viking tools. A tasting of       Taste newly smoked sardines straight from the oven             social consequences of oil operations at the Norwe-
omy has allowed us to preserve the special archi-               Viking-time appropriate snack is also recommended.         in a living museum in an old canning factory! In the           gian Petroleum Museum.
tecture and individuality and the result is a pleasant          Obs!! Instead of a visit to the Stavanger Cathedral        Norsk Hermetikkmuseum we will experience the
blend of new and old. A large but friendly provincial           we will on this tour visit an archaeological site where    canning of sardines as well as the exhibition of labels        Duration: 3 hours
town with around one hundred thousand inhabitants.              the stories of past times are edged into the moun-         used for the industry. In the 1960s Stavanger was a            Suggested no: 20 - 160 pax
Cruise ships docks right in the centre of town.                 tainside.                                                  town in search of an industry to boost its economy.            Transportation: Boat
                                                                                                                           The Canning industry, which played an important
From the city-centre the coaches drive through the              Duration: 3 hours included one museum                      role in Stavanger from the end of the 19th century             Agents: GuideCompagniet, Veteran Fjordcruise
harbour area with its quaint fish and farmers mar-               Suggested no: 40 - 400 pax                                 right up to the end of the 1950s. The tour continues
ket. On the way to Ullandhaug viewpoint the coach-              Transportation: Coach                                      with a trip around Stavanger harbour and surround-
es pass Hafrsfjord where a historical sea battle was                                                                       ing islands with a veteran ship.
fought in the age of the Vikings, 1.100 years ago.
We pass the Ledaal manor, which is now used as
a residence for royalty when visiting Stavanger. A
visit to Stavanger Domkirke will also be made. The
Cathedral, built of stone in the 12th and 13th cen-
tury, is one of the few churches in Scandinavia that
has kept its original design. The tour terminates with
a walk through Gamle Stavanger, the old part of
Stavanger, -Europe’s best-preserved wooden house
settlement, consisting of more than 170 houses. The
houses were built at the end of the 18th and early
19th century and are now protected by a special
preservation law and form quite a charming area.

                                                            6                                                                                                                         7
                                         M/S Skreddaren                      Prekestolen

Harbour Cruise with
Veteran boat                                                  Helicopter Tours                                          Home visit with refreshments A taste of Rogaland
The cruise starts in the main harbour of Stavanger.           You have the opportunity to experience spectacular        Stavanger and the surrounding areas have for                 From field and ocean to the table.
The boat M/S Skreddaren is a veteran boat built in            views of Rogaland landscape from above. You will          centuries played a leading part in Norway’s maritime         The tour starts from the main harbour and we walk
1951. It is a Norwegian built boat, in Oregon pine.           be flown over Rogaland - with a bird's eye perspec-        history. From the time when the Viking ships battled         across the fish and farmers market with its local
The boat has comfortable seating, open kiosk on               tive which is a spectacular and breathtaking view!        in Hafrsfjord, through the period of the “white sails”       fruit, vegetables and flowers.
board, and light food and beverages for sale.                 Different sized helicopters available.                    and the steam ships up to modern super tankers.              As we continue with bus, we visit Stavanger’s oldest
The cruise takes us from the harbour with the old                                                                       Stavanger is also the most important “oil-city” in           firm, the butcher’s A. Idsøe. Here we get a presenta-
part of Stavanger, the old herring factories, the             Trip 1: Stavanger – the Lysefjord - Stavanger             Norway due to its geographical position. This excur-         tion of their wide range of products and taste sam-
scenic islands of the surrounding waters. Old and             This trip is extremely informative, with great views of   sion gives you a unique opportunity to learn about           ples are provided. By bus we continue to Sandnes
new settlements, the Norwegian Petroleum Museum,              the Lysefjord, Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock), Kjerag     the Norwegian way of life. During this excursion you         and Gamlaværket. Here they have their own bakery,
the boat terminal and the start of the fjords. A nice         and other mountain formations in the vicinity of          will be invited to visit a private home where you will       coffee roasting and pottery workshop. We drive
relaxed cruise in sheltered waters only.                      Stavanger.                                                be treated to coffee/tea and freshly baked Norwe-            across the open Jæren landscape to Voll Ysteri
Guiding on board where the history of Stavanger and           Flight duration: 45 minutes                               gian waffles. Your hostess will give you a tour of the        dairy where we get to taste their successful new
other stories are told.                                                                                                 house, and tell you about Norwegian everyday life            rachlette cheese. Next stop is fish and shellfish lunch
The boat is certified for 72 passengers.                       Trip 2: Stavanger – Trodla Tysdal - Stavanger             such as gardening, how Norwegians furnish their              at the Hummeren Hotel in Tananger. The next stop
                                                              On this trip we will show you the amazing fjords,         homes, traditions and more. Waffles and coffee                will be either Tungenes Coastal Culture Centre,
Duration: 1-2 hrs.                                            mountains and wild landscape between Stavanger            served.                                                      guided tour of the fisheries museum and lighthouse
Suggested no.: 10 – 60 pax.                                   and the northern parts of Ryfylke. Trodla Tysdal is       Get to know the Norwegians up close and personal!            or finish up in Stavanger with a visit to the Canning
Transportation: Boat                                          Rogaland's most remote farm which is still in             Please note that the excursion as described is oper-         Museum where you taste and learn about produc-
Season: May – September                                       operation.                                                ated as a transfer without local guide. However, it          tion and smoking of brisling.
                                                              Flight duration: 40 minutes                               can be combined with city sightseeing.
Agent: Veteran Fjordcruise                                                                                                                                                           Duration: 5 hours
                                                                                                                        Duration: 2 hours                                            Suggested no: 20 – 40 pax
                                                                                                                        Dis. to home: 20 min. max from city centre                   Transportation: Coach
                                                                                                                        Minimum: 10 pax
                                                                                                                        Maximum: 30 pax

                                                          8                                                                                                                      9
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Utstein Kloster

                                                                                                                                                                   Utstein Kloster
                                           Sola Ruinkirke

Norwegian buffet and concert
in Sola Church Ruins         In the sign of art                                                                           Stavanger and Utstein Monastery
Departure from Stavanger to Sola Ruinkirke, Sola                 The tour starts at Rogaland Kunstmuseum, (the            From the city centre the coach drive through the                Today Utstein monastery has opened its doors to
church ruins. Romanesque stone church dating                     Rogaland Museum of Fine Arts) which offers a col-        harbour area with its quaint fish and farmers mar-               courses and congresses, and classical as well as
from the 12th century. The stone church probably                 lection of distinguished Norwegian art ranging from      ket. We continue past both old and modern residen-              jazz concerts are frequently held in the chapel. Top
replaced an older wooden church in the area. This                nineteenth century to contemporary art. It houses        tial sections of the town and continue to Mosterøy              musicians from all over the world perform concerts
wooden church was possibly the one that Erling                   the unique collection of the Norwegian painter Lars      Island.                                                         here.
Skjalgsson had built when he was converted to                    Hertervig (1830-1902) - famous for his romantic,         On our way to Mosterøy we drive through the                     During our visit we will attend a private organ
Christianity at the end of the 10th century.                     powerful and highly personal landscapes. The             "Rennfast" road system which is a prime example                 concert as well as a guided tour of the premises.
Following a new period of decline beginning in 1907,             guests will be greeted at the museum and given an        of Norwegian engineering skills at their finest. The             Both the interior and exterior display a wealth of fine
most of the walls were torn down on the orders of                introduction in the auditorium before moving around      highway passes through one of the worlds longest                details, such as the altarpiece, the baptismal font,
the occupying German forces. The rebuilt church                  the museum at their own pace. Next stop is Galleri       and deepest undersea automobile tunnel - the                    the narrow tower stairs and the peaceful gardens
is not identical to the old church, being a product of           Amare, one of Norway’s biggest private galleries.        Byfjord tunnel. The tunnel is 5.860 meters long and             with its many old trees.
our times - the 1990s, and it tells the story of various         There is always a large collection from about 300 art-   descends 223 metres beneath the sea surface and                 We will stay for tea or coffee and Norwegian
ages. Here we enjoy a beautiful concert performed                ists, amongst them well known artists. The collection    45 metres below the seabed.                                     waffles before driving back to Stavanger.
by a local singer. Departure to Sola Strand Hotel,               consists of artwork, glass and ceramics. Onwards we
only 5 minutes away. Sola Strand Hotel is a beautiful            continue to Helgi Joensen’s studio located in Gamle      On the western tip of Mosterøy island lays one of               Duration: 3 hours
hotel situated by the gorgeous Sola beach. Here you              Stavanger, Old Stavanger. His unique works of art in     the country’s finest medieval monuments, Utstein                 Suggested no: 40 - 184 pax
will get served a lovely and rich seafood and meat               carved pewter are shown at exhibitions all over the      Kloster. This was one of the royal estates of king              Transportation: Coach
buffet consisting of typical Norwegian food with cold            world. We meet the artist at work in both his studio     Harald Fairhair around year 1000 AD. King Harald
and hot dishes. Relax, enjoy the food, and take a                and gallery.                                             Fairhair was the first king to claim sovereignty over
walk along the beautiful 2,3 km of white sand dunes.                                                                      all of Norway. Utstein was also the residence for king
Sightseeing return to Stavanger, walk in Old part of             Duration: 3 hours                                        Magnus Lawmender around the year 1200, and later
Stavanger.                                                       Suggested no: 20 pax                                     donated to the monks at the St. Olav monastery in
                                                                 Transport: Coach                                         Stavanger. They established an Augustinian monas-
Duration: 3 hours                                                                                                         tery and carried on with the construction. From the
Suggested no: 45 - 90 pax                                                                                                 middle of the 18th century, Utstein evolved into a
Transport: Coach                                                                                                          Danish style country manor.

                                                            10                                                                                                                       11
                                                                                                           Garborgheimen                                                                                                             Tungenes Fyr


                                                               In the author
Countryside                                                    Arne Garborg’s footstep                                      Jæren, the open landscape
We drive along the North Sea Road, which is an                 We visit the childhood home and the writer’s cabin                                                                        We stop at Hå gamle prestegard (Hå old vicarage),
adventure through a coastal culture landscape. We              of one of Norway’s most celebrated authors from              The coach will drive through the Norwegian country-          today a cultural centre with exhibitions of art and cul-
follow the green coast from the softer southern hills          the19th century                                              side, follow the North Sea Road, visit Hå gamle pre-         tural history. This is a restored vicarage dating from
over long and rocky Jæren to Hå gamle prestegard               On this bus trip through the historical landscape of         stegard (Hå old vicarage) and Jærgarden Kvalbein.            1637. We also find burial grounds from the Stone
(Hå old vicarage). The vicarage was used as a farm             Jæren, we stop at Garborgheimen, where Arne                  We pass Hafrsfjord, where the battle, which united           Age and Iron Age. We continue to
from 1630 to 1919. It has now been restored and is             Garborg spent the first 15 years of his life. In this typ-    Norway into one kingdom, was fought in 872 A.D.              Jærgarden Kvalbein, lunch will be served in the
used for cultural purposes such as art exhibitions             ical old Jæren house, we will hear the daunting story        We continue and drive along Jæren, a natural and             Old Barn - with a history stretching back to the 18th
and concerts. After a guided tour through the vicar-           of Garborg’s childhood in the hands of a fanatically         cultural landscape which is unique to this part of           century. The thick stone walls, and planks and masts
age the next stop is nearby - Jærmuseet, a museum              religious and mentally ill father. This real life story is   Norway, with its long sandy beaches and rounded              from wrecked sailing ships combine to give that very
and science centre with a living farm set in a rural           more fascinating than any movie. The tour continues          stones, its flat areas of intensive agriculture and a         special atmosphere
landscape. Meet the animals at the farm. We con-               up the hill to the magical landscape surrounding             rich selection of historic sights. Jæren is also well        On the way back we pass Grødalandstunet, two
tinue to Gloppedalsura – the biggest boulder field              his writer’s cabin Knudaheio where Garborg spent             known for the special light, which attracts a lot of         typical farmhouses from the late 1700 and early
in Northern Europe. Some boulders are as big as a              his 30 last summers. We visit the stone monument             painters. We pass Sola beach, 2,3 km of white sand           1800, and a barn. The dwellings give a good pic-
house. Gloppedal was also the scene of some hard               erected to his honour and the grave-mound where              dunes, where the most important plant is the marram          ture of how people lived during that time. We drive
fighting during the last world war.                             he was buried. The story of Garborg’s life is dramat-        grass, which is binding the sand with its roots.             through the pleasant suburbs of Sandnes back to the
We will make a stop at the nearby Byrkjedalstu-                ic, and illustrates an important part of this region’s       We pass Orre old church, medieval church dating              city.
net, which is an old cheese factory that has been              culture, namely the religious, aesthetic and moral life      from 1200 A.D., and Obrestad lighthouse –
converted into a charming restaurant. Locally made             of the people.                                               museum.                                                      Duration: 5 hours
pastry (lappe) with sour cream and jam together with           This tour can also be turned in to an afternoon and                                                                       Suggested no: 40 - 184 pax
coffee and tea are served. There will be time to visit         evening-event with lovely traditional food served in                                                                      Transportation: Coach
the next-door candle maker’s workshop where we                 historical surroundings.
can watch the process of making candles and buy
local souvenirs. A stop will also be made at Gjestal           Duration: 3,5 hours
Spinneri. In the factory outlet(knitwear) you may buy          Suggested no: 20 - 40 pax
hand knitting yarn and design, traditional Norwegian           Transportation: Coach
wool jackets, sweaters, hats and scarfs.
We drive through the pleasant suburbs of Sandnes               Agent: Eli N. Aga
and Stavanger back to the city.

Duration: 6 hours
Suggested no: 40 - 184 pax
Transportation: Coach

                                                          12                                                                                                                        13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Long house, Bukkøy

A journey to the land of the trolls                                                                                    The land of the Vikings
The coach will drive through an adventure of coastal            The tour continues to Byrkjedalstunet, an earlier      The Vikings means of transport was boat, and like                 We continue our tour to the charming little village of
culture landscape and mountain area.                            cheese factory, now a charming restaurant, candle      them we embark the boat and sail northwest towards                Skudeneshavn, to get an impression of the coastal
We pass Hafrsfjord, where the battle that united                factory and a souvenir shop. In 1999 Byrkjedalstunet   Karmøy and Bukkøy. The journey takes approx. 1                    culture, the bygone days of the great sailing vessels.
Norway into one kingdom, was fought in 872 A.D.                 won the national prize: "Det beste spisestedet langs   hour.                                                             The sailing vessels carried herrings to many coun-
We continue along Jæren, a natural and cultural                 veien", the best Inn, in Norway.                       We sail through numerous islands and islets with                  tries. In the 19th century, herring fishing led to rapid
landscape which is unique for this part of Norway,              Home made griddle cakes with sour cream and jam        both a luxuriant vegetation and scanty landscape.                 prosperity and the growth of the historically fascinat-
with its long sand beaches and rounded stones, its              with coffee or tea is served.                          Many Norwegians live permanently on many of the                   ing district called gamlebyen, old village. Nearly all
flat areas of intensive agriculture and a rich selection         We drive through the pleasant suburbs of Sandnes       islands. We will also see many cabins and cottages,               the 125 houses and 100 wharf warehouses are care-
of historic sights. Jæren is also well known for the            and Stavanger back to the city, where the tour ends.   an attraction itself, where many Norwegians spend                 fully preserved, reflected in every detail the attractive
special light, which attracts a lot of painters. We pass                                                               their holidays and weekends. When we sail in to the               Empire style.
Sola beach, 2,3 km of white sand dunes, where the               Duration: 5 hours                                      Karmsund, the narrow neck of water, we are actually               The Mælandsgården Museum is situated in the
most important plant is the marram grass, which is              Suggested no: 40 - 400 pax                             at the strategic place where the name Norway has                  old village. This museum houses a tradesman's
binding the sand with its roots.                                Transportation: Coach                                  its origin, the North Way.                                        home, wharf warehouses and old workshops. In old
We leave the coastal landscape driving towards                                                                         Karmøy is the homeland of the Vikings. It was here                Skudeneshavn we also find galleries, restaurants
mountains and valleys.                                                                                                 King Harald Hårfagre - Harald Hairfair - built the first           and cafés.
We will make a stop at Gjestal Spinneri, (knitwear                                                                     royal residence after he united Norway into one king-             Skudeneshavn has won an award for the preserva-
factory outlet) where you will get good bargain for                                                                    dom in the year 872 A.D. The last battle took place in            tion of the wooden house settlement.
handknitting yarn and also traditional and modern                                                                      Hafrsfjord by Stavanger.                                          There will be time for a walk among the beautifully
Norwegian made sweaters and jackets.                                                                                   During our visit to the Long House at Bukkøy we                   restored houses and their well-kept gardens sur-
Gloppedalsura, the biggest boulder field in North-                                                                      will learn about the Viking history, and their daily life.        rounded by picked fences.
ern Europe, with some boulders as big as houses.                                                                       You will be welcomed by the chieftain and his wife,
Gloppedal was also the scene of some hard fighting,                                                                     visit their home and hear learn about their experi-               Duration: 4,5 - 5 hours
during the last world war.                                                                                             ences. A taste of ”lefse” a typical Norwegian thin                Suggested no: 40 - 100 pax
                                                                                                                       pancake” will be served.                                          Transportation: Boat

                                                           14                                                                                                                       15
                                                                                                       Sjernarøy Maritim                                                                                                                 Lysefjord

                                           Flor & Fjære                                                                                                                    Helleren

Flor & Fjære – “Norway’s                                       Boat tour to
only palm island                                               Sjernarøy Maritim in Ryfylke                                Boat trip to Lysefjord and Preikestolen
Guided boat tour from Skagenkaien, Stavanger to                The tour starts in Stavanger and will take you to           We enter the sightseeing boat which will take us on              We make a stop at the idyllic beach at Helleren
Flor & Fjære.                                                  some of the most beautiful areas in the Sjernarøy           our four-hour boat trip in the Stavanger archipelago             where tea/coffee and waffles or "Lysefjord lapper"
Enjoy the scenic boat trip to the island Sør-Hidle             Islands – also known as “The pearl of Ryfylke”.             and into the Lysefjord.                                          are served.
and Flor & Fjære. Here you will find tropical palms             Sjernarøy Maritim is a fjord restaurant located at the      The first part of the tour gives us a good idea how               Alternatively we make a stop at Lysefjordsenteret, a
and fresh flowers surrounded by Ryfylket's magnifi-              one of these islands. The restaurant is originally a        the Norwegians live in this area and we will most                fjord restaurant. You may visit the fish farm and for
cent fjords and mountains. Colourful flowers, roman-            boathouse built around 1800 directly on the quay-           likely meet quite a few spending a summer day on                 the children they have animals that you may feed.
tic footpaths and rustic interiors will contribute to          side, and is filled with authentic atmosphere. Waffles,       board their pleasure boats.                                      Morning tea / coffee will be served.
a special day with a touch of tropical. Upon arrival,          lunch or dinner can be served. If weather allows, one       We cruise into the beautiful Lysefjord, 42 km long               Cruising back to Stavanger we have a nice view of
the guests will be taken on a guided tour around the           can eat out doors.                                          (approx. 26 miles) and a pearl in Norwegian nature.              the city.
beautiful garden, including a bit of helpful garden                                                                        The glaciers formed the fjord landscape during a
advice and inspiration.                                        Duration: 4 hours                                           series of ice ages. The mountain sour up to 1000                 Duration: 4 hours
The restaurant has a beautiful panoramic view of the           Suggested no.: 40 - 400                                     metres (3000 feet) above the sea level on both sides             Suggested no: 40 - 400 pax
fjord and mountains, while serving guests a tasty              Transportation: Boat                                        of the fjord and some places it ranges as deep in the            Transportation: Boat
Mediterranean buffet consisting of the famous Hidle-                                                                       fjord as it height above sea level.
fjord fish soup, a lunch or dinner buffet with home             Agent: Rødne Clipper Fjordsightseeing                       In the fjord is the location of one of Norway’s spec-            Agents: Fjord Tours Panorama, Rødne Clipper Fjord
made accompaniments and dessert.                                                                                           tacular wonders, Preikestolen - the Pulpit Rock.                 Sightseeing, Veteran Fjordcruise
                                                                                                                           The rock formation is just over 597 meters above the
Duration: 4-5 hours                                                                                                        sea level and we cruise directly under it.
Suggested no.: 1 – 300                                                                                                     While cruising in the fjord, it is an interesting thought
Transportation: Generally by boat. Helicopter can                                                                          that in many places the water around us is as deep
also be organized.                                                                                                         as the mountains are high.

                                                          16                                                                                                                           17

                                                                       Kvitsøy Lighthouse

                                                              Preikestolen & The
Lighthouse safari                                             prehistoric settlement Landa                                 “Fjord, mountain and coast”                                     The Tourist ferry
Preservation of the lighthouses along the Norwegian           The tour starts from Stavanger, and includes a               This tour takes us by sightseeing boat to the                   The ferry departs daily during the season from
coast is one of the Norwegian Coastal Directory's             guided cruise on the Lysefjord with Preikestolen,            Preikestolen, in the Lysefjord and the other sights             June through August from the Fiskepirterminalen in
target areas, as these are an important element in            goats and Fantahålå as its biggest attractions               of interest i.e. Fantahålå, the goats, waterfalls, seals        Stavanger and will call on Lauvvik and Forsand. At
Norwegian coastal culture.                                    We continue to Forsand which is beautifully located          etc. with guiding on board to Dirdal in the fjord of            Sognesand and Flørli the ferry will call upon request,
We start this tour from the main harbour in Stavan-           the mouth of the fjord. The trip will continue by coach      Frafjord. The tour continues by coach to an old dairy           on its way to Lysebotn. At Lysebotn the cars/
ger. The first part of the tour gives a good idea how          to Landa, a prehistoric settlement where people had          and a candle factory, where lunch will be served. We            coaches and passengers disembark and drive back
the Norwegian live in this area and you will most             settled more than 2000 years from ca. 1500 BC until          drive through Gloppedalsura (Northern Europe's                  to Stavanger. The ferry returns from Lysebotn to
likely meet quite a few spending a summer day on              600 AD. After a guided tour of the exhibition centre         largest scree) to Jæren – the best agricultural part            Stavanger with new cars/coaches and passengers.
board their pleasure boats.                                   pancakes and coffee will be served.                          of Norway, and along the sandy beaches. We make                 The tour on the Lysefjord with Preikestolen, the
Tungenes Lighthouse is situated on the mainland,              The tour will either continue by coach to                    a stop at Reve by the ocean viewpoint and return to             Pulpit Rock and Kjerag as its biggest attractions is
approximately 13 km north of Stavanger. It was built          Handelstaden Bergevik, where the group have                  Stavanger.                                                      guided in 3 languages. It is important for coaches
in 1828 and was one of the few lighthouses with a             some time to look around before it’s time again to                                                                           and cars to make reservations prior to the trip for
road connection. There is today a Lighthouse Muse-            board the boat and return to Stavanger. Some food            Duration approx. 5 hrs.                                         both directions. A kiosk on board will serve light
um in one of the buildings. In the lighthouse keeper’s        and refreshments will be sold on board. Groups can           Suggested no. 40 – 400                                          meals and refreshments. For groups it is possible to
building we now find a café and an art collection with         pre-order from our sightseeing menu which is avail-          Transportation: Boat & Coach                                    order from our sightseeing menu in advance, which
paintings of Oskar Sørreime, a local artist know for          able upon request.                                           Season: All year                                                is available upon request.
his paints from the Jæren region.                             Or you may visit the Lysefjord centre, a tourist
                                                              centre situated in the mouth of the famous Lysef-            Agent: Veteran Fjordcruise                                      Duration: 4 hrs. one way
Duration: 3 hours                                             jord This is the golden key to all the beauties in the                                                                       Suggested no. 1 – 300
Suggested no: 20 - 90 pax                                     Ryfylke region.                                                                                                              Transportation: Boat
Transportation: Boat/bus                                      Visit a salmon farm in full production. A little park with
                                                              fish dams and local animals. A panorama view from                                                                             Agent: Veteran Fjordcruise
Agent: Fjord Tours Panorama                                   restaurant. A large popular terrace. The Lysefjord
                                                              center shop offers a tempting selection of craft items,
                                                              hand-knits etc.

                                                              Duration: 4,5 hrs.
                                                              Suggested no.: 25 – 400
                                                              Transportation: Boat & Coach

                                                              Agents: Fjord Tours Panorama, Veteran Fjordcruise

                                                         18                                                                                                                           19

                                                                            Kjerag - Lysefjord
                                    Prekestolen - Lysefjord                                                                                                                                              Photo: Stavanger Aftenblad

Bus and Boat Tour to Sirdal and Lysebotn                                                                                      Salmon safari
The tour starts with coach from Stavanger. We drive                Before we start to drive down the 27 hairpin bends         Through a half hour course you will learn how to act            Equipment:
along Jæren, the Green Coast and the first stop                     road to Lysebotn, lunch will be served at "the Eagle       when floating in the current down the river, as well as          Survival suit, diving mask and snorkel will be
will be at Solastranden - Sola beach – 2.3 km of                   Nest", a restaurant with a panoramic view over the         everything about security. Qualified and experienced             provided from Mo Laksegard.
white sand dunes, where the most important plant                   Lysefjord and mountains.                                   instructors will lead the group. One of them will join          T-shirt and shorts is required. During winter
is the marram grass, which is binding the sand with                We embark the sightseeing boat in Lysebotn. The            you in the water; the other will stay behind the group          Mo Laksegard will provide an extra warm suit.
its roots. The forming of the landscape indicates that             Lysefjord is 42 km long and a pearl in Norwegian           paddling a canoe. We will try out the survival suits            Duration: 2,5 hours included safety training (not
Jæren was one of the first areas to be settled after                nature. The glaciers formed the fjord landscape of         and all the equipment in the swimming pool at Mo                including transportation time).
the glacier had melted approx. 10.000 years ago.                   western Norway during the last ice age, and the            Laksegard before entering the river. Once in the                Recommended no.: Minimum 6 and up to 30 pax.
Jæren consists of some of Norway’s biggest farms                   "canyon" can be the name of it. The mountains soar         water the current will take us down the river. Through          Location: Mo Laksegard is situated at Sand in
and is also one of the best agricultural areas in the              to a height of 1000m above sea level on both sides         the diving mask you are able to study the wild                  Ryfylke, on the riverbank of the famous salmon river
country. We leave the coastal landscape driving to-                of the fjord. The fjord is almost as deep as the moun-     salmon in their natural element.                                Suldalslågen.
wards mountains and valleys. A stop will be made at                tains are high.                                            This is a chance to literally feel the “strong” river on        Communication: Local express boat from Stavan-
Gjestal Spinneri. In the factory outlet you may buy                The boat trip takes you beneath the famous rock            your body for approx. 2,5 km. To see wild salmon in             ger takes about 1,5 hours.
hand knitting yarn and design, traditional Norwegian               formation Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock. A stop is         their right element, free, you will never forget. This          The guests will be picked up at the harbour, 5 min.
wool jackets, sweaters, hats and scarves.                          made at Fantahåla, a cave, where the story says            river is well known for its big salmon that can be up           transfer. With chartered boat, the journey takes
We visit Gloppedalsura - the biggest boulder field                  some vagabonds escaped from the police. On our             to 20 kg.                                                       about 1 hour from Stavanger.
in Northern Europe. Some boulders are as big as                    way back to Stavanger the boat takes you through           You don’t catch the salmon – you swim with                      Swimming skills required!
houses. Gloppedal was also the scene of some hard                  sheltered coastal waters of Stavanger's archipelago.       them!
fighting during the last world war. We will make a
stop at the nearby Byrkjedalstunet, earlier a cheese               Duration: 8 hours
factory, now a charming restaurant with a candle fac-              Suggested no.: 40 - 400 pax
tory and souvenir shop. The tour continues through                 Transportation: Coach and boat
Hunnedalen and Sirdal, valleys where you can see
parallel cracks on the ground, which were formed as
the ice gouged out fault shatter zones.

                                                              20                                                                                                                         21
Ocean Rafting                                                Scuba diving in Lysefjord                                Deep-sea fishing                                               Fjord fishing
Join us on a fantastic adventure on board giant,             Discover the famous Lysefjord from both above and        The drive from Stavanger to Hummeren Hotell in                Departure from main harbour of Stavanger with suit-
high-speed rubber dinghies - along the Lysefjord             under water through this unique Arctic Diving Experi-    Tananger takes approx. 25 min.                                able size boat according to the size of the group.
mountain wall with the pulpit rock, or in rough seas         ence! English speaking certified Padi diving instruc-     Hummeren Hotell arranges deep sea fishing tours                Safety instructions on board will be given. The
where you can really feel at one with the elements.          tors will escort the group to your diving point by the   for a single person or for groups. The tours are              captain will take you to a good fishing place in the
We can offer tailor-made trips to suit your own              Lysefjord. A lunchbox and bottle of water will be        arranged in association with Stavanger Deep Sea               nearby fjords of Stavanger and advice the “fisher-
requirements, visits to Kvitsøy, Utstein Monastery or        provided on board the bus. All necessary diving gear     Fishing Club, who takes care of the practical details         men” how to use the equipment. The fjords around
Ryfylke, or visits ashore for barbecues and drinks in        will be provided and handed out at the diving point.     for these tours. The members of the club will take            Stavanger are very scenic and the water is very
the light of the summer sun.                                 Magnificent view of the fjord from both above and         care of everything i.e. booking of boats, equipment,          clean and lots of good fishing places are within
Ocean rafting is an exciting event in large rubber           under water is awaiting you!!                            information about fishing, organize weighing of the            reach.
boats. The boats have a top speed of 50 knot and             Together with the confirmation form you will receive      catch, result lists etc.                                      Lunch can be provided – ordered in advance.
are superb in all water.                                     a list of requirements.                                  The crew has many years of experience with deep-              Fishing competition upon request.
Equipment: The participants will be provided with                                                                     sea fishing. If wanted, food and beverage before,              Fishing Equipment: Fishing rods, reel, and pirk for
wind- and waterproof life vests.                             Duration: 4,5 hours (3 hours diving)                     during and after the fishing tour is taken care of by          rent.
Recommended numbers: Up to 10 persons per                    Suggested no.: Up to 8 pax                               the hotel.
boat                                                         Transportation: Coach and ferry                          Fishing competition: Individual competition, Team             Season: All year
                                                                                                                      competition, Boat to boat competition, smallest, larg-        Suggested no: From 5 upwards
Season: All year round                                                                                                est, longest, worst looking etc.                              Duration: 2 hrs. – 1 day
Duration: 1 - 1,5 hours                                                                                               Equipment: The organizer will provide you with fish-
Location: Stavanger harbour or Utstein Kloster                                                                        ing gear: reel, rod, pirk and bait.                           Agent: Veteran Fjordcruise
Hotel                                                                                                                 Life-west will also be provided.
                                                                                                                      Safety: Representative will inform the guests about
                                                                                                                      safety and how to use the fishing gear.

                                                                                                                      Season: All year round
                                                                                                                      Suggested no: From 6 and upwards
                                                                                                                      Duration: 3 hours – 1 day

                                                        22                                                                                                                     23
                                                                                             Gamle Stavanger - Old Stavanger                                                                                                                  Jæren

                                                                  Preikestolen- Lysefjord

Cycle tours                                                      Hiking to Preikestolen                                        Walks, fjord rowing and golf
The lakes                                                        «The Pulpit Rock»                                             Walks                                                        bonds escaped from the police.
Explore nature on two wheels – this tour takes us                The tour starts from Stavanger with ferry to Tau. We          The sandy beaches from Hellestø to Bore, Jæren               Floerli – a shutdown hydroelectric power station
around the four lakes of the city!                               continue with coach to the Pulpit Rock Cabin, where           The entire route is part of the Jær beaches con-             which now serves as a café, accommodation, and
We start cycling from the city centre around the                 the hike starts.                                              servation area. From bare mountains on the north             site for cultural happenings. Has stairs with 4444
lake Breiavatnet, which is called “the smiling eye of            The Lysefjord is 42 km long and a pearl in the                side of Hellestø to sandy beaches and sand banks             steps that takes you up the mountainside.
Stavanger”, located by the city park. We continue to             Norwegian nature. The glaciers formed the fjord               alternate with pebbled beaches.                              Lysebotn – the very end of the fjord with the 27 hair-
the lake Mosvannet. Mosvannet is a pleasant recre-               landscape during the last Ice Age, and can be called          At Sele you cross Figgjoelva, the Figgjo river by a          pin bends road leading to the Eagle’s nest.
ational area. Near to the lake there is a rich bird life,        a canyon. The mountains soar up to 1000 metres                suspension bridge. Enjoy your packed lunch.                  Øygardstøl/Eagle’s Nest - a restaurant with a pan-
which has also been stocked with fish.                            (3000 feet) above sea level on both sides of the fjord        Track: Shore, cart track.                                    oramic view over the Lysefjord and mountains
We bike through Stokka, one of the suburbs in                    and some places it ranges as deep in the fjords as            Distance: 7 km, approx. 2 hours walk.                        Kjerag – the rock wedged into a mountain crack 600
Stavanger to the lakes Store- and Lille Stokkavan-               height above sea level.                                       Access: Own transport from Stavanger, ca. 30 min.            meters above sea level.
net. No other leisure area can offer a greater varia-            Preikestolen - one of Norway’s most spectacular                                                                            Duration: From 1-7 days.
tion in nature and types of scenery. It has a very rich          wonders, 597metres (1800 feet), is located in the             Sørmarka - Stavanger’s pearl in the woods                    Suggested no: From 10 - 20 pax
bird, animal and plant life. The landscape varies from           Lysefjord. To experience its majesty, hike up to it!          Sørmarka covers an area of approx. 12 km2 on and             Transportation: Rowing boats, bus where neces-
cultivated land to pastures, rough grazing ground,               We will follow a well-marked trail from the Pulpit            around the most prominent heights of the town,               sary while on land excursions.
marshes and swamps, deciduous forests and conif-                 Rock Cabin through different mountain landscapes.             where the highest point is Ullandhaug 135 metres
erous forests to dry, stony rocks.                               The plateau is approximately 25 x 25 metres, flat and          above the sea level. From the observation terraces           Agent: Scan One
We continue through one of the oldest suburbs Eiga-              you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Lysefjord             around Ullandhaugtårnet (the tower) there is a view
nes on our way back to the city centre.                          and surrounding mountains.                                    from all sides over most of this county.                     Golf
Duration: 2,5 – 3 hours                                          You need proper shoes and don’t forget a packed               Most of the trees were planted between 1930 and              The Stavanger Region can offer four 18 hole and two
Length: Approx. 22 km                                            lunch!                                                        1970. In recent years more deciduous forests have            9 hole golf courses. Due to the climate it is practically
Track: Good bicycle paths                                                                                                      been planted to create greater variation in the en-          possible to play all year round.
Suggested no: 5 – 20 pax                                         Duration: 2 hrs. hike each way                                vironment. Apart from the common species of birds            The Stavanger Golf Klubb’s course is idyllic situ-
                                                                 Transportation: Coach & ferry                                 and squirrels, deer are also to be found. There is a         ated near Stokkavatnet (the Stokka lake), approx. 6
The North Sea Road - Jæren                                       Total: 8 hrs.                                                 high quality network of paths in Sørmarka, app. 8 km.        km from the city centre. Par is 71, length is 5751 m
Here you’ll find varied scenery, from the flat fertile             Track: Marked path                                            Track: Excellent walking facilities.                         and the course can be characterised as narrow and
green landscape of Jæren along the coast, to the                 Distance: 7 km (4,3 miles)                                    Distance: Approx. 8 km, 2 hrs. walk.                         challenging.
rolling moors, the idyllic islands and of course, the            Height variation: 350 metres                                  Access: From Stavanger approx. 4 km.                         Stavanger Golfklubb, Longebakke 45, 4042 Hafrsf-
mountains. There is an incredible range of sign                  Terrain: Undulating                                                                                                        jord. Tel. + 47 51 55 50 06, fax. + 47 51 55 73 11.
posted tours.                                                                                                                  Fjord rowing in the Lysefjord
                                                                 Agents: GuideCompagniet, Natur-guide                          Experience the Lysefjord and surroundings through            Facts
Lav Jæren, 50 km (Low-Jæren route)                                                                                             an exciting rowing trip with Fjord Rowing Norway.            Season: All year
From Solastrand in the north via Sandnes and Bryne                                                                             Spend one or several days in the beautiful fjord area        Type: Park and forest
to Varhaug.                                                                                                                    – with or without a guide. We tailor the tour to your        Holes: 18
Duration: Day tour                                                                                                             meet your wishes and specifications! Points of inter-         HCP limit: Green card / 28 men / 36 women
                                                                                                                               est that may be included:                                    Proshop, letting out equipm. and trolleys, restaurant.
Agent: ScanOne                                                                                                                 Pulpit Rock – famous rock formation 597 meters
                                                                                                                               above sea level in the Lysefjord.
                                                                                                                               Fantahåla - a cave where the story says some vaga-

                                                            24                                                                                                                         25


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