Tour Guide Program

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					      Canadian Language Benchmarks Level 4+

  Tour Guide Program
       2010 Starting Dates
    April 6 ~ April 30, 2010
    May 3 ~ May 28, 2010

                 Tour Guide Program Schedule
   Monday        Tuesday Wednesday Thursday                   Friday
    Tour Guide     Tour Guide    Tour Guide    Tour Guide
      Course         Course        Course        Course
   8:30~11:30     8:30~11:30    8:30~11:30    8:30~11:30      Full Day
      Topic         Topic          Topic         Topic         Tours
    Lessons       Lessons        Lessons       Lessons
   12:30~3:45    12:30~3:45     12:30~3:45    12:30~3:45

Tour Guide Professional Program:
Monday to Thursday mornings from 8:30-11:30,
students will enjoy guide-training classes. These classes are
open to students with CLB level 4 and above. In the afternoon
from 12:30-15:45 covering topics such as: tourism-related
vocabulary, guiding language, con dence in public speaking as well
as resume and interview preparations. On Fridays, there will be
full-day sightseeing tours where students will gain additional knowledge
about the Rocky Mountains.