Several steps from Makuhari takes you to abundant sightseeing by umn15763


									     Several steps from Makuhari takes you to abundant
     sightseeing spots like the old temple, Disneyland,
     and many beautiful capes and seashores.
     Chiba Prefecture is blessed with a warm climate and wonderful natural assets, from a rich coastline to
     rolling inland hills. The splendor of the Chiba countryside, together with the many historical attractions
     and cultural and recreational activities, attract more than 52 million tourists to Chiba every year.
                                                         We are striving to make Chiba Prefecture into a popular
      ● Umihotaru — Tokyo Bay Aqualine (Kisarazu City)
                                                         tourism and resort destination where locals, Tokyoites,
                                                         and people from all around the world can meet and
                                                         enjoy their surroundings.

                    ● Mother Farm (Futtsu City)

                                                                                  ● Katsuura Underwater Park (Katsuura City)
            ● Nambo Paradise (Tateyama City)

 Attractions around Makuhari New City   BEAUTIFUL SCENERY AROUND
                                    ● Narita-san Shinshoji Temple (Narita City)

                                                                                                    ● Cape Inubosaki (Choshi City)

                                                                                                                  ● Kujukurihama (Asahi City to Isumi City)

         ● Yoro Valley (Otaki-machi)

① Narita-san Shinshoji Temple (Narita City)                                                        ⑦ Tanjo-ji Temple (Kamogawa City)
Established 940 years as the original temple of the Chizan sect of the Shingon School of           Built for Nichiren (founder of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism) by his disciple Nikka for his birth
Buddhism, Shinshoji attracts 13 million pilgrims every year. Within the precincts of the temple,   area. Many important cultural assets are stored here, including actual writings of Nichiren.
the gakudo (compound where people hang pictures and wooden boards for good luck), Komyoji
temple, the Shakado (or Buddha compound), the Nio guardian gate, and the three-storied
pagoda have all been recognized as important cultural assets.                                      ⑧ Tai no Ura (Kamogawa City)
                                                                                                   Porgy are a deep sea, ocean floor fish which seldom travel in schools. Visitors to Tai no Ura can
                                                                                                   see schools of them from a boat. The spectacle is a rare one.
② Tokyo Disney Resort (Urayasu City)
A overnight stay type theme resort facility with two theme parks, various shopping
establishments, and two Disney hotels.                                                             ⑨ Katsuura Underwater Park (Katsuura City)
                                                                                                   This is the largest underwater park in the orient, with an observatory from which we can see
                                                                                                   many varieties of fish in their natural habitat.
③ Umihotaru — Tokyo Bay Aqualine (Kisarazu City)
A toll road (for cars only) that cuts 15.1 km across the center of Tokyo Bay. The journey,         ⑩ Yoro Valley (Otaki-machi)
between Kisarazu on one side of the bay and Kawasaki on the other, takes only 15 minutes.          Known for its beautiful valley and hot springs, the Yoro Valley offers seasonal delights: fresh
                                                                                                   verdure in spring, playing and fishing in the summer, tinted leaves in the autumn, and wonderful
④ Mother Farm (Futtsu City)                                                                        hot springs in every season.
Shepherds from New Zealand use their dogs to put on an enjoyable sheep show. Mother Farm
has flowers in bloom throughout the year, including rape blossom, the prefectural flower. Of
course, there are also cattle, sheep, and many other types of animals.                             ⑪ Kujukurihama (Asahi City to Isumi City)
                                                                                                   Kujukurihama is the name given to this coastal area whose No. 1 attraction is 66 km of sandy
⑤ Nambo Paradise (Tateyama City)                                                                   beach.
Japan’s largest greenhouse botanical garden featuring both tropical and subtropical plants.
                                                                                                   ⑫ Cape Inubosaki (Choshi City)
⑥ Kamogawa Sea World (Kamogawa City)                                                               This is a spectacular location, where waves from the Pacific break against the rocks of the
Kamogawa Sea World offers orca and dolphin shows, as well as showcasing many rare aquatic          coastline. There is a walkway along the beach from which we can enjoy the sight of the ocean.
creatures, such as the sunfish.
                                                                                                   ⑬ Katori-jingu Shrine (Katori City)
                                                                                                   Built within the fragrant Katori cedar forests, this Shinto shrine is dedicated to the god of martial
                                                                                                   arts. The treasure house contains many National Treasures and important cultural assets.

 MAKUHARI NEW CITY                                                                                                                                         Attractions around Makuhari New City 

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