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									Educational agency
Be clever! s. r. o.
    1. The summary of the project

  1.1 Identification data about the company

Company name: Educational agency Be clever! s.r.o.
IČO: 12386497
DIČ (VAT#): CZ12386497
Address and place of business: Mikulášova 1, Olomouc 779 00
Phone, fax: +420 855 456 123
Mobile: +420 726 459 135
Contact persons: Martina Bradová
                 Michaela Vítovská
       1.2 Law information

Law form: Limited Liability Company (Ltd / s. r. o.)
Basic funds: 210 000Kč
        Martina Bradová 105 000 Kč
        Michaela Vítovská 105 000 Kč
Date of foundation: 1.4. 2008
Date of certificate of incorporation: 8.5. 2008
Main point of business: educational activity
Statutory body, agents: Martina Bradová
                      Michaela Vítovská
        2. Presentment of the company and its targets
                              2.1 Establishment idea
STUDENT COMPANY was established with a view to the practical usage of
pieces of knowledge that were acquired in teaching of economical subjects.

We chose student´s agency for our prospectus.

We decided because of the fact that there is no sufficient offer of that
services in this locality.

Most of applicants who are interested in education are students of Business Academy,
but also public closely associated with our school. Our advantage is creativity
and knowledge of local setting.
                          2.2 Law form

We chose “Limited Liability Company” as a law form.

The company was established conformable with the Commercial Code.

A great advantage is also a limitation of guarantee.

The division of profit is written up according to the amount of deposit
in the collective contract.

The company will make a reserve fund in an amount 10% from the profit.
 2.3 Conditions for the establishmenet of Limited Liability Company

a) companions warrant aloft their deposits written into the Companies Register
and in the moment these deposits are paid-up, the guarantee dissapears

b) the highest organ is general meeting made up by companions,
   the company is directed by the statutory organ that acts for the company

c) the basic funds is 200 000,- and the minimal deposit of 1 companion is 20 000,-

d) trade licence, articles of incorporation, certificate of incorporation, reserve fund,
   double-entry accounting

e) the profit is divided among companions according to rates of business shares

f) tax from income of legal people and other taxes

g) conditioned by registration into the Companies Register
                      2.4 Articles of partnership

-it is writen up if the company is established by two or more founders

- it alwasy has to have a literal form and it has to be supplied by officially
authenticated signatures of founders of the company

It has to include:
a) company and place of business
b) determination of companions
c) subject of company trading
                  2.5 Targets of the company

Our top target will be the achievement of sufficient market share
          and a long-term persistence of the company .

 And above all the expansion of education with other subjects
                   and courses in the nature.
         3. The description of povided services

                3.1 Characteristic of offered services

Price: 200 crowns per 1 lesson (it concerns all the subjects)

Discounts: The discount will be provided students on account of submission
of study confirmation

                          The lesson:

                        Foreign language

                        software Pohoda.
                  3.2 The level of needs´satisfying

                 Services wil be offered in a hihg quality.
     Teachers will be experienced people with several-years practice.

                          3.3 Advantages

A great advantage is localization of the school near the centre of Olomouc.
          3.4 Characteristic of competing business

In Olomouc a few language schools is kept
(Lingua, State language school, Amadeus, Perfect English).

We will try to compete with these schools by rendition of discounts
and we will also promote our school mainly in the places, where there is
the biggest interest in these services from the side of public .

These schools offer only teaching of foreign languages.

Classes of accounting and economy,
which are very popular and interesting
nowadays, are missing.
                                       4. Market research

              4.1 Questionnaires analysis, wish of users and graphs

Questionnaires are made for a fair revision and followed by elaboration of the conclusion.

                     After the elaboration analysis is accomplished
             and this analysis shows how big the interest in this product is.


                                          Interest in subjects

                                                                 No of

                            No of

      4.2 The analysis of competing business, or suppliers, partners

       Rivalry in the educational branch is very big but in our extent we are
       the only one in the market because we offer the education of accounting.

           4.3 The analysis of strenghtnesses and weaknesses

The advantage of educational agency is a concrete intention on clients,
who are mainly made up by students of our school and their close friends or relatives.

We focused on a young generation, which does not cling to comfort.

The advantages are well-experienced lectors, high-quality services
for accessible prices, a good localization of the company and enough large premises.

In the manwhile we do not have such a stability in the market to be able to arrange
more educational lessons.
                        5. Marketing mix

                       Instruments: 4P - product
                                       - price
                                       - place in the market
                                       - promotion

               1) Product - concrete material image of the product
                         - services connected with the product

               2) Price - 3 ways of price assesment – 3 C
                        - price fixation according to expense
                        - price fixation according to competing business
                        - price fixation according to customers

               3) Place - how is product taken to the customer

               4) Promotion - the effort to project the product or the company
instruments – advertisement - the internet, newspapers, television, billboard
            - support of the sale - gifts, competitions, bonuses
            - publicity - presentment of the product free of charge
   On account of these statements our unfolding educational agency
                      have decided in this way :

1. The educational agency will make for enlargement of education especially
in the economical side, mainly for young students and people, who are interested
in retraining scheme or deeper education.

2. The applicants can choose a weekend or week´s educational course.
The teaching will procceed in the form a game.

                       3. The advertising campaign
                  6. Needed property

    4 pcs of textbooks
    (economy, accounting,
    English, German)
    3 pcs of workbook (English,
    German, accounting)
    Dictionaries 10 pcs
    2 pcs of CDs (English,
    CD player
    software Pohoda
    Office papers (3 stacks per
    CZK 100)
    Printer cartridge

Computers, benches and chairs will be part of hired classrooms.
                          7. Employees

2 teachers will be needed for the education of foreign lanuages,
1 teacher will be enough for the education of economy and accounting.

Demands on worker´s qualification is the education in the branch.

Workers will be rewarded in a task-wage.
Everybody gets 200 crowns for one lesson.
                     8. Financial sources

The source of our financing are the customer themselves.

But in our future activity we will try to address public corporations
that would be willing to contribute to our business by sponsorship presents.

Further we attempt to write up grants for suport and development
of free time of young people. .
                          9. Costs and estimation of incomes,
                                    economic result
Original Capital                          Costs                              Per month

4 pcs of textbooks                        Rent                                 CZK 2 000,0
(economy, accounting,
                                          Wages (3 employees, CZK200/h)        CZK 6 400,0
English, German)            CZK 1 100,0
                                          Total                                CZK 8 400,0
3 pcs of workbook
(English, German,
accounting)                  CZK 500,0
Dictionaries 10 pcs         CZK 5 000,0
                                                       Number of          Number of lessons   Price for one   Gain per one
2 pcs of CDs (English,                    Subjects     students           per month           lesson          month
German)                     CZK 1 200,0
                                          Economy                  15                     8     CZK 200,0      CZK 24 000,0
CD player                   CZK 1 200,0
                                          Accounting               10                     8     CZK 200,0      CZK 16 000,0
Software Pohoda             CZK 9 000,0
                                          English                   7                     8     CZK 200,0      CZK 11 200,0
Office papers (3 stacks
per CZK 100)                 CZK 300,0    German                    7                     8     CZK 200,0      CZK 11 200,0

Printer                     CZK 2 400,0
                                                                                              Total            CZK 62 400,0
Printer cartridge            CZK 500,0
Total                      CZK 21 200,0

                            Economic result: 62 400 – 8 400 = 54 000 CZK
                      10. Evaluation of practicability
Because of the fact that our agency will provide except of languages courses
courses of economy and accounting as well, we suppose that the interest
in our services will be high.

Later language courses in the nature would be another allurement for applicants.

Our agency rents 2 rooms directly in the school building therefore costs are not too high.

On the contrary pay-offs are increasing due to the high number of teaching subjects.
Thank you very much

 for your attention


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