PeopleSoft Travel Expense Reimbursement System Project Kickoff Enterprise Computing Steering Committee Anil More March 29 2007 Project Overview • Replacing the Laboratory‟s travel authoriza

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					PeopleSoft Travel Expense Reimbursement System
Project Kickoff
Enterprise Computing Steering Committee

Anil More
March 29, 2007

Project Overview
• Replacing the Laboratory‟s travel authorization and reimbursement system (Gelco) with a travel reimbursement system (Oracle‟s PeopleSoft Travel & Expenses) • Combined with streamlined business processes and a reorganized travel business function • Will provide: – A simple, easy to use system; – Improved, sound ergonomic design; – Enhanced integration with other Laboratory business systems; and – Reduced operational cost and reduced cost of system ownership.


Project Team
Project Sponsor Jeffrey Fernandez

Project Directors Anil Moré Carla Garbis Project Manager Rich Nosek Internal Audit Edna Annis Division Representatives Diana Attia Sherri Cheeseboro Alyce Herrera Bill Johansen Gizella Kapus Sandra McFarland Faye Mitschang Maryann Villavert Scientific and Administrative Focus Groups (to be formed)

Project Steering Committee TBD (invitation sent to ALDs)

IT Technical Specialists Financial Systems: Sally Lafferty (technical lead) Margretta Campbell Ragu Parthasarathy Sandeep Sharma PeopleTools contractor Data Warehouse: Vik Bhatia DW contractor

Business Specialists Sandra Cheeks Lauretta Corsair Craig Gaylor Jeanne Kissel Aurora Pecoraro Kecia Sims Cynthia Thomas Elijah Walker Linda Williams 3

Planned Resource Needs – FY07
ECSC Supplemental  Software Purchase  PeopleSoft Training for Team  PeopleTools Contractor  Data Warehouse Contractor Total ECSC Supplemental Self-funded  Staffing – IT Financial Systems  Staffing – IT Data Warehouse  Staffing – Functional Total Self-funded FY 2008 ECSC Funding $130k

Dollars ($k) 62 21 89 31 203

FTE (years) ----0.38 0.12 0.50

96 202 150 448

0.55 1.12 1.50 3.17

PeopleSoft Travel & Expense System
Draft High-Level Project Plan

(Refer to handout)


Current Progress
• Secured management approval and funding • Completed software license contract with Oracle at the quoted price • Received and installed software • Attended PeopleSoft training in-house • Defining the business process flows and creating a high-level design of front-end user interfaces (finalizing domestic travel process). Team includes customer representation. • Defining reporting requirements: – A team, including a division business manager and resource analyst, is developing field reporting requirements (first meeting has been held) – Travel management will be developing its reporting requirements • Concurrently reengineering business process and restructuring travel organization

PeopleSoft Training: First Impressions
• Re-affirmed our initial decision to provide a custom front-end to input an expense report and approval process • Holds the promise of being able to offer a more efficient guest set-up process (20%-30% of LBNL travel volume) • Product as delivered supports third party scanning of
receipts software which would eliminate one of the primary sources of contention between division and Travel Office“lost receipts” • Until fit-gap sessions are completed at end of May (refer to

“I” on the plan) , there continues to be a risk of scope creep

Some Risks
• Most project participants will continue to have responsibilities connected with other projects and their ongoing operational duties. Functional staff will tend to be unavailable at year-end. • The success of the implementation of the new system in each Division will depend on that Division‟s level of participation. • Scope, time, and cost may require adjustment at a future time based on realities as they are discovered (e.g., PeopleSoft training gave team impression that more programming may be required than originally thought). • Scanning is being explored. If decision is made to implement it, there will be additional cost.


Some Risks (cont.)
• Due to compatibility issues, LBL will be installing PeopleSoft Version 8.8 (released Dec „03). Version 8.9 (released Aug „05) and Version 9.0 (released Sept „06) offer functionality that we may have to build. – PeopleSoft financial suite upgrade:

- Earliest date: Spring ‟09 - Latest date: Spring ‟11
• For unforeseen reasons, the new PeopleSoft software may not perform up to expectations. This risk will be mitigated by our ability to make customizations to improve the operability of the software.
• Due to earlier experiences with the Gelco system, there may be lingering negativity, skepticism, and resistance to change among Laboratory staff.

Communication and Buy-in Plan
• Division participation and thorough testing is the key • Focus groups will be scheduled across the Lab to provide input on the design and during the development phase as appropriate
• Discussing use of a phased deployment approach (e.g., domestic may be rolled-out before foreign) • Divisions will be phased in following rigorous testing


Communication and Buy-in Plan (cont.)
• Strategic communication will be provided via: – Travel Express- the new monthly newsletter that is emailed to all travelers, business managers, and administrative staff that are involved in the process
– Today At Berkeley Lab

– Regular meetings with Division Business Council and other groups to obtain buy-in from system users and other stakeholders