The Time Travel by umn15763


									  The Time Travel

By Ellie Bowers and Sophie
In New York at 2019 there was a brother
  and a sister which were called Lizzie and
  Joe. They were 12 years of age. Their
  farther was a scientist and they got a
  super laptop. Lizzie and
  Joe were over the moon!
Meanwhile there was an evil lady called
 Floss Raptor. She was whooshing down to
 New York trying to take over all the
 electricity for her Robot. Also she was
 controlling peoples mind by her laptop
 game Zap the Rap. They had to stop Floss
Lizzie’s and Joes dad was on a exhibition to
  find a unknown planet in the solar system
  called yoly. So Lizzie and Joe were on
  there own.
Lizzie and Joe were on the super laptop
 and suddenly saw a button which, was
 flashing and had a multi-coloured star on
 it. With curiosity Lizzie pressed the
When Lizzie pressed the button a map
 popped out. It led the way to her Robot
 Jaw 3000 in her experiment work house.
 They headed to the work house as fast as
 they could.
Jaw 3000 is Floss Raptors Robot which can
  control peoples minds so they become her
  slaves. Jaw 3000,which had lots of
  controls, is white as a snow.
Meanwhile as quick as a flash Lizzie and
 Joe were at the work house peeping
 through the window. Floss Raptor wasn’t
 there but Jaw 3000 was. All Joe and Lizzie
 had to do was to go inside Jaw 3000 and
 he would reactivate.
Joe and Lizzie scrambled through the
  workhouse window and jumped into Jaw
  3000. All of a sudden Floss Raptor came
  rushing in. Never the less Joe was already
  inside Jaw 3000.He pressed the button on
  the laptop and all the people regained
Jaw 3000 suddenly whooshed Floss Raptor
  into dinosaur times like a flash of lightning.
  Now she would be called Veloceraptor and
  live with all the other Dinosaurs.
Joe and Lizzie were back in no time and
  were already handing out laptops to there
  owners. Everybody in New York were so
  pleased they had their laptops back.
  (some of them even got gifts for Joe and
Finally Joe and Lizzie were home at last.
  Later in the day their Dad came home but,
  Joe and Lizzie never told him about their
  amazing time travel adventure.

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