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                                                                                                                                                                                   TRaVel CaSeS: $35
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                                                                                                    6                                                                                SHIPPInG RaTeS
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               BIke pRO                                                                                 s & s mAChIne
               1. Race Case: Large and durable yet easy to transport this case features a               4. Travel Hard Case: The S & S Travel Case provides the best protection for        tRICO
                  rugged internal frame and thick Padding with 1000 Denier Cordura™ material.              foldable bikes such as the Ritchey Break-Away (pg 8). The case is a high        6. lockable Iron Case: uSa’s #1 Cycle Case! Bullet proof, lockable
                  Offers derailleur and crank protection plates with external casters.                     density polyethylene shell and features two locking latches, heavy duty            “Triconium™” hard shells withstand the roughest airline and freight handling.
                   1a. Standard: Fits up to 58 cm (Wheel/Gear Bags Included) 29 lbs                        recessed ball bearing wheels and a flip out handle for easy maneuvering.           Inside, your bike is cocooned in Trico’s exclusive Foam Incasement System™
                       empty. $415                                                                         For maximum protection we recommend that up to 4 compression                       for protection, easy packing, and minimum disassembly. There’s also room
                   large: Fits up to 63cm (Wheel/Gear Bags Included) 31 lbs empty. $425                    members be used with this case. (See                  for aero bars, a helmet and a full wet suit. Sized for UPS and Car-Topping.
                   Bike Pro Peloton: Same basic design as the Bike Pro Race Case (with non-                ac_hard.htm for specific fit info.)Protective Quality hinges and latch. Small      (Locks not included.) 47˝ x 30.5˝ x 10.5˝, 31 pounds $339.95
                   swiveling casters). (Wheel and gear bags NOT included) 17lbs. empty. $285               dimensions fit into any car. Works well with the Ritchey Break-Away. Airline
                   1B. double Wheel Bag: cushioned, impact resistant bag. $89.95                           Checkable baggage*                                                              CAmpAGnOlO

                                                                                                           Travel Hard Case: 26 x 26 x 10 inches,16.5 lbs empty. $430                      7. Wheel Bag: Protect your wheels from damage with this zippered bag with
               pIkA pACkwORks                                                                              Compression Members: used to keep pressure against the outside face of             padding and handles. Holds one wheel. $49.95
               2. eeP Bike Bag: Fits most road (60cm and smaller) and Mtn bikes with a                     the case from reaching the packed bicycle. $9.95
                  distance of 27˝ or less from the stem to the fork dropout. Pockets and external          Security net TSa: helps keep the frame, wheels and compression members          mAvIC
                  straps exactly where they are needed make this case easy to carry. 1000                  together if hard case is inspected at the airport. $34.95                       8. Wheel Bag: Black zippered bag with Mavic logo offers padding throughout
                  denier cordura nylon and heavy duty zipper provides protection for the outside           * Airline regulations are subject to change.                                       and features reinforced pads sewn in where the wheel axles line up to prevent
                  of the bag and the inside of the bag is lined with 400 denier cordura nylon.                                                                                                damage to the wheel and bag. Holds one wheel. $29.95
                  Standard: $335                                                                        tRI All 3
                  Stretch: For larger (60cm +) frame sizes. $345                                        5. Sports Velo Safe:                                                               zIpp
                                                                                                           • Constructed of Tough, .35˝ ABS Plastic With Metal Supports                    9. double Wheel Bag: Holds two wheels in padded protection with room to
               RItChey                                                                                     • Four Heavy-Duty Lockable Steel Latches                                           spare for other racing supplies. Equipped with a removable shoulder strap and
               3. Break-away Travel Bag: Made specially for the Ritchey BreakAway bicycle.                 • External Casters for Easy Transport                                              a non-removable short hand strap. $124.95
                  Just the size of a large suitcase so you can take it on a plane without paying           • Little Bike Disassembly Required
                  oversized baggage fees*. Please pack carefully: It will not stand up to
                                                                                                          Velo Safe Custom Road Case: Measures 48 x 15 x 30˝ inside, 51 x 33 x
                  extreme abuse like a hard shell case.
                                                                                                          18˝ outside, 30 lbs. $539
                  deluxe Case with wheels: $349.95
                                                                                                          Wheel Case: Hard case that provides protection for three wheels $349
                  * Airline regulations are subject to change.

                            tRAvel | ROCky mOunts                                                                                                                      | ACCessORIes
                                          1                      ROCky mOunts                                                                                                                                     dOwRAp
                                                                 Updated with a cast metal fork mount for increased security and durability! Fits both square and                                                 << Chain Wrap: Fitted Cordura cover goes around your
                                                                 round cross bars. Made a few blocks from Excel Sports in Boulder, Colorado.                                                                      bike’s drive train protecting your clothes, your car and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  everything else from getting grease stained. Made in the
                                                                 1. PitchFork (replaces lariat Sl): Includes, new stainless steel, long-throw, lockable quick                                                     USA! $24.95
                                                                    release. (Black and Silver). $89.95
                                                  2              2. noose Sl: tray mount fits almost all factory bars right out of the box.
                                                                    (Black and Silver). $89.95                                                                                                                    BBB
                                                                 3. locking Skewer with Keys: $29.95                                                                                                              << ChainGrip: Keeps the chain under tension when the
                                                                      lock Core: (makes skewer lockable) set of 1. $8.95                                                                                          wheel is removed. Easy transportation and cleaning. 2
                                                                      lock Cores set of 2: $16.95                                                                                                                 versions: 135mm MTB, 130mm road bikes. 135 mm
                                                                 4. Clutch Truck Mount with lock and Key: The Clutch is a bolt on application for carrying                                                        version with disc brake pad adapter. Keeps the brake
                                                                    your bicycle. Can be used on pick-ups, trailers, RV & vans. $39.95                                                                            pads in place when the disc is removed. $22.95
                                                                    Clutch Sd Truck Mount with lock and Key: hardware specifically to mount to the new
                                                                       track systems in the Toyota Tacoma/Tundra, and Nissan Frontier and Titan. $49.95
                                                       4         5. Rocky Mounts Maverick adapter: Got a Maverick Fork and no way to haul it around?
                                                                    Rocky Mounts developed this in conjunction with the guys across town. $49.95                                                                  pedRO’s
                                                                 6. Rocky Mounts disc adapters: On many fork mounted bike racks, the disc caliper (the pod                                                        <<Chain Keeper: The safest, easiest way to protect your
                     5                                              bolted to the fork leg) can hit the tray and not allow the fork to engage the quick release. To                                               frame and chain during transport or maintenance. Works
                                                                    solve this problem, Rocky Mounts made the Disc Brake. $16.95                                                                                  much better than a chain hook & allows easy adjustment
                                                                 Fly Trap Truck Mount with lock and Key: $59.95                                                                                                   of chain tension. When the rear wheel is out, the Chain
                                                                 Fly Trap adapter with lock and Key: $49.95                                                                                                       Keeper should be in. $9.95


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