A Private Tour of Kenya's Safari's and Beaches by czl10931


									A Private Tour of


Safari’s and Beaches

       12 Days
          Itinerary Overview
Day      Activity

Day 1    Depart London for Nairobi/ Fly Loisaba Lodge
Day 2    Loisaba Lodge
Day 3    Loisaba Lodge
Day 4    Loisaba Lodge
Day 5    Loisaba Lodge / Transfer Kiwayu Safari Village
Day 6    Kiwayu Safari Village
Day 7    Kiwayu Safari Village
Day 8    Kiwayu Safari Village
Day 9    Kiwayu Safari Village
Day 10   Kiwayu Safari Village
Day 11   Kiwayu Safari Village
Day 12   Kiwayu Safari Village / Return to London


Loisaba bestrides the border of Laikipia and Kenya's rugged Northern Frontier District. Only a few miles from the
equator, this private game ranch is in country of transcendent beauty where the farm management and the local
Laikipiak Maasai and Samburu community work together to preserve the environment and the wildlife that abounds

The view from Loisaba extends for hundreds of miles - to Mount Kenya, the Lolldaiga Hills and the Mathews Range.
They rise from plains where big game ranges free and undisturbed by the incursions of the twenty first century. Through
Loisaba roam elephant, lion and leopard alongside the rare northern species that thrive here - gerenuk, Grevy's zebra and
reticulated giraffe. It is a setting little changed since the Great Rift Valley split Africa in two, creating the escarpment on
which the lodge is built. Luxurious yet in harmony with its surroundings, full of adventure yet an oasis of calm, Loisaba
is a tranquil and life-enhancing haven for wildlife and visitors alike.


East Africa is famous for her coastal superlatives: shimmering, palm-edged beaches washed by steady ocean breezes, where
the soft white sands melt into sparkling azure waters. But nowhere on the whole East African coast – perhaps nowhere
in Africa – is the sand softer, the breeze steadier, or the water sweeter than at Kiwayu Safari Village. This is where the
early Arab traders put ashore to collect water from the area’s natural springs, and where The Pride sends its modern
adventurers for a refreshing end to their African journey.

 In this natural Eden, Kiwayu offers a coastal retreat of the utmost simplicity and sophistication. The spacious thatched
bandas blend into the sweeping sand dunes, where spiral-horned kudu roam and green turtles come ashore to lay their
eggs. Kiwayu prides itself on being in tune with its pristine surroundings, and most of its big game fishing is restricted to
tag-and-release sustainability..
Day 1   Depart London to Nairobi

        You will depart at 19:00 from London Heathrow, Terminal 4 on
        Kenyan Airlines flight KQ 0101 to Nairobi which lands at 06:30 am
        the following day.

Day 2   Fly Nairobi to Loisaba Lodge

        Upon arrival at Nairobi Airport at 06:30 you will be met by a
        representative of Southern Cross Safaris who will assist you with
        your transfer to your Air Kenya flight to Nanyuki which departs at
        09:15 am.

        When you arrive at 09:55 am at the Nanyuki airstrip you will
        immediately connect for your private 30 minute charter in single
        engine Cessna 182 to Loisaba Lodge where you will be spending the
        next four nights.

        Set on a stunning thousand foot escarpment with views stretching away to Mount
        Kenya, Loisaba lies in a private conservancy brimming with bird and wildlife.
        Renowned for its hands on approach to conservation, the ranch is deeply
        committed to defending this unspoilt part of Africa and is run in conjunction
        with the local Samburu and Maasai tribes.

        Simple and stylish, Loisaba’s mantra is ‘body, mind and soul’. Comfort for all
        three comes in the form of seven sensational cottages, an amazing swimming pool,
        tennis court and relaxing spa, all enclosed by tranquil gardens. Set within the
        reserve and including guides and staff, those looking for the ultimate in
        exclusivity can retreat to their own private house complete with two ensuite
        bedrooms and a clifftop swimming pool. A few miles away lies the opportunity to
        spend a night or two in a romantic four-poster star bed which is rolled out onto a
        raised deck with just the night sky for a ceiling, mosquito netting for walls and
        the sounds of the bush for music.

        Adventure from Loisaba is limited only by the imagination. The ranch has
        camels, horses, mountain bikes, motor bikes and Land Rovers, so you can safari
        as you please with local guides that include a renowned ‘elephant whisperer’.
        There is also a helicopter, an aeroplane and a micro-light to explore the
        wilderness by air. At Loisaba, the sky really is the limit.

        Upon arrival at the Lodge you will be given a welcome drink and
        then transferred to your accommodation “Star Beds” by camel or
        horse which is located among the kopje rocks overlooking the
        “Kiboko” waterhole. The Star Beds, Loisaba's solution to finding
        comfort in the wild, are bespoke wooden platforms built craftily
        into boulders on a hillside overlooking a lake. Each platform is
        reached by a ladder and has a large double bed complete with “four-
        poster” insect netting, loo and camp shower that runs with warm
                The thatched roofs only partly cover the platforms and the beds, on
                sturdy wheels can be manoeuvred so you slumber sweetly under the
                African night allowing you to gaze out over miles of wilderness,
                under the canopy of stars listening to the cicadas and the visceral
                moan of a lion. . And in the morning you are likely to awaken to
                find elephant swimming in the pool below you, with timid wart-
                hogs and gazelles waiting their turn on the sidelines.

                After you have freshened up from your journey you will be
                transferred back to the main lodge for a late lunch. You are in for a
                treat as the cooks will have prepared you a traditional African
                barbeque which could include roasted warthog, Kudu, Impala or
                any number of exotic meats.

                Afterwards you will take a late afternoon drive round the reserve
                before stopping for a ‘sundowner’ drink. You will then continue to
                search by spotlight for nocturnal animals. Ever wondered what
                hippos do at night, how the roaring of a lion sounds close by, and
                maybe finally want to spot that magic leopard, all can be possible
                during this safari. Our guide is accompanied by a `spotter` and they
                will take you on a combined trip with two hours of daylight ending
                with another two hours of darkness. You are able to witness the
                change in animal life on close hand; from diurnal to nocturnal

                Our safaris are conducted in open vehicles to let you smell and feel
                the bush even more. Our knowledgeable guide can tell you all you
                ever wanted to know on this tiny bird or that large grey mammal
                you come across in and out of camp

                Upon your return to the Lodge drinks and dinner will be served.
                And when you are ready you will be transferred back to your room
                by either vehicle or horse for a magical evening under the stars.

                Accommodation: Kiboko Star Beds on a fully inclusive basis.

Day 3 – Day 5   Loisaba Lodge

                After a sumptuous breakfast served in your room you will have the
                rest of the day free to explore the reserve. The options of how to
                spend your day are almost endless but may include:

                •   Game drives – early morning and late afternoon are the best
                    times for game spotting. We offer the choice of open topped
                    vehicles, horseback or camel safaris as well as escorted game
                    walks and mountain bike safaris.

                •   Helicopter safaris – your pilot Captain Humphrey Carter will
                    fly you over the deserts of northern Kenya to view the game for
                    the air or to drop you off for a really remote camping experience
                    and/or fishing trip.
•   River Rafting down the Ewaso Ngiro and Ng’are Narok rivers
    that flow through Loisaba in our specially designed two person
    inflatable rafts provides a unique opportunity to see the animals
    at play in the water.

•   Cultural trips – a visit to a traditional Laikipiak Maasai and/or
    Samburu tribal village is often the highlight of our guests stay at
    is provides a glimpse into a traditional way of life.

•   Spa – we have blended western knowledge with local traditions
    to provide a unique range of complementary treatments which
    include full body massages and delicious wraps in mineral-rich
    Dead Sea mud as well as facials, manicures and pedicures

•   Other activities include tennis, croquet and bocce.

Tonight you will dine under the stars back at your accommodation
where the chef will have set up a camp fire to prepare your dinner.
Drinking wine under the stars watching the nocturnal animals below
at the watering hole surely must be one of life’s most magical

Accommodation: Kiboko Star Beds on a fully inclusive basis.
Day 6   Loisaba Lodge / Transfer Kiwayu Safari Village

        You will awake before dawn to get in a final game viewing before
        breakfast and your 10:00 am flight to Nanyuki airstrip. Upon arrival
        you will immediately transfer to your Air Kenya Airlines flight to
        Nairobi which departs at 11:00 am.

        Upon arrival at Nairobi Airport at 12:00 you will transfer to your Air
        Kenya flight to Kiwayu which departs at 13:15 pm.

        On landing (14:45) at the airstrip you will be met by your driver and
        privately transferred the short distance over the dunes to Kiwayu
        Safari Village where you will be spending the next seven nights.

        Surrounded by 50 kms of deserted white beaches, Kiwayu Safari Village lies 30
        kms north of Lamu on the mainland opposite Kiwayu Island. Clichés
        notwithstanding, it really is a Robinson Crusoe paradise, overlooking a sheltered
        aquamarine lagoon and flanked by both marine and game reserves. Few places in
        the world offer the same degree of seclusion and untouched, simple beauty; there are
        no other people except the occassional fisherman and water still comes from the fresh
        water ‘bubbles’ under the sand that have sustained sailors for centuries.

        Renowned for its simplicity and comfort, Kiwayu has eighteen huge thatched bandas
        scattered along the beach. Palm roofs, matting floors, large verandahs with
        hammocks and Lamu beds and ensuite bathrooms hit just the right balance for total
        relaxation. 3 kms away, the ‘Baobabs of Kitangani’ is an idyllic hideaway for two
        with staff, boatmen and a private kilometre of beach. Food at both is sensational
        with freshly caught lobster and crab featuring on a regular basis.

        Activities include world-class game fishing, watersports, birdwatching and walking
        amongst the dunes and into the Dodori Game Reserve. For those who want the
        luxury of nothing and nobody on their doorstep, Kiwayu is sheer heaven.

        Upon arrival you will be given an invigorating welcome drink before
        being taken to your Banda to freshen up from your journey.

        The rest of the afternoon can be spent lazing by the pool, strolling
        along the beach or simply relaxing in a hammock on your veranda
        overlooking the stunning views of the channel.

        Accommodation: Banda Suite and a bed and breakfast basis.

Day 7   Kiwayu Safari Village

        A typical day at Kiwayu Safari Village might be something like:

        With the sun rising over the Indian Ocean you are free to leap from
        your bed, jog down the beach, swim or fish: or sleep on in your
        Super King-size bed until the lure of Kenya Coffee draws you to the
        breakfast table.
                 If you feel like a stroll you can walk over the soft dunes with a guide
                 to do some bird watching and breakfast in the bush bathed by the
                 early morning light and maybe, catch a glimpse of the timid Lesser
                 Kudu. Or return to the restaurant for a hearty English breakfast.

                 The sports master will explain the choice of activities. To some
                 extent these are governed by the tides but there is always plenty to
                 chose from swimming, fishing, windsurfing, sailing or snorkeling.

                 Whatever your choice, the gourmet lunch prepared by the chefs will
                 lure you back to the restaurant to taste the spiny lobster or the giant
                 crab and not forgetting the pasta served in many ways and perfumed
                 by the herbs grown in the adjacent garden.

                 A siesta in your banda may lure you in the hot afternoon hours with
                 a wake up plunge into the cooling sea. Time for more sport or just
                 relaxing on the beach or a cup of pure Kenya tea and home-baked

                 The early evening is a magic time for gentle fishing in the lagoon or
                 waterskiing. Or take a walk over the dunes and watch the sun set
                 and the star of Venus light up.

                 When darkness falls it is surely sundowner time and an opportunity
                 to meet and chat with other guests before enjoying another
                 magnificent dinner.And so to bed, passing for a nightcap at the bar,
                 telling those tall tales or watching the myriad stars in the sky.

                 Accommodation: Banda Suite and a bed and breakfast basis.

Day 8 – Day 11   Kiwayu Safari Village

                 After breakfast you will have the rest of the day either to relax at the
                 resort or explore the island. You may choose to do any of the

                 •     Relax by the pool, read a book in a hammock or swim in the
                       Indian ocean just outside your room.

                 •     Walk along the endless miles of sandy beaches which surround
                       the resort

                 •     Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Lamu Town
                       with its narrow streets, donkey carts, intricately carved
                       doorways and spice vendors in their flowing white robes all
                       evoking an earlier era in time.

                 •     Charter a Dhow to roam the Kiwayu archipelago of islands
                       and sample some of the undisturbed Bajuni culture in this very
               sparsely populated area. You could also visit the Takwa Ruins
               on Manda Island or take a romantic sunset cruise around our

         •     The Indian Ocean, off the coast of Kenya, is the home of
               some of the best game fishing around, offering Tuna, Wahoo,
               Barracuda and Sailfish. Either a short or long day can be
               arranged, using our boats which come equipped with rods for
               trawling and a variety of lures and bait hooks.

         •     Let our boating staff who are young men from the vicinity
               take you out aboard a fibre glass canoe with out-board
               engines, to trawl for fish in nearby creeks, and to explore the
               mangrove forest and surrounding environment. We can
               arrange an unforgettable desert island picnic where lobsters
               and crabs are the norm.

         •     A whole host of water based activities such as scuba-diving,
               water skiing, wind surfing and laser sailing can also be
               arranged. Lessons are available for all these activities.

         •     Kiwayu’s beaches are frequented by the green and the
               hawksbill turtle, which lay their eggs in the dry sand above the
               tide line throughout the year. Although the most important
               nesting season is usually September and October.

         Accommodation: Banda Suite and a bed and breakfast basis.

Day 12   Kiwayu Safari Village / Return to London
         Enjoy your last morning of sunshine before what is sure to be
         another seafood extravaganza of a lunch

         At 14:30 pm you will be privately whisked back to the Kiwayu
         airstrip and board your Air Kenya flight to Nairobi which departs at

         You will be met on arrival at 17:45 pm by a representative of Lateral
         Life and transferred to a sumptuous restaurant of your earlier

         Later, refreshed, tired although no doubt ‘happy’ you will return to
         the international airport for your 23:50 Kenyan Airlines flight KQ
         0102 to London Heathrow, Terminal 4 which arrives at 5:45 am the
         following day.

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