Chapter 12 Self Guided Tour by czl10931


									                                              Tour and Quiz #4

Chapter 12 Self Guided Tour
Find a page where the text bumps up against the left edge. Do you find your eye bumping into that edge every
time you go back to the next sentence? yes, it’s quite uncomfortable to read, and I just can’t
get through reading it all.

Find a page that is set in all caps. Read it, pretending you didn’t notice it was all caps. Did you read all the way
through? Or did something make you not continue? Did you notice how you have to work harder to read lots of
all-cap text? Haven’t yet found a page in all caps

Experiment with the default font in your browser. Find a font and size you feel most comfortable with. Arial 16
works for me. I finally figured out how to change it. Mozilla foxfire is easier to change than IE.

With your default set, keep an eye out for a page where the designer has specified the font to be smaller than
your default. What do you think? I’m not a big fan of small font size, it drives me nuts to open a web page and
not be able to read it. It’s frustrating to have to take the time to make adjustments in order to read. If it’s not
necessary to my life, I’ll probably not waste my time.

Find the button or the menu command in your browser that lets you enlarge or reduce the size of the type on
the screen. How does it affect the carefully designed layouts of web pages? Remember, this will happen to
your pages as well! Wow, I just figured out how to easily change the font size. I wish it would affect my email

Change the resolution on your monitor and notice how it affects the size of the type on web pages.
Remember, many people have their monitors set at a higher resolution so they can see more on the screen
(but everything looks smaller) or a lower resolution so everything looks bigger (but they see less at one time). I
didn’t really notice a difference, ever so slight. The good thing is now I know that I can change it and why I
might want to.

Keep an eye open for a web site where you think the designer has broken the standard rules of typography,
yet the site “works”—it’s clear, you know what is going on, the typographic contrasts help structure the
hierarchy of information, you can read it, it even looks good. Not having much luck finding a site that I think
is breaking the rules.

Put two things into words: 1) What “rules” were broken, and 2) Exactly what is it that makes the typography
still work? Is it the spacing? Line lengths? Size? Composition, or control of how your eye flows through the
design from one important element to another? Typeface design? If you can put it into words, you gain the
power to incorporate the discoveries into your own work.

Chapter 12 Quiz
Never   Sometimes
N       S      1. Choose any old typeface on your hard disk and set really cool default headlines (HTML text,
                       not graphics) with it.
N       S      2. Let the text stretch the entire width of the web page.
N       S      4. Put red text on an orange background because the subtle yet “dazzling” color combination
                       looks artsy.
N       S      5. Make the type really large so people won’t miss it.
N       S      6. In the code, specify that none of the links should be underlined.
N       S      7. Make the main text smaller than the visitor’s default so it will look really small and trendy.
N       S      8. Use a busy background even if the type can’t be read because it’s more important for visitors
                       to see that you know how to make cool backgrounds.
N       S      9. Use italic on the entire web page because it is pretty and gives an extra flair.
N       S      10. Use really grungy typefaces, not only in your buttons and graphic headlines, but throughout
                       the entire text because who cares if people read it or not—you’re going for a
                       contemporary “look” on this site.
N       S      11. Make some text very, very small, but set it in all caps to compensate for the small size.

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