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					                 Colonial Silver                                                  Wedgwood
                    Behind the Bierstadt Gallery                                   The Wedgwood Gallery
                 All silversmithing begins with a                           Josiah      Wedgwood (1730-1795)               The
                 lump of silver called an ingot. It                         was the Thomas Edison of clay. He
                 is then hammered with a planish-                           conducted thousands of experiments
                 ing hammer, and then the pieces                            to achieve new types of pottery that        Decorative
                 are assembled with silver solder.                          changed the world. His works graced
                 Decorative designs are then added.                         not only the tables of monarchs, but
                 The final step is polishing, which
                 may take longer than the other
                                                                            those of the common man.
                                                                               His first innovation was creating a
 Teaspoons       steps combined. First the piece is                         new type of earthenware with a spe-
                                                        Porphyry Vase,                                                 Self- Guided
 Paul Revere     polished with pumice, a volcanic                           cial glaze. It caught the eye of Queen
   1790          ash. Then Tripoli, a decomposed                            Charlotte who ordered a complete set,
                                                         Queen's Ware
                 limestone, is used. An iron oxide                          and was known thereafter as Queen’s
                 compound called Jeweler’s Rouge
                 finishes the polishing process, and
                                                                            Ware. Since this pottery could be
                                                                            made quickly and efficiently, it was
                 the piece is complete.                                     affordable to all but the poorest in
                     Early American colonists could                         England.
                 only import finished silver products                           With the phenomenal success of
                 from England, making raw silver                            Queen’s Ware, Josiah was able to ex-
                 extremely hard to obtain. Typically, Diana the Huntress,   pand his business. His next innovation
                 older pieces of silver were melted           1900          was Jasperware. This pottery is com-
                 down for refinishing.                     Jasperware       pletely unglazed as the color extends
    Cann             One early colonial silversmith                         throughout the piece. The cameos are
 Paul Revere     was Paul Revere, famous for his                            a second layer of pure Jasperware.
   1760          midnight ride. Revere inherited                               Wedgwood also pioneered a meth-
                 his father’s silversmithing shop                           od for working with basalt. Basalt is
                 after the French and Indian War.                           a difficult material to work with, as it
                 He inherited not only his father’s                         tends to flake and chip. It is typically
                 tools and clientele, but his father’s                      derived from volcanic rocks with a
                 good name as well. Revere’s shop       King Henry VIII     high silica content. Wedgwood engi-
  Porringer      was very busy, as his ledger books           1780          neered his own basalt slip (a secret
 Paul Revere     describe all kinds of work from re-         Basalt         mixture of different clays and compo-       African Series Oval Dish
   1795          pairing shoe buckles to complete                           nents) and polished the finished basalt
                 tea sets. He was also a renowned                           pieces with milk to give them a lustri-      Gillinder & Company
                 engraver whose most famous en-                             ous shine.
                 graving depicts the Boston Mas-                                 The Portland Vase is considered
                 sacre. He even printed money for
                                                                                                                        The R.W. Norton Art Gallery
                                                                            Josiah’s masterpiece. Made of two
Calvert Family   the state of Massachusetts. A teapot                       layers of Jasperware, it took him four           4747 Creswell Ave
   Teapot        on the bottom shelf, a porringer, a
   Samuel        pitcher, a Cann, and a set of spoons
                                                                            years to complete and is based on an        Shreveport, Louisiana 71106
                                                                            ancient Grecian vase. This second edi-
 Williamson      at the end of the diplay case are the The Portland Vase                                                      318-865-4201
                                                                            tion vase depicts draped figures to ap-
    1795         works of Paul Revere.                       1875           pease Victrorian's sense of modesty.    
                 Cybis Porcelain                                               Steuben Glass                                                 Pressed Glass
                         The Glass Courtyard                                    The North and South Wings                                    Behind the Bierstadt Gallery
                 The history of porcelain begins in                           Steuben Glass began as a partner-                             Pressed Glass is a form of glass
                 ancient China. A closely guarded                             ship between Englishman Frederic                              made using a plunger to press mol-
                 secret for years, the western world                          Carder (1863-1963) and American                               ten glass into a mold. It was first
                                                            Great Snail
                 finally discovered the process and         Lloyd Atkins
                                                                              Thomas Hawkes (1846-1913) in                                  patented by American inventor
                 formula for making porcelain in               1969           1903. Steuben Glass Works spe-                                John P. Bakewell in 1825 to make
                 1709. Today, Cybis is Ameri-                                 cialized in Art Nouveau colored                               knobs for furniture.
  Sacajawea      ca's oldest and finest porcelain                             glass, exclusively designed by                                     Gillinder and Sons was es-
Shoshone Tribe                                                                                                         African Series
                 studio, and its creations have been                          Frederic Carder. Carder developed                             tablished in 1861, but rapidly
    1972                                                                                                              Gillinder and Sons
                 given to heads of state and foreign                          more than 100 different colors                                expanded in 1876 at Philadelphia's
                 dignitaries. Founded by Polish-                              for glass and over 8,000 designs,                             Centennial Celebration. The com-
                 American Boleslaw Cybis (1895-                Horse          most of them before World War I.                              pany, much to the public's amaze-
                 1957), Cybis Studios began as a           Sidney Waugh           After WWI, materials for col-                             ment, set up a miniature glass
                 humble enterprise between husband             1951           ored glass became harder to obtain.                           factory right on the grounds to
                 and wife after the 1939 World's Fair.                        His business began to struggle.                               demonstrate glass making skills.
                 Unable to return home to their na-                           Carder and Hawkes sold Stueben                                Gillinder and Sons had accurately
                 tive Poland with the onset of World                          Glass to Corning Glass Works of                               gauged that what people really
Beaverhead       War II, Cybis and his wife became                            New York in 1918, but still re-                               wanted was a small souvenir to
 Blackfoot       American citizens and eventually        Great Hippopotamus   mained in control of the company.                             take home with them after the
Medicine Man                                              George Thompson                                            Westward Ho! Series
                 settled in Trenton, New Jersey with                             In 1932, Steuben had a techno-                             fair. They produced 24 different
   1970                                                         1969                                                 Gillinder and Sons
                 a highly successful business. Cybis'                         logical breakthrough and invented                             souvenirs, including a lion’s head
                 earliest works in porcelain include                          a special kind of crystal called              1879            paperweight, which can be seen
                 teapots, trinket boxes with hand-                            “10M” glass. It is so refractive and                          on the African Series dishware.
                 molded roses and figurines of elab-                          pure that it allows the entire light                              The Central Glass Company
                 orately dressed Victorian ladies.                            spectrum to pass through the glass,                           of Wheeling, West Virginia, was
At the Council       Cybis' passion was the Ameri-                            including the ultra violet range.                             established in the spring of 1863,
     Fires       can West. He had intended to make                            Each piece of Steuben crystal is                              after buying an old distillery and
Iroqouis Tribe   a porcelain statue for each of the                           hand-made and hand-polished               Pressed Coin        pork packing house to convert
    1974         tribes in North America and spent                            by master glass artisans. Steu-            Collection         into a glass factory. In 1892, the
                 years studying the various cul-            Don Pollard       ben never uses harsh chemicals            Central Glass       company produced exact pressed
                 tures to ensure the details would                            or abrasives to polish the glass.          Company            replicas of U.S. coins dated 1892.
                 be completely accurate. Unfortu-                                  In 1933, Arthur Houghton                1892             The coins in the collection were
                 nately, he passed away before his                            changed the direction the com-                                so accurate in detail that the U.S.
                 vision was completed, but Cybis                              pany was going. New artists were                              Treasury Department was afraid
                 Studios spent another 10 years re-                           brought in to design various 10M                              the plates used in the glass-making
                 searching to complete his dream.                             pieces, a tradition which continues                           process could be stolen or abused
                 On display are 16 works in the                               today and has expanded to include                             to make counterfeit coins. The
                 North American Indian series.                                not only artists, but architects as                           government ordered production
                                                            Cardinal Plate                                           Pressed Coin, Detail
   Chato         Each piece is hand- painted, mak-                            well. The last 100 years of art                               stopped and the plates destroyed
                                                         John James Audubon                                             Central Glass
Apache Tribe     ing every work completely unique.              1985
                                                                              history can be seen by comparing            Company
                                                                                                                                            after only five months of manu-
   1974                                                                       each of Steuben's 10M animals.                                facture.