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					     J u ly 2 6 – A u g u s t 4 , 2 0 1 0 • C A r o l i n e C o u n t y, V i r g i n i A

TransporTaTion                               2010 National Scout Jamboree

and Tour guide                               Boy Scouts of America
Methods of Transportation                                aged to research the points of interest on the selected
                                                         tour prior to departure. The numerous points of
Rail Travel                                              interest near the jamboree site provide a multitude
    Amtrak offers group fares, based on inventory        of options which will afford educational and enter-
availability, for 20 or more passengers traveling        taining opportunities for the 2010 National Scout
together. Discounts of up to 20 percent may be           Jamboree participants. Some of the highlights you
available for each 20 paying passengers. The adult       might wish to consider are:
fare shall be the applicable excursion fare. Youth 15
years and younger may travel at one-half the adult       Washington, D.C.
excursion fare at a ratio of two for each adult fare.        The Capitol, Senate, House of Representatives,
    Excursion fares are available on an inventory-       White House, Smithsonian Institution, Jefferson
controlled basis. Advance planning is a must.            Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, the Vietnam Memo-
    All group reservations must be made by calling       rial, Lincoln Memorial, Bureau of Engraving and
800-872-1477, or use the online group travel form at     Printing, Kennedy Center, Washington Monument,, fax to 800-872-2398, or e-mail           Mount Vernon, Federal Bureau of Investigation,                                   and others.
    Train service is available into Fredericksburg,      New York City
Virginia. A possibility exists of extra sections being      United Nations Headquarters, Statue of Liberty,
made available, as Washington, D.C., is a marshal-       Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, The
ing area for Amtrak. A minimum of one chaperone          Trump Tower, and Central Park.
is required for every six minors younger than 18.
                                                         Baltimore, Maryland
Airline                                                     Fort McHenry
   It is possible to negotiate special group airfares
with carriers. If your region has not negotiated a       Yorktown, Virginia
fare agreement on behalf of all the participants from       Site of Revolutionary War battle and present-day
that region, you will want to explore the possibility    Victory Center
of combining the involvement of other councils that
could use the same airline.
                                                         Jamestown, Virginia
                                                            Site of first permanent English settlement and
   A greater number of potential passengers will
                                                         present-day Festival Park
provide greater savings. All participants will qualify
for the current discounted fare. These seats are         Manassas, Virginia
capacity controlled. You will need to negotiate the         Site of Manassas National Battlefield Park
number of seats available on each aircraft at the dis-
counted fare.                                            Fredericksburg, Virginia
                                                           Site of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National
Buses                                                    Military Park
   You should request proposals from established,
reputable companies with equipment suitable for          Richmond, Virginia
your travel requirements. School buses should not           Site of Richmond National Battlefield Park
be used except for short trips. Insurance limitations
                                                         Petersburg, Virginia
should be reviewed carefully. Equipment replace-
                                                            Site of Petersburg National Battlefield
ment capability is an important consideration in
case of breakdowns. (Many tours have been ruined         Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
because no replacement capability was available.)          Independence Hall, U.S. Mint, Franklin Court,
                                                         and home of Betsy Ross
Developing Your Tour
   Tours are an excellent opportunity for partici-       Williamsburg, Virginia
pants to learn the unique attractions of the different      Colonial Williamsburg, a restored l8th century
areas of our country. Participants should be encour-     settlement

          2        2010 National Scout Jamboree                     Transportation and Tour Guide
   These are just a few of the many historical areas     Spotsylvania Visitor Center
to be explored. Additional information regarding         4704 Southpoint Parkway
these and other highlights in the same area can be       Fredericksburg, VA 22407
obtained from:                                           800-654-4118
For Washington, D.C.
   Washington, D.C., Convention and
      Tourism Corp.
   901 7th St. NW, Fourth Floor                          Caroline County Tourism Coordinator
   Washington, DC 20001-3719                             P.O. Box 447B
   202-789-7000                                          117 Ennis St.
   Fax: 202-789-7037                                     Bowling Green, VA 22427                                    804-633-5380
For Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
   Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau           Welcome to Virginia
   1700 Market St., Ste. 3000                            Official Tourism Corporation
   Philadelphia, PA 19103                                901 East Byrd St.
   215-636-3300                                          Richmond, VA 23219
   Fax: 215-636-3327                           
                                                       For Maryland
   OR                                                     Baltimore Area Convention and
                                                             Visitors Association
   Federal Tourist Center
                                                          100 Light St., 12th Floor
   Independence National Historical Park
                                                          Baltimore, MD 21202
   Third and Chestnutt Street
   Philadelphia, PA 19102
For Virginia
                                                       New York
   Richmond Metropolitan Convention and
                                                         NYC & Company
      Visitors Bureau
                                                         810 Seventh Ave.
   401 N. 3rd St.
                                                         New York, NY 10019
   Richmond, VA 23219
   Williamsburg Area Convention and                      Scout Coordinator
      Visitors Bureau                                    Battleship USS Alabama
   P.O. Box 3495                                         Memorial Park
   421 N. Boundary St.                                   P.O. Box 65
   Williamsburg, VA 23187                                Mobile, AL 36601–0065
   800-368-6511                                          800-GANGWAY
   Fax: 757-229-6511                                     Fax: 251-433-2777                   
   Fredericksburg Department of Tourism                  Scout Camping
   706 Caroline St.                                      Patriots Point
   Fredericksburg, VA 22401                              Naval and Maritime Museum
   800-678-4748                                          40 Patriots Point Road
   540-373-1776                                          Mount Pleasant, SC 29464-4377
   Fax: 540-372-6587                                     866-831-1720                                     843-884-2727

        2010 National Scout Jamboree                     Transportation and Tour Guide         3
Planning and Scheduling                                 Washington, DC 20064
    Provide ample time for enjoyment of the tour at     202-319-5277
each attraction. To prevent exhaustion, the recom-      Fax: 202-319-6262
mended total duration for travel and tour should        E-mail:
not exceed five days.
    Make requests early for transportation              Marymount University
service and try to be flexible. The month of July       Liz Onesty, Director
is a peak period.                                       Conference Center
                                                        2807 North Glebe Road
                                                        Arlington, VA 22207
Overnight Accommodations
   Inexpensive overnight accommodations can be
                                                        Fax: 703-284-3835
made through military installations, colleges or uni-
versities, and youth organization facilities. Listed
are contacts that can provide information regarding
housing and food service available to Scout groups.
                                                        University of Maryland, College Park
                                                        Tom Flynn, Associate Director
Military Installations                                  Conference and Visitor Services
United States Army Community Relations Office           8400 Baltimore Ave., Ste. 100
Headquarters, Department of                             College Park, MD 20740
   Army Public Affairs Office                           301-314-7884
Attn: Col. Timothy Walters                              Fax: 301-314-6993
1500 Army Pentagon ID470                      
Washington, DC 20310-1500                               E-mail:
                                                        Youth Organization Facilities
Colleges and Universities                               Hostelling International—Washington, D.C.
Georgetown University                                   Attn: Group Services Manager
Jacqueline Rack, Director of Housing                    1009 11th Street NW
   and Conference Services                              Washington, DC 20001
Summer Housing                                          202-737-2333
Room 100, Harbin Hall                                   Fax: 202-737-1508
Washington, DC 20057-1117                               E-mail:
Fax: 202-687-4590                                       The National 4-H Conference Center                        Julia Bail
                                                        7100 Connecticut Avenue
Howard University                                       Chevy Chase, MD 20815-4999
Marc D. Lee                                             301-961-2800
Asst. Dean of Residence Life                            301-961-2826
2401 Fourth Street NW                         
Washington, DC 20059
202-806-6131                                            Tidewater Council, BSA
E-mail:                               Pipsico Scout Reservation
                                                        1032 Heatherwood Drive
Catholic University of America                          Virginia Beach, VA 23455-6675
Brian Halihan or Celso Puente                           757-497-2688
Conferences and Summer Programs               
Housing and Residential Services
620 Michigan Ave. NE
160 Cardinal Hall

       4              2010 National Scout Jamboree                Transportation and Tour Guide
Selection of Travel Agent/Tour Operators               Dead Storage
    There are many qualified travel agents/tour           Buses used for transportation, which will stay at
operators available who specialize in developing       the site during the jamboree, will be provided with
tours. You should establish budget and time            dead storage space at no cost.
parameters and request proposals from those               Automobiles and vans used for transportation
companies which have provided evidence of              of participants (Scouts and leaders) will also be
fiscal responsibility and experience.                  parked in the dead storage space at no cost and
    Contracts should be reviewed for assurance         may not be removed until authorized by the BSA
that all items requested are included, and that        Security Service, Enterprise Risk Management
cancellation penalties are realistic.                  Group. The primary mode of transportation
                                                       upon arrival at the Jamboree is walking. Personal
Tour Permit                                            vehicles are prohibited to be used as transport
   Each Troop must secure a National Tour Permit
                                                       around the Jamboree.
from the regional service center even if the trip is
                                                          Vehicles with self-contained equipment (toilet
less than 500 miles. They are available at Scouting
                                                       facilities) will be required to be emptied prior to
Safely on Form # 4419.
                                                       being placed in dead storage.
Insurance                                              Update
   Included in the jamboree fee is accident and
                                                          For the latest information, contact
sickness insurance for all participants attending
the jamboree.
                                                          Special information and procedures will be
   Coverage for registered members of the BSA will
                                                       shared as needed in the monthly Jamboree Bulletin.
be effective during travel from their homes to the
jamboree site, from the jamboree site back home,       Reference Materials
and during their stay at the jamboree. Scouts and         Tours and Expeditions, No. 33737C
leaders also are covered under this program during
the time of their prejamboree training.
   The schedule of benefits is listed in your          Avoid the Risk Zone
Council Jamboree Guide.                                    The Risk Zone is a state of physical and mental
Unit and Personal Equipment                            fatigue that is a major cause of highway crash fatali-
   The method of transportation selected for your      ties. Jamboree troop leaders can heighten their
travel to the jamboree will determine the amount       awareness of this danger by reviewing the Driver’s
and type of unit and personal equipment that can       Pledge and the checklist below. Drivers who trans-
be accommodated. Airline, bus, and train sales         port youth to and from jamboree activities should
personnel can provide maximum sizes and weights        not wait until they are in the car to think about
permitted. Should you be returning from the            avoiding the Risk Zone. The Driver’s Pledge is a
jamboree by a different mode of transportation,        commitment to planning ahead and avoiding killer
restrictions regarding personal luggage and unit       fatigue. The checklist is a quick reminder of impor-
equipment should be checked and adhered to.            tant safe driving tips. Included on the checklist are
                                                       six conditions to check before heading out each day.
Arrival/Departure Jamboree Site
    Troop transportation to and from the jamboree      Getting There Safely
site will be available for the dates of July 26 and       •   Always use seat belts.
August 4 at Ronald Reagan Washington National             •   Turn headlights on for safety.
Airport, Dulles International Airport, and Rich-          •   Don’t drive when fatigued.
mond, Va., airport. Personal luggage cannot include       •   Load, hitch, and tow trailers correctly.
large trunks, footlockers, or items that you cannot       •   Avoid night driving.
carry. Transportation of troop and patrol equipment       •   Ensure good mechanical condition.
must be arranged separately.

      2010 National Scout Jamboree                       Transportation and Tour Guide                   5
                   DRIVER’S PLEDGE
    • I will not drive when I feel fatigued. I realize that when I
      am fatigued, I process information more slowly and less
      accurately, and this impairs my ability to react in time to
      avoid accidents.

    • I will arrange my schedule so that several days before driv-
      ing to the prejamboree campout or to or from the jamboree
      site, I will get a good night’s sleep every night to avoid the
      cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep.

    • I will make trip preparations far enough in advance so that
      last-minute preparations don’t interfere with my rest.

    • I will make travel plans that take into account my personal
      biological clock and only drive during the part of the day
      when I know I will be alert.

    • I will be smart about engaging in physical activities during
      Scouting outings and will make sure that I will be ready to
      drive alertly.

               DO ALL THAT YOU CAN
               TO KEEP SCOUTS SAFE.

6        2010 National Scout Jamboree       Transportation and Tour Guide
                                       2010 national
                                     sCout jamboree
                                  l o C at o r m a p
                                      (not to sCale)

FreDeriCksburg,                          F ort a.p. hil l ,
virginia                                    virginia


                                bowling green,
               104                          to:   williamsburg,

 2010 National Scout Jamboree    Transportation and Tour Guide   7
Boy ScoutS of AmericA
1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, Texas 75015-2079

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