Ancient Egypt Travel Guide by czl10931


									       Ancient Egypt Travel Guide
                               Period 5/6
You are going to design an ancient Egypt travel guide. Travelers from all over the
world will learn many important insights by using your guide. Make sure to be very
specific, use details to explain every page and use correct spelling. All pictures must
be in color and accurate. Your textbook will be a major resource for this project. You
may also use additional research from the Internet and class discussions. Use your
imagination, be creative and do your best work.
Nile River Facts (pgs 88-92)
Illustrate a detailed map of the Nile River. Include major cities and a compass rose.
You will also list 10 facts about the Nile River that must include information on the
Nile River’s: length, ending point, many uses, Black and Red Land, cataracts, God,
why a calendar was invented because of it, where Upper and Lower Egypt are on the
map and why it was considered the giver and taker of life. You are also encouraged to
add other interesting information about the Nile River.
Design Your Own Pyramid (pgs 98-100 and virtual tour)
On this page, you will design your own pyramid that would have existed in ancient
Egypt. Include a picture of your pyramid along with its location in relationship to the
Nile, and describe special features of your pyramid. In the picture of your pyramid,
include a weight-relieving chamber, air vents, an underground burial chamber,
ascending and descending passageways, entrance/exit, and king’s burial chamber.
You can also include additional chambers, or traps for grave robbers. Underneath
your pyramid write a paragraph explaining who built it, why it was built, where on the
Nile it was built and why it was placed there.
Social Pyramid (pg 94)
Using your textbook, you will draw and label the Social Pyramid of the ancient
Egyptian culture. Your pyramid must have the five levels of classes, along with a
picture and description of the people in each class.
8 Artifacts (pgs 108-113)
This page will have eight artifacts that you would have inside your pyramid. You will
need to have a color picture of each artifact along with a description of the artifact
and the reason why it was included in your pyramid.

Mummification Paper (power point)
You will write a report of information essay in class that will describe the
mummification process. The essay will be approximately five paragraphs in length.
You will take notes through a power point presentation, and then write your essay in
sequence of the steps. Use a creative angle to share this information so your essay
holds the attention of your audience.
Hieroglyphics (pgs 108-109)
On this page you will show your understanding of hieroglyphics by creating a
Cartouche that has your name written in the ancient Egyptian language. You will
also write a paragraph describing the difficulty of learning hieroglyphs, who used
hieroglyphs and what tools were used for the writing.
Queen Hatshepsut Poster (pg 102)
Make a poster of Queen Hatshepsut. Draw a picture of the queen and write a 4-5
sentence paragraph about what Queen Hatshepsut did during her rule and what she
is famous for.
King Ramses Poster (pg 107)
Make a poster of King Ramses. Draw a picture of the king and write a 4-5 sentence
paragraph about what King Ramses did during his rule and what he is known for.
Religion Page (pg 95)
For this page you will choose four Gods or Goddesses to learn about. Include
information about the Gods/Goddesses powers and what the Gods and
Goddesses helped explain in the ancient Egyptians lives.
This is a page where you get to further investigate a specific subject that you found
interesting. You could write a poem on a different god, describe a specific pyramid,
make a poster on a different king or queen, research more information about
hieroglyphics, discuss religion or art etc. Please check with your teacher about your
choice before starting this page. This page will be completed on your own time or
during class if your finish a page early.

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