Vice Chancellor's Travel Grants

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					Vice Chancellor’s Travel Grants
Student Mobility Grants for Undergraduate and Coursework Masters students
(excluding HDR grants)

The Student Mobility Grant is a travel grant offered to students who undertake an
approved period of study abroad. This grant includes and replaces the previous
International Office exchange grants.

The University will provide students with grants for a minimum of $1200 and a
maximum of $5000 depending on the nature, destination and duration of the study
abroad. Any extra funding over the standard grant will only be considered by the
Registrar in very exceptional circumstances .

The following categories of study abroad will be eligible for the grants:

•      Students participating in an ANU (or College) student exchange for a period
       of at least one semester (standard grants of $2000 for one semester and $3000
       for a full year).

•      Students participating in the Year-In-Asia/Middle East programs (standard
       grant of $1200 + College contribution). Please note this grant is not meant to
       replace College contributions to the program.

•      Students participating in an ANU international short term study abroad
       /internships for less than a semester (standard grant of $1200)

•      Applications may be considered according to need for special travel grants to
       enable students to attend approved activities abroad, which may not involve
       formal periods of study abroad


•      Students must be enrolled at the ANU at the time of application

•      Students must be undertaking programs for which they anticipate receiving
       full credit towards their degree(s) for the period of study abroad (except for
       special travel grants)

•      Students applying through the ANU Visiting Student Program must meet all
       the conditions of the Visiting Student Program and have been nominated and
       accepted by a partner university.

•      Students applying as part of the Year in Asia program must be approved by
       the College of Asia and the Pacific
•      Students participating in international short term study abroad /internships for
       less than a semester must be on an ANU approved program and must receive
       credit towards their ANU degree for the period abroad

•      Students in receipt of other scholarship grants for student mobility (this does
       not include OS-HELP) will be assessed according to need (i.e. apart from the
       base grant).

•      Students approved to spend time at an IARU partner
       ( ) will receive
       additional funding in the form of an economy return airfare on presentation of
       at least 3 travel quotes.

•      Students applying for travel assistance to attend approved activities abroad
       (not for study or academic credit) must be formally approved by the ANU and
       the organising body. Other financial assistance provided for the activity will
       be taken into consideration.

•      Limited funding ($50K) is available to allow PGCW and Honours students to
       apply for Conference Travel Support (up to a max of $1500).

▪      Exchange students receiving other exchange grants (except Os-Help) through
       programs for which the ANU has received funding will have their grant
       adjusted so that the total sum received will not exceed $5000

How to Apply
•     Students applying to go on an ANU approved exchange / study abroad
      program do not need to fill out a separate form as their eligibility will be
      considered at the time of successful nomination for an exchange or Study

•      For all other applicants:
       Fill in the application form (PDF) at
       grantsUGPGcwk.doc and return by mail or in person to:
       Assistant Director
       International Cooperation
       Visiting Student Program
       International Development and Cooperation Directorate
       Division of Registrar and Student Services

       You must include:
       •     Information indicating the total amount of scholarship/funding
             assistance you will receive (apart from the ANU Travel grant).
       •     Formal approvals for the study abroad /travel you are undertaking
16 November 2007