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									                                    Inter-Country Travel Grant

Approximately 250 American lecturers and researchers representing a variety of academic fields participate
in the Fulbright Scholar Program in Europe. Finnish higher education institutions may apply for a travel grant
from the Fulbright Center to support short, approximately one week long visits by American Fulbright
lecturers placed in a European country other than Finland. The list of each year's American Fulbright
scholars can be accessed through Fulbright Center website

The Fulbright travel grant will cover the visiting lecturer's airfare from the host country to Finland using the
most economical fare. The Finnish institution is expected to cover other resulting expenses.

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Finnish Institution
Street address
Postal code                                                           City
Departmental web site address

Departmental contact person

Name of the American scholar
Academic field and specialization
Home institution in the U.S.
Scholar's current host country

Dates of visit in Finland
Requested grant amount (Air fare)

Please state reasons for inviting this particular scholar [one to two paragraphs] :

Please describe the lecturer’s program in Finland [one to two paragraphs]:

Has the host already been in contact with the scholar regarding the visit [mark X]?
Yes             No

If the host has not had previous contact with the scholar and would like the Fulbright Center to initiate an
invitation, this application should be accompanied by an invitation addressed to the American scholar. The
invitation should include information about the inviting Finnish institution and suggested topic, activities and
dates of the visit. Would the host like the Fulbright Center to initiate contact with the scholar [mark X] ?
Yes               No

The completed form should be sent to the Fulbright Center:
By mail: Inter-country Travel Grant, Fulbright Center, Hakaniemenranta 6, 5. krs. 00530 Helsinki
By E-mail:, Subject: Inter-country Travel Grant¨
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

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