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									 InnoTrans oNlINE                                                                                                                      SITE plAN
nnoTrans oNlINE 2010                                                          Plan of the Grounds at InnoTrans 2010
                                                                                                             SITE plAN

         InnoTrans – the world’s leading trade fair
         for the rail transport sector
         InnoTrans is the world’s leading trade fair for the rail
    transport sector. a displays
 InnoTrans atWithclick. in five segments, Railway
InnoTrans at a click.
    Technology, Infrastructure, Interiors, Public Transport and
          Tunnel Construction, it mirrors the industry’s year-round
   The portal providesentire range
          of provides year-round
The portal products and services. their own presentations. between
   opportunities for exhibitors to create
   events trade visitors can to create their of this marketing platform to
opportunities for exhibitorsalso make use own presentations. between
   learn about the latest innovations and this marketing platform to
events trade visitors can also make use ofto make contact than exhib-
          In 2008 over 85,000 trade visitors, 33% more with at the
learn about the latest innovations and to make contact with exhib-
   itors. previous event, attended this leading bi-annual trade
itors. website www.innotrans.com123,000 m² torange outservices the
   The fair covering an area of offers a wide find of about to
           the offers a wide range of order forms
The website success of your participation: application forms,services to
   ensurelatest developments in the rail transport sector.                     As of: 24.02.2009 | Subject to alterations
                                                                              As of 30.09.2009. Subject to alterations.
   for marketing services, travel and accommodation information forms
ensure the success of your participation: application forms, order are just   As of: 24.02.2009 | Subject to alterations

          1,914 companies and 41 countries were present, just
for marketing services, travelfromaccommodation information area new
   some of the features.
          the features.
some of exhibitornetwork of representativesthe results of a survey
   our worldwide record. According to is also available to assist                   railway Technology
                                                                                    Railway Technology                      public
                                                                                                                            Public Transport
          among exhibitors and trade visitors available to assist
our worldwide network of representatives is alsomore than 95% of
   exhibitors (                                         railway Technology
                                                                                        drive systems / Vehicle
                                                                                        Drive systems/Vehicle               public Construction
                                                                                                                            Tunnel Transport
                                                                                                                            Tunnel Construction
exhibitors (
          the respondents gained a positive overall impression of                      drive systems / Vehicle
                                                                                        components                          Tunnel Construction
                                                                                                                            InnoTrans Convention
                                                                                                                            InnoTrans Convention
          InnoTrans.                                                                   components
                                                                                        Energy / Electrical engineer-
                                                                                        Energy/Electrical engineer-         outdoor Convention
                                                                                                                            Outdoor display
 CArEEr poINT                                                                          Energy / Electrical engineer-
                                                                                        ing / Vehicle maintenance
                                                                                        ing/Vehicle maintenance             outdoor display
                                                                                                                            Press Centre
CArEEr poINT 24
     From 21 to            September 2010 InnoTrans will again be                      ing / Vehicle maintenance
                                                                                    Interiors                               press Centre
                                                                                                                            business lounge
                                                                                                                            Business Lounge
    opening for to exhibitors and trade
 A signalits doorsnewcomers: visitors from                                         Interiors Infrastructure
                                                                                    railway Catering
                                                                                        Travel                              business lounge
    around for newcomers:
A signalthe world.                                                                 railway Infrastructure
                                                                                    Railway Infrastructure
 Career Point.

Career Point.

  The Career point identifies those companies providing information           Contact
                                                                               We’re here for you.
  about opportunities and prospects in order to help newcomers to

The Career point identifies those companies providing information

                                                                               Kai Mangelberger
about industry to establish contactsin order to help newcomers to
  the opportunities and prospects with the industry. Whether on                          here for
                                                                              We’re30 3038-2356 you.
                                                                               Tel. +49
  the stands of the participating with the at InnoTrans or in the
the industry to establish contactscompaniesindustry. Whether on                Team InnoTrans
                                                                               Fax +49 30 3038-2190
  Virtual Marketplace at – the Career the
the stands of the participating companies at InnoTrans or inpoint              phone +49(0)30/3038 2032
                                                                              Team InnoTrans
  shows the way for at –
Virtual Marketplace those in search of a career. the Career point              fax +49(0)30/3038 2190
                                                                              phone +49(0)30/3038 2032
shows the way for those in search of a career.                                fax +49(0)30/3038 2190
                                                                               Messe Berlin GmbH – InnoTrans 2010
                                                                               Messedamm 22
                                                                               14055 Berlin GmbH
                                                                               Messe berlin
                                                                               Messedamm 22
                                                                              Messe berlin GmbH
                                                                               14055 berlin
                                                                              Messedamm 22
                                                                              14055 berlin                                                         English
Travel Catering                                                     Exhibitors and Visitors                                           Travel Catering Pavilion

Travel Catering in the rail sector                                  Exhibitors
Be it a glass of French red wine and a decorative selection of      The Travel Catering section also offers companies with the        The Travel Catering Pavilion offers first-time exhibitors
cheeses or a beer straight from the tap, rail travel catering       following products and services an opportunity to be repre-       a cost-effective starter option as an alternative to their
services offer a wide variety of high-quality food and be-          sented at the world’s largest trade fair for the rail transport   own company stand.
verages.                                                            sector.                                                           A stand covering 12 m² offers your company a presentation
Amid competition from airlines and car travel, onboard com-                                                                           area with a concentrated theme focus.
fort is an important factor in drawing (business) travellers’           •   Galley facilities and equipment
attention to rail transport.                                            •   Kitchen appliances
Besides economic advantages, travel catering also offers a              •   Catering services
wider service to discerning rail customers.                             •   Service equipment
The special demands of an onboard rail environment                      •   Trolleys
necessitate facilities, products and services that can fulfil            •   Disposable and reusable tableware
special requirements.                                                   •   Dining cars
                                                                        •   Food & beverages
                                                                        •   Other items
Travel Catering at InnoTrans 2010
At InnoTrans 2010 Travel Catering will attract attention as an
independent part of the Interiors segment.
                                                                    Visitors                                                          The meeting area located in the middle of the Travel
                                                                                                                                      Catering Pavilion is where exhibitors can talk with
Since its introduction in 2004 Interiors at InnoTrans has           85,592 trade visitors from more than 100 countries attended
                                                                                                                                      customers in a relaxed atmosphere. Hostesses at the
reported double-digit growth rates of up to 60%. In 2008            InnoTrans 2008, among them major decision-makers from all
                                                                                                                                      information counter are available to assist exhibitors and
there were already over 160 exhibitors in this section alone,       walks of the industry.
                                                                                                                                      their guests. First-time exhibitors can book a stand in the
which occupied an overall display area of more than
                                                                                                                                      pavilion with all services included (stand construction and
9,000 m².                                                               •   Public and private transport companies
                                                                                                                                      equipment, basic catering, meeting area, sign with your
In 2010 there will be an even wider range of products and               •   Catering companies
                                                                                                                                      company name and logo, catalogue entry) at a total cost
services from leading manufacturers of galley facilities and            •   Vehicle and systems manufacturers
                                                                                                                                      of EUR 3,500 plus VAT.
dining car equipment, as well as catering companies and                 •   Vehicle outfitters
suppliers augmenting and rounding off the exhibition.                   •   Consultants
Thus at InnoTrans, the world’s leading trade fair for rail trans-       •   Industry associations and institutions
port technology, trade visitors can also find the products and           •   Administrations, public authorities, ministries
services to satisfy all their travel catering requirements.             •   Science, research & development
As an alternative to a company trade fair stand, InnoTrans              •   The media
is offering exhibitors in the Travel Catering section the               •   And many others
option of a cost-effective participation in the Travel Catering

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