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					                               Vacations are always filled with unforgettable memories, be it fun-filled, heartwarming
                               or simply exhilarating. Travelling with QVI Club & XchangeWorld brings you great
                               experiences especially with nearly 3,000 destinations to choose from.
                               Before you set out on your next holiday, check out some of our members’ testimonials
                               for highlights of their recent travels for an idea of what a QVI holiday is like…
                               So what are you waiting for? Call us now to plan for your next QVI vacation!

                               QVI MEMBERS TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS

                                                     Prana Resorts & Spa – Koh Samui,
                                                     “To Simon and the Prana staff, thank you for making
                                                     our honeymoon magical. I feel sad that I have to
                                                     leave. We definitely had a lot of good memories at
                                                     Prana. Everyone was very nice and accommodating.
                                                     Staying at Prana was like staying in paradise. That’s
                                                     how nice everything was. Not to mention the chef’s
                                                     cooking was excellent! We can’t wait to come back
                                                     and have more great memories. We love you
                                                     guys! Prana has a magical touch, and what makes
                                                     it wonderful is the people who work there. We will
                                                     miss this place.”
                                                                Mrs. Maria Eguizabal (United States)

Patong Tower
Condominium, Phuket
“Overall,   it has been a great
experience for us especially our
children. We had a wonderful time
in Phuket. I have attached a few
of the snapshot my children took.
Plenty of things to do in Phuket,
from shopping, sight seeing and
interesting places like the Buddhist
Temple. We also had a chance
to see Fantasea which was very
entertaining. „
  Mr. Nestor Belen (Australia)

Elegance Suites Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
“The accommodation was very good, it has at least 3-star standard.
The staff were providing a great service. They showed us lots of useful
information and I would like to thank them so much.„
                                               Mr. Mojir Tajik (Iran)
                              QVI MEMBERS TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS

Hotel Elegance Suites,
Bangkok/Patong Tower, Phuket
“Upon our arrival at Patong Tower in Phuket,
the QVI representative welcomed us warmly
and provided useful information like map of the
island, location for supermarket, spas and the
beach. Our city tour program included transport
from the hotel, a tour guide, a visit to Phuket
highlands, animal shows, visits to Buddha
temples and a jewelry shop. The island also
has its shopping centres which were located by
the beach. The fantastic weather and charming
calm and tranquility in Phuket are definitely also
worth a mention.
Finally, we would like to suggest for families to
utilise the QVI membership packages. Do not
be deterred by language difficulty. Although
many Thais do not speak much English, their
warm and friendly nature will make up for any
communication gap.    „
                          Mr. Abdullah (Iran)
                           QVI MEMBERS TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS

Bangkok and Ayutthaya, Thailand
“My trip to Thailand with my family was one of
the most memorable of the five Asian countries I
visited in June 2007. I used my QVI membership
for the first time and stayed at the Executive
Suite of the Grand Tower Inn-Bangkok with a
very spacious bedroom and large sitting room.
I have to give thanks to Ahe, Head of Customer
Service and Lalaine Vitug for their outstanding
customer relations.
Thanks, QVI Club. You made my holidays more
colourful. Excellent job! „
                Mr. Efren Miranda (Canada)
                          QVI MEMBERS TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS

Club Intrawest – Blue Mountain
Ontario, Canada
“I really liked this resort. It has 2 swimming pools, BBQ
grill, a gym room for my brother, a hammock, and free
internet! YES, free internet! I played my Warcraft game
online on my laptop at no charge during my stay there.
My family really enjoy their vacations using QVI
membership. They love it so much that our car plate says
Thank you so much QVI for making my vacation with my
family memorable and thank you mom and dad. When I
grow up and have my own money, I will buy one QVI for
myself. “Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa!” „
                         Mr. Alex Susanto (Canada)
                               QVI MEMBERS TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS

Crete, Greece
“Firstly, thanks for securing the availability of Village Heights
Resort as it was an excellent choice!
We (myself and three other friends) enjoyed the stay very
much because the resort is new, clean and cosy. The 1-
bedroom unit I had was well equipped and even though we
checked into the resort close to midnight, we were greeted by
a warm reception and a welcome drink.
The housekeeping staff are efficient and friendly as well.
Overall, it was a pleasant and relaxing stay and yes, I would
definitely recommend it to my friends. „
                                  Ms. Lisa Yeo (Singapore)
                              QVI MEMBERS TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS

Rama Candidasa - Bali Indonesia
“I am glad to share with you that our one week
stay in Rama Candidasa was really amazing.Elegant
rooms, swimming pool,sea-side restaurant and
very friendly assistance, all make myself and my
family so glad to say that QVI, thank you, it was
more than our expectation.From the day we first
contacted QVI, the kind of support and customer
care given by Mr.Chong and Malyana were truly
exemplary and highly commendable.
Thank you QVI, we will come back !! „
            Mr. Radha Titans (Bahrain)
                                QVI MEMBERS TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS

Loryma Resort, Marmaris Turkey
“Excellent location of the resort giving a beautiful
panoramic view of the whole of Turunc bay. The
pantry was well equipped for daily needs, just a
little salty water supply in the resort was shocking.
The shuttle service to and from the resort was
wonderful. As we were in the end of season
some of the activities were cancelled, but we kept
ourselves busy all the time. Not one but many are
our memorable experience like -visit to epheses,
dalaman, trecking, mudbath, Turkish night ...&
others. They have very friendly customer service
and excellent service by the resort staff. A tour
guide could have been better. We recommend
the hotel to our friends. „
       Ms. Nowshir Mohamed Nissar (Iran)
                               QVI MEMBERS TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS
The Panoly Resort Hotel - Boracay,
“Our vacation wouldn’t have been complete without
your help. The Panoly Resort Hotel is such a beautiful
and amazing resort. The beach is the best beach I’ve
ever seen in my life. It is very quiet and the place had
a great ambience. The accommodation is excellent
and the hotel beautiful.
We enjoyed island hopping, jet skiing, snorkeling,
took a banana boat ride, and of course did lots of
swimming during our stay there. The service was
excellent and the hotel staff were great. I would
definitely recommend this resort to all my friends. „
                     Ms. Chen Guinihin (Iran)

          Royal Goan Beach Club at
          Monterio – Goa, India
          “Booking    my trip to Goa through the
          internet was a really good experience, since
          most people in my country, Iran, usually
          go for tour packages. I myself didn’t have
          any opinion about the resort until I saw it &
          believed that it costs a lot.
          I enjoyed our trip to Goa, Monterio, at the
          Royal Goan Beach Club. We went to the
          ‘Jungle Book,’ a place where there was
          an elephant show, and we rode on the
          elephants, and even washed the elephant
          in the river. „
                                Ms. Shirin (Iran)
                               QVI MEMBERS TRAVEL HIGHLIGHTS
Royal Goan Beach Club at Haathi
Mahal - Goa, India
“I was truly jovial when my friend Ashkan Shakiba’s
offered me to go on a QVI holiday using his
membership. Without much consideration I quickly
decided to go to Goa, India together with my friends
during the Iranian New Year holiday.
We stayed at an XchangeWorld associated resort,
Royal Goan Beach Club at Haathi Mahal. The hotel
was very nice and provided excellent service!
The moment we reached Goa, we were amazed by
the natural beauty of its beaches. But Goa indeed has
a lot more than that! We went for a one-day tour to
Tambdi Surla and had an unforgettable experience
as we went on elephant riding, walked the jungle
trail and visted the Shri Mahadev Temple.
It would take me the whole page if I were to describe
all the excitements we had during our stay in Goa,
but all in all our experience was superb! „
                Mr. Azadeh Ghorashi (Iran)