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									Monsoon Wedding
Fiction DVD
                                        India: A Travel Survival
An array of family and friends pre-
pare for Aditi’s, a gorgeous Indian     Nonfiction 915.4 IND
woman’s, arranged marriage. Direc-
tor Nair makes you part of the Indian
family she portrays.
                                        After reading all the titles pro-
                                        vided on this reading map, are
                                        you bitten by a travel bug?
                                        Don’t leave for India without
                                        this excellent travel guide by
                                        Lonely Planet Publications. I
                                        have used this authoritative
   The World of Apu                     travel guide many times during
   Fiction VHS                          my trips to India.
   Oscar winner (lifetime
   achievement) director Sat-
   yajit Ray beautifully por-
   trays the world of Apu, a
   struggling writer.

 India’s Master Musician
 CD 787.67 Sha You will be fasci-            R. Swain, Information Servicess
 nated by the sitar music of an ex-
 traordinary musician of the inter-                  708-452-3480
 national fame, Ravi Shankar.              
  Nehru: A Political
  Life                                                                              Interpreter of
  By Judith M. Brown                                                                Maladies
                                                                                    By Jhumpa Lahiri
  Biography NEHRU
                                                                                    Fiction LAH
                                     The Red Letters: My Fa-                        Lahiri won Pulitzer
  Oxford University profes-                                                         Prize for this marvelous
  sor, Judith Brown does a           ther’s Enchanted Period
                                                                                    collection of short sto-
  superb job of depicting the        By Ved Mehta                                   ries in 2000.
  political life of Nehru. He
  was the first Prime Minis-         Biography MEHTA
  ter of India.                      In his memoir, Mehta, a former
                                     New Yorker staff writer and winner             Sister of My
                                     of many prestigious awards such as
                                     two Guggenheims and a McArthur,                Heart
Raga Mala: The                       unfolds the saga of his father’s ex-           By Chitra Banerjee
                                     tra marital affair.                            Divakaruni
Autobiography of
Ravi Shankar                                                                        Fiction DIV
                                  India Summer: the secret
By Ravi Shankar                                                                     Find out how two In-
Nonfiction 787.67 Sha             history of the end of an empire                   dian women’s world is
                                                                                    shattered when one of
                                  By Alex Von Tunzelmann                            them discovers a family
                                  954.03 VON                                        secret. Will these two
Learn fascinating informa-
                                                                                    women reunite?
tion about the master sitar
player Ravi Shankar. Editor,    Tunzelmann depicts the fall of British Empire in
Shankar’s former sitar stu-     India outstandingly through her narrative history
dent and ex-Beatle, George      writing. Here you will also learn about the love
Harrison puts it succinctly,    affair between Nehru, who was to become India's
“He (Shankar) is the music      first prime minister, and Edwina Mountbatten,
and the music is him.”          wife of the last British viceroy to India.

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