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What Is The Long Tail? By Jamie Clarkson

The "long tail" is a term used to describe a type of marketing or business model that focuses on a string of "niche" products and services, rather than the top few hot products. The phrase "the long tail" was coined by writer Chris Anderson, who subsequently wrote a best-selling book by the same title. Anderson and his concepts have since become very prominent in the internet world, having an influence even on major search engines. The term "long tail" comes from the look of a graph charting the popularity and inventory of products and services. At one end of this graph appears a short spike where the sales of mega-products can be seen, while on the other end there is a "long tail" mapping less popular products, in other words those with low demand and sales. It is claimed that the future successful business model will be in following the "long tail," i.e., selling many less popular products and services, rather than chasing the megahits. The arguments of Anderson and others concerning the long tail include that, with large enough storage and distribution, these less popular products could do as well or better than the bestsellers in the long run. One very successful company that is often cited as an example of the long tail is the online seller Amazon, best known as a bookseller but also a merchant of many thousands of other products. What we are really discussing is simply the "supermarket" or "superstore" business model, providing numerous small volume products rather than a few megahits. In reality, the long tail has always been around, but it hasn't been named as such. "Diversification" is one word that describes this type of marketing to a certain degree. In this regard, in a surprising move that may mark the end of theater-release movies and that follows the "long tail" business model, in November 2006 superproducer George Lucas announced he would quit making such movies, instead turning to TV. Lucas said that for the same price of making a blockbuster hit like "Star Wars" he could create 50 or so two-hour movies for TV instead. This same sort of thinking is occurring in almost every significant field of business. One thing that has made the long tail more feasible for all types of business is the internet. The internet and the type of technology it represents have had an enormous impact on traditional business models and popular mainstream media, such as the television, radio and music industries. This impact will continue to be felt for many years to come, and the term "the long tail" is likely to become permanently entered into the business vernacular, as more people base their businesses around it. Jamie Clarkson has been online since 1995. For more information regarding The Long Tail, you can go
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Should A Doberman Pinscher's Tail Be Docked? By John P Jackson

There is constant debate about whether the Doberman tail should be docked. Tail docking is traditionally done with the Doberman Pinscher because it has a history of being a "working" breed. The docking procedure was done to help keep the breed from being injured because the natural Doberman tail could be considered long. Currently, if the reader is considering acquiring a Doberman Pinscher, it is likely that you may not be able to choose one with or without a docked tail. You will learn that breeders frequently dock the tails of the newborn litter way before the pup is ready to go to a new owner. What occurs when a Doberman Pinscher tail is docked? Something like a dental band (which is like a rubber band) is put around the dog's tail. When this is done, it will cut off the supply of blood to the end of the tail which will soon fall off. Therefore, because the majority of breeders carry out this procedure very quickly after a Doberman litter is born, a potential buyer may have no choice. Know that it is possible to find a Doberman without a docked tail, but you may have to research a number of breeders to locate one who will not dock the tail. If you feel that you will need to make such a decision, some positives and negatives regarding this procedure. Even though some believe that docking is merely cosmetic, there are other proponents believe that it does actually serve a purpose. For instance, if he Doberman Pinscher did not have a docked tail, it could be that attackers could grab the tail to distract the dog and possibly injure the guard or police dog. Also, if one looks at an undocked Doberman tail, it is actually thin and quite tender. With an undocked tail, the Doberman may end up with a broken tail and possible injured vertebrae. Even tail wagging could cause such injury. There is the other side of the "docking" debate which believes that the procedure is simply cosmetic, causes canine stress, pain and tail tip sensitivity. There are several countries, mainly in Europe, where tail docking is illegal. These countries include Greece, Sweden and Norway. Other countries have attempted to prevent breeders from doing the "docking" and, by law docking is to be done by licensed veterinarians. So, one can see that there are numerous opinions regarding docking the tails of the Doberman Pinscher. This page was contributed from http://www.GreatDogSite.com For more information on Doberman Pinschers, please visit http://www.greatdogsite.com/breeds/details/Doberman_Pinscher/

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