X-Win32 Version 8.1 - Configuration by bzs12927


									DV Zeuthen
H. Schwendicke
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Version 2.1

X-Win32 Version 8.1 - Configuration

To configure your sessions please start: Start 
All programs  NetInstall programs Com-
munication  X-Win32 8.1 - Desktop 

With version8 all settings are stored in XML
files. Now it is possible to distinguish between
public and private sessions. All public and pre-
configured sessions for the PAL cluster in Ham-
burg and the PUB cluster in Zeuthen are stored
in “Shared Sessions”. You can add as many ses-
sions as you want in “My Sessions”.

Configure a new session
Click on “Manual” (or use the Wizard) and choose StarnetSSH as “Connection method” to use a se-
cure connection.

DV Zeuthen
H. Schwendicke
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Version 2.1

The figure on the right hand shows an
example for starting an xterm on pub
cluster in Zeuthen.
Best choice: multiple window mode

Possible commands for
Hamburg (e.g. PAL cluster)
Native Xsession
On most UNIX platforms there is
an X11 login session script
/usr/lib/X11/xdm/Xsession which
may be run either without options
or with option failsafe on any ma-
chine. The latter option may help in case of login problems. Using other options e.g. for
choosing a window manager relies on the availability and configuration of the specific sys-
tem where also documentation of features and usage should be found.

 The following commands are running on all supported UNIX platforms:
Xsession complying with HEPX11 rules (e.g. fvwm2/mwm startup)



Possible commands for Zeuthen

The standard operating system on PUB Cluster is now SL5. The window manager fvwm2 is
no longer available. Please use the following commands to start a desktop or a xterm on SL5

KDE:                            xwinsession kde
Icewm:                          xwinsession icewm
Gnome:                          xwinsession gnome
Xterm:                          xwinsession xterm

Xwinsession is a Desy script for the remote access from Windows PCs. It extends the font
path, sets environment variables, and executes system wide and user specific profiles for
language support, keyboard mapping and resource management.

DV Zeuthen
H. Schwendicke
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Version 2.1

All other platforms

xterm:                                          /usr/bin/X11/xterm -sb –ls
Fvwm2:                                          /usr/sue/lib/xdm/hepix/Xsesssion fvwm2
Windowmaker:                                    /usr/sue/lib/xdm/hepix/Xsession windowmaker
Icewm:                                          /usr/sue/lib/xdm/hepix/Xsession icewm


Window mode:
Here you can set the window mode for each
The best way is to use Multiple window
mode for starting single applications like
xterm, if you start a whole session (KDE,
fvwm2) it is necessary to switch to Single
Window mode.

Compression Level:
For the preconfigured sessions the compression is switched off now. The default compres-
sion level is 6. The range is none, 1 (fastest) - 9 (slowest).

For more information please read the Help file.

DV Zeuthen
H. Schwendicke
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Version 2.1

Font server
Hamburg:        The standard font server is already added (see figure).
Zeuthen:        When you are logging on to a machine with Scientific Linux Version5 and
start your sessions via xwinsession (like specified above) the local font path of that computer
is added automatically. If you use other Linux/Unix machines you have to add the font server
by yourself. Please open xconfig, go to Font  Server and type in the desired font server
and port.

Font server for Hamburg: fontsrv.desy.de:7100 (standard default fonts)
                         fontsrv.desy.de:7111 (misc fonts e.g. for mathematica)

Font server for Zeuthen:                                         fontsrv.ifh.de:7100

DV Zeuthen
H. Schwendicke
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Version 2.1

Security settings

For security reasons these options should
not be changed.

Language Settings and how to change them
X-Win32 automatically runs in the language that Windows is using when it is started (Re-
gional Settings).
If the Regional Settings of the computer are set to German, but you want run X-Win32 in
English, you have the possibility to rename or to delete the German language file. If this file
can’t be found, the standard language file (English) is loaded instead.
Go to:
C:\Program files\StarNet\X-Win32 8.1\translations and rename the file X-Win32_de.qm
The Help file is only in English available.

How to copy text between Unix and Windows

From Unix to windows
Select the text you want to copy by pressing the left mouse button, the text is copied to the
clipboard, and now go to the windows application, e.g. Word and press CTRL-V or use the
Insert menu.

From Windows to Unix
Select the text in the Windows Application, press CTRL-C or use the Copy command,
go to the Unix Application. The text will be inserted by pressing the middle mouse button.

DV Zeuthen
H. Schwendicke
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Version 2.1

Additional hints for using X-win32 on Notebooks and Desktops
There are two Netinstall packages for X-WIN32, one for desktop PCs and one for notebooks. The
package for the desktops is only installable for PCs with the IP address 131.169.*.* in Hamburg and
141.34.*.* for PCs in Zeuthen.

The notebook version of X-win32 is independent from the IP address. After the installation you have
to register X-win32 online once.

For the notebook package there are no font servers and sessions preconfigured. If you want to add a
font server, please use Xconfig utility. More details are mentioned above in this document.

It is also possible to install the desktop version on a notebook, but please keep in mind it works only
when you are at your home site - it is not possible to install the notebook version on a desktop.

Further Hints and News in Version 8

                All settings are stored in XML files now.
                “My sessions” are stored in the directory which is set by the variable
                - Desktop PC: in Application Data of the user’s Homedirectory H:\
                - Notebooks: Application Data of the user’s Homedirectory H:\ or
                C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Starnet\X-Win32\Sessions
                “Shared Sessions”: C:\Program files\Starnet\ X-Win32 8.1\Sessions
                Default Window mode: is set to Multiple Window
                XDMCP sessions are only possible in Single Window Mode
                Please don’t use XDMCP Sessions, these connections are insecure!

DESY Hints
When you start a single window manager or a single application you won’t get a preconfig-
ured DESY environment. You will only get the default settings for this application!
The path to the applications may differ on the various operating systems: DL4, DL5, SL3,
SunOS and other. Please use the UNIX command which to find out the correct path.
For more information on configuring sessions, please contact the UNIX administrator for the
machine of your choice.


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