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Re: cmd is not a valid win32 application


      • From: "Wesley Vogel" <123WVogel955@xxxxxxxxxxx>
      • Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 08:14:26 −0600

It beats me, Gary.

"4. Hardware incompatibility" is right there in the Computerhope article. My money was on malware.

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS−MVP Windows Shell/User

In news:91A7B772−B79A−44E1−821D−51513D3BC41B@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
Gary L Greco <garylgreco@xxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:

        I know this is going to seem weird, and i may be a little early in saying
        this but,I reinstalled the old ram and my problems have stopped....

        2 250mg Patriot dual channel pc3200 ddr chips, versus the 3 1gb Pony
        chips, doesn't make sense,system posted no problems booted fine. usually
        they won't even go through post. I felt that runing the Memory tester in
        dos overnite would have told me if there was any problems, it said there
        wasn't. Anyone run inot this before?

        It says on their web site this will run on my A7N8x Deluxe mb, this acts
        more like a chipset issue , controlling ram maybe?

        Latest bios revision 1008 8/14/04, everyday WE want to blame Viruses
        for more problems, but my online scan and Mcafee scan showed nothing.
        This is very odd for me not to have tried this earlier.

        But everything pointed to a software related issue. Send any thoughts I
        will keep in touch,been running good for 5 hours now longer than anytime
        in the last 2 weeks.

        Thanks in advance and to Wes


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                               Re: cmd is not a valid win32 application

       Gary L Greco

       "Wesley Vogel" wrote:

              Not a valid win32 application

              Try these in Start | Run:

              You most likely have some sort of malware; a trojan/virus/worm.

              UPDATE your antivirus software and run a full system scan.

              UPDATE whatever anti−spyware applications that you have and run a full
              system scan with each one.

              You might want to start in Safe Mode to run your antivirus and
              anti−spyware software.

              Running a full system antivirus scan or anti−spyware scan in Safe Mode
              can be a good idea. Some viruses and other malware like to conceal
              themselves in areas Windows protects while using them. Safe mode can
              prevent those applications access and therefore unprotect the viruses or
              other malware allowing for easier removal.

              ''In safe mode, you have access to only basic files and drivers
              (mouse, monitor, keyboard, mass storage, base video, default system
              services), just the minimum device drivers required to start Windows.''

              Because of that some malware does not load in Safe Mode and is easier to
              get rid of.

              How to start Windows in Safe Mode Windows XP

              Hope this helps. Let us know.

              MS−MVP Windows Shell/User

              In news:25F9DD83−8502−4D45−BCD0−62164BC59783@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
              Gary L Greco <garylgreco@xxxxxxxxxxx> hunted and pecked:

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                              Re: cmd is not a valid win32 application
                      Recently I have been getting wierd ie 7 errors,not errors per
                      ,system restarts during ie7 operation and surfing . Error log
                      many strange things,memory causing hardware error,driver
                      error causing
                      problem,i even tried removing mcafee and all ie 7 add
                      ons,even google
                      yes and yahoo no difference. right now may even crash while
                      i am
                      online. I have serched and seen many of the same errors no
                      one has any
                      answers that work for sure,all are about around the same time
                      we did an
                      update of some kind. SO i did a restore to 3 weeks ago same
                      During this check i tried the CMD in the run window and get
                      the error
                      above. I can open a dos window from start bar ,but not from
                      ....... Well any suggestions? I am really not happy MS on this
                      ,if auto
                      update has caused this I will have many pc's to fix for free ,
                      i recomended auto updates. send help assap :)

                      Gary Greco
                      Gary L Greco


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