Qbasic Assignments for Intermediate computers by bzs12927


									                                 Intermediate Standard 5

                               QBASIC - Programming.

Value: Worth 50 of the 50 points for standard INT5

What you should learn:
Basic programming structure and theory.

How you will learn it:
Reading: Read the Basic Instruction below. Next read the programming notes and learn about
flowcharts that are provided with the Assignments. Also, read the text tutorials on QBASIC.
Research: Use your favorite search engine on the internet to find information. Try qbasic.com
Instruction: Your teacher or another student will instruct with mini-lessons periodically.
Peer Instruction: You will teach others about the standard.

How you will show your mastery of the standard:
To demonstrate your mastery:
1) – Read the QBASIC assignments
2) – Write each of the 6 programs described.
3) – Teach a formal mini-lesson with at least two other students in attendance
4) – Inform the instructor when your programs are complete. Be prepared for an oral, written or
hands-on quiz at the time of submission.

Basic Instruction: The program that you will be using is called QBASIC. It is a good beginner
language and can be learned quickly. Read the text material included with the QBASIC
assignments before attempting the first program. On the first assignment (Assignment A) notice
the step-by-step programming notes along with the matching flowchart objects. Flowcharts are a
graphical representation for the program code (words) that make up a program. Note that each
flowchart object represents a pattern or set of program code where specific QBASIC words are
used each time the flowchart object is used.

The sample Assignment A has only 2 questions and you will need to add the other 3 to complete
the assignment. For Assignments B, C & D print the flowcharts provided and write in the area
for program code your QBASIC program. For the last 2 assignments, Assignments E & F, try
drawing your own flowcharts (optional) before doing the programming.

Assignments are HERE.

Click here if you would like to read a text tutorial on QBASIC. It isn’t pretty but it might help if
you really want to understand more about this language. Just change the “chapter1.txt” in the
URL to “chapter2.txt” and 3, etc. if you want more chapters.

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