Bay of Quinte Annual June Meeting Minutes Tuesday June by bzs12927


									                  Bay of Quinte Annual June Meeting Minutes
                           Tuesday June 14th @ CSS
                                5pm start time

1.    Call to order (Jim Barbeau)
      a.      A well received BBQ dinner

2.    Financial Statement (Adrian Bertrand)
      a.     accepted by Tim Larry/Steve jones

3.    Spring Season Repots
      a.     Girls Soccer (Steve Jones) BSS 3 STP 0 (JR) / QSS 8 STP 1 (SR)
      b.     Rugby (Joe Dicrese) THS Sr (Gold Medal at OFSSA)
      c.     Track and Field (Brian Poste & Tim Larry) Many medalists at OFSSA for B of Q
             athletes. However, a need for more volunteer was mentioned
      d.     Badminton (Michelle Whitney) problems with conflicts with other sports.

4.    Championship Calendar (Adrian Bertrand)
      a.   Bay of Quinte Championship dates will be set by the Secertary by September.
      b.   See the website for who is convening what sport
           i.      Note Tennis is back as B of Q sport.
      c.   At the June meeting Boys soccer and Swimming had no convenor.
           i.      Candice Lily (CSS) and possibly others have stepped forward after the
                   meeting for Swimming

5.    AD’s (Adrian Bertrand)
      a.    Update List for names and contact information
            i.     Check information before you leave

6.    COSSA report (Brian Poste)
      a.   Start time is 10:30 not earlier as posted.

7.      Motions (Adrian Bertrand)
Constitutional items voted on. For full details see
Article 6.1 A raise in fees PASSED
Article 8.2ii reorganizing PASSED
Article 9.1 Mandating 2 voting members per school at attendance at June meeting PASSED
article 9.3 June meeting motions by May 31st PASSED
Article 14.1 reclassification deadlines WITHDRAWN
Article 14.5 How teams will advance to COSSA PASSED (17/3)
 Article 15.2 Number of credits per semester to be eligible to play PASSED
Article 15.4 Withdrawal from school restrictions PASSED (17/5)
Article 18.2a Options for protests (PASSED 14/1)
Article 18.2d house keeping PASSED
Article 21 House keeping PASSED
By-Law Motions
Football Article 10. have AAA & AA Finals based on league standings. NOT PASSED 3/21
Football Article 6. Housekeeping the Age restrictions. PASSED
Basketball Girls (update playoff structure) PASSED

8.    Elections
      a.     2 Presidents, 2 Vice Presidents and Secretary/Treasurer. Jim Barbeau Resigned
             as president.
             Names forwarded–>Paul whalen (Paul Whalen/Jill Batchelor) was elected
             Dave Corbett (Jill Batchelor/Michelle Reinhardus) was elected Vice President
             i.     Presidents
                    (1)      Paul Whalen NCC
                    (2)      Jill Batchelor MSS
             ii.    Vice Presidents
                    (1)      Michelle Reinhardus BSS
                    (2)      Dave Corbett MSS
             iii.   Secretary/Treasurer
                    (1)      Adrian Bertrand @ BSS (966.2922 ext 2199)

9.    Retiring Coaches (Jill Batchelor)
      a.     A committee was formed (Jill Batchelor/Deb Claire) to investigate creating
             something for long standing commitment to B of Q athletics.

10.   OSSTF Update
      a.   A reminder to try and purchase “No Sweat” sports equipment.

11.   Dates for next years meetings
      a.     September meeting 13th of September
      b.     November Meeting 15th of November
      c.     March Meeting 28th of March
      d.     June meeting

12.   COSSA meeting
      a.   June 27th @ Belleville Yachet Club starting at 10:30. Snacks provided.
      b.   See for agenda items

13.   Other Business?
      a.     Jill Batchelor thanked all the OFSSA hosts (Brian Poste Curling, Deb Claire
             Gymnastics, Brian Mindell/Rob Cooke Rugby)
      b.     Jill Batchelor thanked Jim Barbeau for his roll as President.

14.   Adjournment

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