CSS-04-100-KAN BE HEALTHY Screenings by bzs12927


									                                           CHAPTER:                                   STANDARD NO.

                                           SERVICE AND PLACEMENT                      CSS–04–100
     Supervision                           SUBJECT:                                   PAGE:      1 of 1
                                           KAN BE HEALTHY
 Juvenile Justice Authority
 State of Kansas

REFERENCES: None                                                DATE ADOPTED:                     3/14/07
                                                                DATE REVIEWED:                    1/18/07

STANDARD: Written policy, procedure and practice shall require all eligible juveniles in
the court ordered custody of the Juvenile Justice Authority to participate in the services of
annual Kan Be Healthy Screenings (KBH).

All Medicaid eligible juveniles shall receive a current KBH Screening, within 30
calendar days of being placed in court ordered custody or prior to the KBH expiration
date listed on the back of the current Medical Card.

DISCUSSION: Each eligible juvenile is required to have an initial screening and follow
up visits to keep their enrollment status current. A current KBH allows a wider range of
medical services for the juvenile.

For juveniles placed out of the home, the Community Supervision Officer may remind
the provider to initiate the screening and follow through with referrals. It is the contract
provider’s responsibility to set up the appointment time and arrange transportation of the
juvenile to the KBH physical and appointments.

NOTE: The standards and procedures set forth herein are intended to establish operational guidelines for community
supervision agencies and their employees/contractors and juveniles under supervision. They are not intended to establish state
created liberty interests for community supervision agencies or their employees/contractors, or supervised juveniles, or an
independent duty owed by the Juvenile Justice Authority to community supervision agencies, or their employees/contractors,
supervised juveniles or third parties. This standard and procedure is not intended to establish or create new constitutional
rights or to enlarge or expand upon existing constitutional rights or duties.

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