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                                                Full Articles/Writings

Grief After Suicide - SA/VE                                                                 Vol. 1, #1   June, 2003
How Support Groups Can be Useful

When Your Child Died by Suicide - Iris Bolton                                               Vol. 1, #2   August, 2003
A Bereaved Parent’s Wish List - Kathy Freeman

Normal No Longer Exists - Death of a Spouse by Suicide - Donna Watson Lawson                Vol. 1, #3   October, 2003
Losing a Spouse or Significant Other - Iris Bolton

Handling the Holidays - Donna Watson Lawson                                                 Vol. 1, #4   December, 2003
Coping With the Loss of a Loved One - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
The Sacred Journey - Frederick Buechner

Helping Children Cope with the Suicide Death of a Loved One - Donna Watson Lawson Vol. 2, #1             February, 2004
Child Survivors and the Alachua County Crisis Center
Helping Children Cope - Rebecca Parkin & Karen Dunne-Maxim
Grief and Mourning After Suicide - Norman L. Farberow

Grief . . . There is No Pain so Great - Donna Watson Lawson                                 Vol. 2, #2   April, 2004
Bearing the Special Grief of Suicide - Arnaldo Pangrazzi

Battling Guilt - Jeffrey Jackson                                                            Vol. 2, #3   June, 2004
Reconciling With a Suicide Victim - Jeffrey Jackson
Ghost Rider: Travels on the healing Road - Neil Peart

Asking the Question “Why?” - Tracey Dean                                                    Vol. 2, #4   August, 2004
Why Did This Happen - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
I Don’t Know Why - Iris Bolton
How Long Will the Pain Last - Martha White
Coping With Grief: Six T’s of Grief Recovery - Friends for Survival

Waiting for the Wake-Up Call: When Will it Get Better - Darcie Sims                         Vol. 2, #5   October, 2004
Thoughts on Bad Patches - Canterbury Bereaved by Suicide Support Group
The Duration of Grief by Suicide - Rev. Charles T. Rubey
At Anniversary Time - Canterbury Bereaved by Suicide Support Group

Managing the Holidays - Donna Watson Lawson                                                 Vol. 2, #6   December, 2004
Write Yourself a Script - Jeffrey Jackson
Living After Suicide - Sue Holtkamp
Christmas Desiderata - Stephanie Weber-Slepicka

Anger: Help or Hindrance - Joanetta Hendel                                                  Vol. 3, #1   February, 2005
Anger - Jeffrey Jackson
When Someone Takes His Own Life - Norman Vincent Peale
To the Newly Bereaved Suicide Survivor - Jeffrey Jackson                         Vol. 3, #2   April, 2005
Dear Survivor - Betsy Ross
The Grief Gremlin - Bereavement Magazine
Chaos of the Heart - Tony Wood & Steve Siler

Acceptance - Jeffrey Jackson                                                     Vol. 3, #3   June, 2005
Sorting - Paula Moore Hurtt
Journey Together: A Reflection - Father Arnaldo Pangrazzi
Suicide: When Someone is Too Bruised to be Touched - Father Ron Rolheiser
After a Suicide - Judy Arena Purcell

The Adult Child’s Loss of a Parent by Suicide - Donna Watson Lawson              Vol. 3, #4   August, 2005
Embracing the Windstorm - Christine M.Smith
The Suicide Survivor’s Affirmation - Jeffrey Jackson
Loss of a Mother - Ginny Sparrow

After Suicide: A Unique Grief Process - Betsy Ross                               Vol. 3, #5   October, 2005
Walking All Night in a City That Doesn’t Sleep - Judy Bousquet
Father Rubey Writes - Father Charles T. Rubey

The Healing Qualities of Nature, Part I - Kirsti A. Dyer                         Vol. 3, #6   December, 2005
Managing the Holidays - Donna Watson Lawson
After Suicide: A Unique Grief Process: How to Heal Yourself - Betsy Ross

Reconciliation - Alan Wolfelt                                                    Vol. 4, #1   February, 2006
Criteria for Reconciliation - Alan Wolfelt
Coping Strategies Using Nature, Part II - Kirsti A. Dyer
Coping With Suicide Loss - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Coping With Suicide Loss - Suicide and Mental Health Association International   Vol. 4, #2   April, 2006
Why Did My Loved One Die by Suicide? - Suicide and Mental Health
       Association International
Ranier Maria Rilke On Death - Ranier Maria Rilke
‘Keepin On’ Increases Strength - Father Charles T. Rubey
Mental Illness and Suicide - National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

Practice Makes Deadly Perfection, FSU Suicide Researcher Says - Jill Elish       Vol. 4, #3   June, 2006
A Way to Say Good-Bye - Father Arnaldo Pangrazzi
Five Things We Cannot Change - David Richo
Frequently Asked Questions About Suicide - National Institute of Mental Health

Dealing With . . . - Donna Watson Lawson                                         Vol. 4, #4   August, 2006
About Suicide Grief - American Association of Suicidology
God and Tragedy - Thomas Moore
Understanding Suicide: Common Elements - Thomas F. Oltmanns & Robert E. Emery

Sibling Survivors of Suicide - Michelle Linn-Gust                                Vol. 4, #5   October, 2006
Mourning the Loss of a Twin Sibling: Separated at Death - Benjamin Fox
The Struggle to Understand Suicide - Fa. Ron Rolheiser
Alachua County Suicide Prevention Coalition
Suicide Grief - Victoria Hospice, Victoria, BC, Canada                         Vol. 4, #6   December, 2006
Managing the Holidays - Donna Watson Lawson
SPAN National Suicide Awareness Event - Judy Bousquet
The Stewardship of Pain - Frederick Buechner

A Search for Answers - LaRita Archibald                                        Vol. 5, #1   February, 2007
Adjusting to Loss: Entering the Depths - Victoria Hospice
God’s Gift of Life and the Tragedy of Suicide - Friar Jim Van Vurst, O.F.M.
Grief After Suicide - Guilt: If I’d Only Done Something More - Buddhanet

Anger: Why Am I So Angry: - Buddhanet                                          Vol. 5, #2   April, 2007
Anger 101: A Primer for Grieving Dads Tony Salvatore
In Deference of the victims of Suicide - Father Ron Rolheiser, omi
The Wisdom of Dark Emotions - Miriam Greenspan

Looking After Your Health - Victoria Hospice                                   Vol. 5, #3   June, 2007
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder After Suicide - LaRita Archibald
Reaching Out for Help When You are Grieving - Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.
Seeking Counseling After a Suicide - Donna Watson Lawson
Support Groups - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Evengelical Lutheran Church In America Message on Suicide                      Vol. 5, #4   August, 2007
Father Rubey Writes - Father Charles T. Rubey
Florida Statewide Office for Suicide Prevention
Gatekeeper Training
Tales of a Survivor: Perpetuating the Silence? - Donna Watson Lawson
Toward Healing After the Suicide of My Son - LaRita Archibald

From the Desk of Father Rubey - Father Charles Rubey                           Vol. 5, #5   October, 2007
Suggestions for Coping as a Family - Hope for Bereaved
Suggestions for Helping Yourself Survive - Hope for Bereaved

Coping With Grief at Christmas - Center for Loss and Grief, New South Wales    Vol. 5, #6   December, 2007
Coping With Suicide Loss - Handling the Holidays - American Foundation
        for Suicide Prevention
From the Desk of Father Rubey - Rev. Charles Rubey
Grieving During the Holidays - BelovedHearts.com Grief Support Center
Surviving the Holidays - A Mother’s Story - Deborah Rebmann
Survivor Tales: Wounds - Donna Watson Lawson

Awakening the Mind, Awakening the Soul - John O’Donohue                        Vol. 6, #1   February, 2008
Birth is a Beginning - Alvin I. Fine
Fellow Travelers - Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.
From the Desk of Father Rubey - Rev. Charles T. Rubey
From the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition - Judy Bousquet Broward
Grief Healing: Remembering Our Loved Ones on Valentine’s Day - Marty Tousley
On the Death of the Beloved - John O’Donohue
Understanding Suicide - Fa. Ron Rolheiser, OMI
A Peaceful Place - Judy Collins                                                    Vol. 6, #2   April, 2008
A Suicide Survivor’s Beatitudes - LaRita Archibald
Mourner’s Bill of Rights - Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.
On the Journey Toward Living With Reverence - Rabbi Albert Lewis
Sleep - Or Lack Thereof
When the Worst Has Happened - SAVE - Adina Wrobleski

The Blessing of Memory - Jewish Prayerbook                                         Vol. 6, #3   June, 2008
From the Desk of Father Rubey - Father Charles T. Rubey
Healing Light Meditation - Ariel Neshama Lee
The New Language of Grief - Darci Sims, Ph.D.
Some Answers for Those New to Suicide Loss - Tony Salvatore
Why We Grieve Differently - Jinnjy Tesik, M.A.

Excerpts from Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow - Mort Schrag               Vol. 6, #4   August, 2008
From the Desk of Father Rubey - Father Charles T. Rubey
Suggestions for Coping as a Family - Linda Flatt
Suicide 101 - Mort Schrag
Surviving Your Child’s Suicide - Compassionate Friends
Take Charge of Your Grief - Robert Thompson, M.D.
Ways to Remember

Emotional Jet Lag - Russell Friedman and John W. James                             Vol. 6, #5   October, 2008
From the Desk of Father Rubey - Fa. Charles T. Rubey
God Cradles the Wounded Suicide Soul in His Arms - Fa. Ron Rolheiser
Stigma - What Do I Tell People - Buddhanet
When Grief Recedes/Grief is Like a Cloud - Tom Golden

Coping With Grief at Christmas - Center for Loss & Grief, New South Wales          Vol. 6, #6   December, 2008
Dear Patti - Donna Watson Lawson
Managing the Holidays - Donna Watson Lawson
Surviving After Suicide - The Carson J. Spencer Foundation

After the Suicide: How to Cope When a Loved One Takes Their Life - Cynthia Hickman Vol. 7, #1   February, 2009
From the Desk of Father Rubey - Father Charles T. Rubey
If I Start Crying, Will I be Able to Stop - Russell Friedman & John W. James
In Memory of Maureen

Do’s and Don’t’s Written by Parents of Suicide -                                   Vol. 7, #2   April, 2009
Fathers Grieve Too - Rev. Terry Morgan, Chaplain James Cunningham, Dr. Ray
        Goldstein and Earl Katz
Fixing a Hole: Grieving With Other Men - Tom Golden, LCSW
From the Desk of Father Rubey
Lamenting Sons: Fathers and Grief - Tony Salvatore

Companioning - Tenet Two - Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D.                                     Vol. 7, #3   June, 2009
Let’s Talk About It: A Primer for When Someone You Love Had Died
        By Suicide - Miki Tesh, LCSW
To the Readers: Last Issue - Donna Watson Lawson

Albert Schweitzer              Vol. 1, #1             June, 2003
Elie Weisel

Dietrich Bonhoeffer            Vol. 1, #2             August, 2003
Frederick Buechner
Emily Dickenson
Henri Nouwen
C. Biship Smith

Scott Holland                  Vol. 1, #3             October, 2003
Michel de Montaigne
Henri Nouwen
M. Scott Peck
Ranier Maria Rilke
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Lao Tse

Frederick Buechner             Vol. 1, #4             December, 2003
Kahlil Gibran
Rabbi Earl Grolman
Denise Levertov
C.S. Lewis
Albert Schweitzer
Fred Rogers
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Frederick Buechner             Vol. 2, #1             February, 2004
Mary Margaret Funk
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Henri Nouwen

Aeschylus                      Vol. 2, #2             April, 2004
Robert Browning
Jane Tyson Clement
Rabbi Earl Grollman
Rabbi Joshua Abraham Heschel
Washington Irving
C.S. Lewis
Flavia Weedn

Albert Camus                   Vol. 2, #3             June, 2004
Jane Tyson Clement
Margie DeMerrell
Kahlil Gibran
Sue Catherine Holtkamp
Hopi Prayer
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Ranier Maria Rilke
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Walter Wangrin
Frederick Buechner          Vol. 2, #4   August, 2004
Hope Edelman
Kahlil Gibran
Abigail Hastings
C.S. Lewis
William Penn
Fred Rogers
Mark Twain
David Wolpe

Frederick Buechner          Vol. 2, #5   October, 2004
Bereavement Magazine
Emily Dickenson
Daphne du Maurier
Thomas Merton
Aaron Zerah

Stephanie Ericsson          Vol. 2, #5   December, 2004
C.S. Lewis
Norman Maclean
Henri Nouwen
Rev. Charles T. Rubey
Vincent Van Gogh

Bereavement Magazine        Vol. 3, #1   February, 2005
Frederick Buechner
Isaiah (The Bible)
Kahlil Gibran
Edward Hays
Native American Prayer
Henri Nouwen
William E. Sangster
St. Augustine

Aeschylus                   Vol. 3, #2   April, 2005
Apulian Prayer
Frederick Buechner
Jane Tyson Clement
Charlie Daniels
Rachel Naomi Remen

Anna Akhmaatova             Vol. 3, #3   June, 2005
Jewish Prayer of Mourning
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Henri Nouwen
Father Arnaldo Pangrazzi
St. Barton’s Ode
Mevlana Jelaluddin           Vol. 3, #4   August, 2005
Bee Lake
Belden Lane
George McDonald
Helen Steiner Rice
Edward Rynearson
Fritz Williams
Rabbi David Wolpe

Dorothy Day                  Vol. 3, #5   October, 2005
Kirsti A. Dyer
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
George McDonald
Gilda Radner
Rachel Naomi Remen
William Wordsworth
Henri Nouwen                 Vol. 3, #6   December, 2005
M. Scott Peck
Louise Fletcher Tarkinton

George Eliot                 Vol. 4, #1   February, 2006
Thich Nhat Hanh
Gregory Orr
Ranier Maria Rilke
Mother Theresa
Tennessee Williams

Sholem Aleichem              Vol. 4, #2   April, 2006
Thomas Jefferson
James Jones
Rabbi Harold Kushner
Henri Nouwen
Elisabeth Watson

Apulian Prayers              Vol. 4, #3   June, 2006
Frederich Buechner
Jane Tyson Clement
George Eliot
Thomas Joiner
Max Lerner
Thomas Merton
John O’Donohue

Eskimo Legend                Vol. 4, #4   August, 2006
Sue Catherine Holtkamp
Washington Irving
Henri Nouwen
Patrick Overton
Lily Pincus
Jelaludin Rumi
William Stafford
Reverend Peter Rhys Thomas
Stanley Kunitz                               Vol. 4, #5   October, 2006
Dawna Markva
Henri Nouwen
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
John Wellwood
Virginia Wolfe

Rabbi David Aaron                            Vol. 4, #6   December, 2006
Capain Kirk
Chanukah Thoughts
Madeleine L’Engle
Merritt Malloy
Mother Theresa
My First Christmas in Heaven
Gregory Orr

Wendell Berry                                Vol. 5, #1   February, 2007
Frederick Buechner
Martin Luther
Moody Blues
Thomas Moore
Henri Nouwen
Ranier Maria Rilke

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention   Vol. 5, #2   April, 2007
Anne Hillman
Jewish Book of Prayer
Denise Levertov
Father Arnaldo Pangrazzi
Thomas Moore
Aart Van Der Leeuw

Frederick Buechner                           Vol. 5, #3   June, 2007
Rabbi Earl Grollman
Henri Nouwen
Gregory Orr
Rachel Naomi Remen
Vincent Van Gogh

Bereavement Magazine                         Vol. 5, #4   August, 2007
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ruby Berkeley Goodwin
John Harricharan
Ann Hillman
Edgar Jackson
Rabbi Joshua Liebman
Henri Nouwen
Hillary Stanton Zunin
Dietrich Bonhoeffer       Vol. 5, #5   October, 2007
Philip Gulley
Steve Imbach
Bob Lupton
Rachel Naomi Remen

Wendell Berry             Vol. 5, #6   December, 2007
Belden Lane
Louise Dickinson Rich
Marjerie Williams
Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.

Rabbi Morris Adler        Vol. 6, #1   February, 2008
Ann Hillman
Arlene Gay Levine
John O’Donohue

Clarissa Pinkola Estes    Vol. 6, #2   April, 2008
Rabbi Alvin Fine
Julie Glover
Jalal ad-Din Rumi
Rabbi Jacob Shankman

Aeschylus                 Vol. 6, #3   June, 2008
Madame Jeanne Guyon
Jewish Prayerbook
Dawn Markova
Henri Nouwen
Philip Yancey

Joseph Campbell           Vol. 6, #4   August, 2008
Clarissa Pinkola-Estes
Scott Russell Sanders
Rabindranath Tagore

Rabbi Albert Lewis        Vol. 6, #5   October, 2008
Bill More
Henri Nouwen
Maggie Ross
George Santayana

Wendell Berry             Vol. 6, #6   December, 2008
Bible - Isaiah
Charles Dickens
Martha Whitmore Hickman
C.S. Lewis
Henri Nouwen
Richard Rohr
Martha Whitmore Hickman         Vol. 7, #1   February, 2009
Gaston Ng
Lily Pincus
Marcel Prouse
We Pray for Ourselves

Nicholas Wolterstorff           Vol. 7, #2   April, 2009
Baron Wormser
William Paul Young (multiple)

Wendell Berry                   Vol. 7, #3   June, 2009
Frederick Buechner
Jane Tysen Clement
Victor Hugo
Steve Imbach
Belden Lane
C.S. Lewis
Thomas Moore
Henri Nouwen
John O’Donohue
Rachel Naomi Remen
Ranier Maria Rilke
William Paul Young

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