Wright re Perl v Martin County, Case 08-1441CA

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					February 3, 2009                                 Telephone: (772) 288-5438
                                                       Fax: (772) 288-5439

Tim B. Wright, Esq.
Wright, Ponsoldt & Lozeau, LLP
1002 SE Monterey Commons Blvd., Suite 100
Stuart, FL 34996

Re:    Andrew A. Perl v. Martin County
       Case No. 08-1441 CA

Dear Tim:

       In response to your most recent inquiry concerning dates of availability
for deposition, please be advised that of the dates which you listed:

      County employees Harry King and Joe Banfi, and I, are available on
February 23, March 2, and March 23 (provided the deposition of Mr. Banfi is
scheduled after 11:00 am). There is some limited opportunity in the morning
of March 25, too.

       Commissioner Heard and I are available on March 23 and 25.

       Bill Pakonis, Frank Wodzisz, and David Quigley are not county
employees, so I can’t speak to their own availability. However, I am available
for their depositions on February 23, March 2, 23, and 25. I also could attend
on March 26, but from 9 am – Noon only.

       I trust this is fully and timely responsive to your request.


                                            David A. Acton
                                            Senior Assistant County Attorney



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