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Component Framework forTM        TM

Software Design in JAVA / J2EE
Developing With JAVA™/J2EE™ Made Easy
J2EE™ designs are complex                                    Frameworks to get you started easily

Today, the design of new sophisticated software              This disadvantage induced Werum to develop
systems is frequently based on a J2EE™ multi-                JCoffee. This framework reduces complexity
tier architecture. Developments based on                     considerably and makes it easy to master also
JAVA /J2EE™, however, are very complex and                   for less proficient developers. Thus, developers
might be difficult to master for less experienced            can concentrate exclusively on programming
developers.                                                  the application without being troubled by basic
                                                             technology problems.

Features of JCoffee

Rapid familiarization                                                                   Productive staff at a
A standardized development process with tools and wizards for automatic code            much earlier stage
generation lets newcomers familiarize themselves with the framework easily
and be productive after just a short period of time.

More efficient application development                                                  Rapid prototyping
JCoffee includes all the basic functions required in almost any large-scale             and high level of
application project (e.g. user/rights administration, calendar functions, NLS,          productivity
asynchronous processes, print/report functions). This range of functions is
continually advanced and extended. As a result, application developers can
start their work on a fairly high level and show early results (rapid prototyping).
This, too, increases productivity substantially.

Improved code quality                                                                   JCoffee software
The development environment of JCoffee also comprises rules and utilities for           comes up to the
developing, testing, and documentation to ensure high code quality, prevent             highest standard
software proliferation, and produce a uniform quality standard in the project           of quality
no matter who is involved in developing. This quality standard not only fulfils
the regulations of ISO 9000, it also complies with the requirements of some
industries going far beyond this. Particularly the pharmaceutical requirements
regarding the development process (GMP, FDA) and functionality (21 CFR 11)
are met.

                    Application Software



JCoffee hides the J2EE™ world’s complexity.
From Individual Software to Standard
JCoffee is exceptionally well suited for de-                                          individual software declines, and the overall
veloping large, long-term software systems,                                           system functionality is expanded, all at the
which are continually adapted and extended                                            same time.
in individual projects by
                                 Project 1                                Project 2           Project 3
various teams changing                                                               So, JCoffee is pri-
over the years. Such                                                                 marily directed at

                               Standard Individual
                               Software Software
systems may run in many                                                              users who develop
different customer instal-                                                           their own individual
lations and have many                                                                software as inhouse
different variants, all of                                                           s t a n d a rd a n d a t
which have to be main-                                                               software companies
tained.                                                                              letting their product
                               The share of standard software increases    TIME
                               with each new project.
                                                                                     i d e a s m a t u re i n
The point in such devel-                                                             customer projects.
opment projects is to integrate individual                   JCoffee can be used as basic software and be
expertise and the individual project program                 a help to get off the ground. With its
codes into the standard system. As a result,                 architecture and the use of open standards,
the share of standard software strongly                      however, it does not produce any proprietary
increases in the course of time, the share of                dependencies.

                                                     Project Components


                                                     Product Components

                                                      Basic Components

                                                        Basic Classes

                                                                                                                          Tools &
                              TM                       TM
                       Java        / J2EE                   Deployment Environment

JCoffee – the framework for component-based software design

Reusability and Flexibility become Reality
Still, the technical component model of the                                           components that make the implementation
J2EE™ architecture alone does not suffice to                                          of reusable software components become
develop software that is reusable and can be                                          reality.
implemented in project-specific variants at the
same time.                                                                            This is what makes it easy to adjust the com-
                                                                                      ponents to project-specific requirements and
It is the application-oriented component model                                        to configure individual software systems reliably
of JCoffee and the use of specific services and                                       on the basis of standard components.
contracts that consistently decouple the
Technical Data
Basic components                                                  Technical environment

- UserSession (component to connect clients                       Database: Oracle*
  to server)                                                      Application server: BEA*
- UserManagement (user administration)                            Development environment: Eclipse
- PolicyManagement (rights administration                         Development platform: Java™, J2EE™
  for users and terminals)
- TerminalManagement (client administration)                      * JCoffee does not depend on these specific tools.
                                                                  As they are standardized tools, they can also be replaced
- NL-Support (natural language support)                           by other products.
- BatchProgramControl (control logic to
  define and execute batch runs)
- AsynchronProcessing (mechanism to
  generate and configure ‘secondary’
- Calendar (administration of different
  calendars, e.g. shift definitions)
- ConfigManagement (configuration of
- ArchiveManagement (archiving functionality)
- AuditTrail (logging of changes)
- Workflow (definition of documents and their
- Print (printing and print job management
  of reports, labels, etc.)
- Systemlogging, ObjectStore

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                                                                  Werum Software & Systems AG.

                                                                  Java™, J2EE™, and all Java-based marks are trademarks
                                                                  or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the
                                                                  United States and other countries.

                                               JCoffee is the result of a
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