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									       Building JBoss J2EE ™ applications with                      P   P

                Borland JBuilder 2006
                                                       Technical Training

Building JBoss J2EE applications is a five-day course that provides an
excellent foundation to the experienced Java programmer who desires
to learn J2EE application development and deployment. Intensive
hands-on labs, using JBuilder and JBoss Application Server 4, are used
to reinforce J2EE concepts and technologies presented by an
experienced instructor. This mixture of presentation and labs will
prepare you for developing J2EE applications in your own work

Description                                                                                   Course #: EB5E10
Lecture-style presentations teach students the key concepts and principals of J2EE
application development. Numerous hands-on exercises apply those concepts and                 Price: Please contact your
result in the development of a multi-tier distributed J2EE application. Students use          regional Borland office.
the JBuilder Enterprise environment for lab exercises.                                        Format
                                                                                              5 days: 50% lecture, 50% lab.
                                                                                              Developers and programmers who
                                                                                              have working knowledge of Java™
Course Concepts
                                                                                                                              P   P

                                                                                              (J2SE) and who wish to enhance their
                                                                                              skills in designing, developing, and
Introduction to the J2EE™ Platform
                          P   P           Session Beans                                       deploying distributed, interoperable,
Evolution of application                  Concepts pertaining to design,
                                                                                              multi-tier applications based on J2EE
architectures; characteristics of         development, deployment, and
component-based architectures.            management of session EJBs.
                                          EJB™ Clients
                                                                                              • An understanding of fundamental
                                               P   P

Introduction to JBoss and                 Types of EJB clients and client
                                                                                                OO concepts and Relational
integration with JBuilder                 containers; use of EJB references;
                                                                                                Database concepts.
Describes the JBoss Application           accessing EJBs from applications
Server 4.x and how to integrate it        that are not based on Java.                         • Some development experience
with JBuilder 2006.                                                                             using Java (J2SE™).
                                                                                                                 P   P

                                                                                              Next Step
The Course Example                                                                            Please contact your local Borland
Discussion of the requirements and                                                            office with your specific needs.
design of the sample application to                                                           More Information
be developed throughout the course                                                            Check the availability of this course
labs.                                                                                         and explore other service offerings in
                                                                                              the Service area of your regional
                                                                                              Borland web site (find at http://

                                                                 Concepts continued on back
Building JBoss J2EE applications with Borland JBuilder 2006 (concepts continued)
                                                    Exception Handling in the EJB™     P   P

Entity Beans                                        Environment
Bean-managed and container-managed                  The EJB container's response to
persistence; development and deployment of          different types of exceptions from
CMP entity beans; CMP features of EJB 2.x;          EJBs; exception etiquette for EJB
EJB query language; local and remote                developers.
interfaces; primary keys; practical
considerations.                                     Message Driven Beans
                                                    Development, deployment, and
Complex CMP                                         management of MDBs.
Modeling complex relationships
(1-1, 1-n, n-m) between entity beans with           Introduction to Servlets
CMP; querying relationships with EJB-QL             Servlets as server-side
queries; accessing relationships from clients;      presentation technology; review of
mapping entity beans to multiple database           HTTP and HTML; servlets as
tables.                                             application controllers
EJB™ Design Patterns
                                                    Introduction to JSP™
    P   P

EJB design patterns and practices including                             P   P

value objects, value object factories, session      Basics of JSPs and their role in
façade, EJBHome factory, and surrogate              J2EE applications; JSP
primary key generation patterns.                    development and deployment.

Transactional Programming in J2EE™                  JCA: J2EE™ Connector
                                                               P   P

                                        P   P

Concepts of distributed transaction
processing; declarative transactions and            Connecting J2EE to other types of
transaction attribute values; transaction           enterprise information systems;
isolation levels; optimistic concurrency control;   elements of the connector
session beans and transactions.                     architecture; support for JCA in
                                                    JBoss Application Server.

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