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       Tampa ASP.NET MVC Developer Group                               Wednesday, April 15, 2009

           Introduction to MVC             Code Review                 MVC and jQuery
           Gentle introduction to the      Code Review of MVC Site:    Introduction to ASP.NET
           ASP.NET MVC Framework.        MVC and jQuery.
           Speaker: Jim Zimmerman          Speaker: Fabio Honigmann    Speaker: Jay Kimble

                       April 16, 2009                   May 14, 2009              June 11, 2009

Introduction to the                                                                 Sponsors

ASP.NET MVC Framework
Join the Tampa ASP.NET MVC Developer Group for
their first meeting on Thursday, April 16, 2009 at
6:30pm at the Microsoft Office in Tampa, Florida.

This months meeting will be an introductory
presentation on the different components of the
ASP.NET MVC Framework ( Model, Views, and
Controllers ) and how to use them to create a
simple database-driven MVC Web Application.
Bring your laptops to follow along with the
presentation as we build the MVC web application
from scratch.

Speaker: Jim Zimmerman

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Meeting Registration:

                                                                                                                  Tampa Bay Area ASP.NET MVC Developer Group
You can check out the following resources prior to the meeting on how to quickly use
ASP.NET MVC with database-driven websites.

Several videos from Microsoft on the basics of Model, Views, and Controllers.

Sample e-book and source code on how to create a simple database-driven website.

CRUD with ASP.NET MVC Screencast
A short screencast showing how to do CRUD with ASP.NET MVC.

Putting the “M” Back in MVC
More on CRUD. This time a screencast with SubSonic and T4 Template Help.

  Thank you to Red Gate Software!

  Huge thank you to Red Gate for sponsoring pizza for this
  month’s meeting.

  Red Gate makes essential tools for SQL Server, .NET, and

  For more information on Red Gate Software visit


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