XML in Government by bns26590


									XML in Government
    Dr. Glenda Hayes
    The MITRE Corporation
         19 Oct 2000
 XML-related Activities
       Use of XML, Coordination on Semantics
       Forums for Surfacing Issues and Opportunities
       Policy Regarding Use

 Organizations
       Department of Defense
       Department of Treasury
       Federal CIO Council

                                   Department of Defense
 XML Use, Coordination on Semantics
 Forums
          DII-COE* XML Forum
          XML Namespace Managers Forum
 Policy
          DII-COE Configuration and Control Board (CRCB)
          DoD CIO Executive Board tasking to DISA*

DII-COE = Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment
DISA = Defense Information Systems Agency
              DII-COE Data Engineering View of XML:
              Common Data Exchange Language

   Data packaged with interpretation rules
        tailored tags and document structure
        community of interest (namespace) agreement on tags & structure
        DBMS not required to examine schema or retrieve data
        unicode text  machine & man readable
        more effective information discovery and retrieval

   21st Century industry data interchange standard
        Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sun, Sybase, Informix…
        Messages (USMTF & Electronic Commerce /EDI)


   Application       SQL-J             Application
          Database            DOM             Database
          CGM                                 CGM
          other                               other
   File                                File
          Flat                                Flat
          CSV                                 CSV
          XML
                               XSL             XML
          other                               other

                                              DoD Use of XML
                                                                 page 1
   DII-COE XML Registry - Provide Market Visibility for XML
    components - http://diides.ncr.disa.mil/xmlreg
       XML for submissions to Registry, XML retrieved from Registry
       Domain Values (XML) Document rendered (via XSL) to HTML
   Situational Awareness
       Common Operational Picture (COP) Extensible DB Interface (XDBI)
           XML returned from COP for Database Synchronization
       Bosnia
         XML Retrieved from relational DB as snapshot w/image
         XML docs queried and rendered (via XSL) to HTML for browser

   MIL-STD 6040 Message Format
       XML enable Message Transmission Format (MTF)

                                       DoD Use of XML
                                                          page 2
   Global Combat Support Systems (GCSS)
       XML doc stores query definition data for GCSS Portal & COP-
        CSE Drill-down Tool
   Joint Battle Center (JBC) - Joint Warfighting
    Interoperability Demonstration (JWID)
       Exchange of data via XML between COP and Joint
        Command & Control DB
   Intelligence Production - Analytic Packet
       Business Re-engineering  SGML, migrating to XML
   Defense Finance & Accounting Services (DFAS)
       XML interface between legacy application feed and standard
        Agency storage DB.
       XBRL representation rendered (via XSL) to browser as Air
        Force General Fund Statement supporting drill down to detail
        data                                                           7
                                        DoD Use of XML
                                                            page 3
   Gunter AFB – Standard Procurement System
       XML transmitted to relational database (structured fields &
        XML fragments), database manufacture of XML, rendered
        (via XSL) for apps (e.g., browser and Electronic Posting
   Global Command & Control System – Maritime –
    Process-centric Training Support
       XML docs to store training material
   Army Topologic Engineering Center, NIMA - Open GIS
    Consortium WMT
       http://www.opengis.org
       XML to query geospatially-referenced data, XML returned
        from data source
       Geography Markup Language (GML)
       Imagery Markup Language (IML)

                                      DoD Use of XML
                                                         page 4
   Intelink Management Office
       Security.DTD
       Space Surveillance Ontology in XML
   Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS)
       Initializing CORBA Domain Manager
   Product Data Markup Language (PDML)
       Lightweight client for exchange of STEP/EXPRESS data
   DARPA ILLUME Project - Ontology Markup Language
       XML exported from Enterprise Java Beans to servlets
   DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML)

                          XML Addresses Multiple
                               Data Dimensions
  Wireless App Protocol
  Desktop publishing
data                                         metadata
  DBMS                         RDF
  XMLMTF                       PDML
  EC/EDI                       XMI CWMI

         Degree of Content Structure                        10
                                   DII-COE XML Forum
   Sponsor (DII-COE DATATWG)
       Defense Information Infrastructure (DII)
       Common Operating Environment (COE),
       Data Access Services Technical Working Group (DATATWG),
       Semi-Structured Data and Metadata Subpanel (SSD-MD)
   Objectives
       Develop specifications and/or DTDs
       Select metadata standards and tools
       Create DTD repository / distribution mechanism / versioning
       Provide guidance for tag terminology
       Develop “enhanced” XML editors for coded XML docs
       Develop application interpreters for XML
       Reference implementations
                            DII-COE XML Forum
 Meetings
      Chartered by DII-COE Architectural Oversight Group
       (AOG): Nov 1998
      Distribution List = 350 Names, Attendance = 70+
      Bi-monthly meetings, 9 meetings
 Topics
      XML Activities Survey
      XML Vendor Briefings and Demos
      DII-COE XML Requirements
      DII-COE XML Registry Debut
      XML Technical Discussions
      XML Policy Coordination
        XML Namespace Managers Forum
   Sponsor
       Common Operating Environment,
       DII-COE Architectural Oversight Group (?)
   Objectives
       Propose, review, and implement DoD XML policy
       Develop and promote best practices in XML
       Seek opportunities for semantic convergence
       Oversee the operation of the Registry
       Determine what metrics to use, analyze and make
        recommendations as inputs to DoD and other policies
       Define, review, update the procedures for the Namespace
        Mgrs Forum
       Review proposals for additional namespaces for
        recommendations to DII-COE AOG
       Participate, respect, and influence international and coalitions
        metadata standards
       XML Namespace Managers Forum
 Meetings
      Members: Namespace Mgrs
      Begun: Sept 2000, 2 meetings
 Topics
      DoD XML Registry Implementation Plan
      DII-COE Registry Requirements
      Registry Submission Training
      Namespace Mgr Coordination

                       Principles which shape
            Market-Driven Data Strategy
 Focus on Common implementable Components
 Seek commonality mainly within Communities of
  Interest (COIs)
 Develop common representations for 20% of
  data to satisfy 80% requirements
 Create market environment to exploit survival of
  “fit” data representations in various domains
 PMs and their engineering staffs are primary
  marketplace players
 Provide visibility for existing implementations thru
  Data Component registry with low barriers to
               DII-COE XML Registry Objectives
   Technical Requirement
          Ensure uniqueness of in-use tags, schemas
           etc. (like network port assignments)

   Management Objectives
          Visibility
              Identify and converge synonyms within CM
               process on cost-benefit, prioritization basis
              Encourage Re-use
          Information Interoperability
            Purpose is uniqueness and visibility, not
               standardization through mandate!                16
                        DII-COE XML Registry Status
http://diides.ncr.disa.mil/xmlreg     IOC 17 May 1999
                                           Public Access
                                           Messages (FOUO) – Password
                                      Improved Version
                                           Available Oct-Nov 00
                                           10K elements
                                           SIPRNET version early in CY01
                                      Handles
                                           XML Registration
                                           Namespace Creation & Mgt
                                      NATO Coordination
                                           NC3A XML Workshop
                                           Request & Receipt of COE Software
                                           XMLMTF
DII-COE Data Emporium                 Expanding Scope – DoD CIO Exec
  http://diides.ncr.disa.mil/shade     Council
                                           XML Registry Implementation Plan    17
                                  DII-COE XML Guidance
XML Tag Registration Requirement
 Configuration Review Control Board (CRCB) directs (via I&RTS 4.0)
  DII-COE Developers using XML for public interfaces to:
      Consult XML Registry before creating new Tags and reuse existing
       XML where practical
      Indicate planned use of Registered Tags by formally subscribing to
      Submit (where required)
         additional XML tags (and amplifying information) or
         recommended modifications to existing tags

Management of Namespaces
 With CRCB concurrence, DII-COE Chief Engineer:
      Charters selected agents to manage XML Namespaces
           Example: USMTF Program AO to manage XML-MTF tags
      Manages DoD Core Namespace
           DII-COE Namespaces/Managers

 DoD “Core” (COE Enterprise)/DISA
 Ground Operations/Army
 General Military Intelligence/DIA
 Aerospace Operations/USAF
 Messages/DISA
 Tracks & Reports/Navy
 Combat Support/DISA
 Geospatial & Imagery/NIMA
 METOC/Navy
 Personnel/DIMHRS
 Finance and Accounting/DFAS
                        DoD XML Registration
                          Policy Coordination
 CRCB directs Chief Engineer to propose DII-
  COE XML process for DoD
 Chief Engineer briefs DoD CIO Executive
  Council 29 Aug
 DoD CIO Executive Council asks for
       Draft registration policy memo
       Resource assessment
       Draft DoD XML Registry Implementation Plan
       Staff through ASD C3I, USD AT&L, etc.
 Brief to CIO Executive Council for decision

                                DoD XML Registry
                              Implementation Plan
 Implementation Plan features:
       implementable in the near term
       minimal unprogrammed resources
       extends existing DII-COE processes
       endorses DII-COE guidance
       uses DII-COE XML Registry
       capitalizes on existing DII-COE groups and boards
       adds CIO Executive Council oversight linked to CRCB
       engages Standards at multiple levels

                          Department of Treasury
 Simplified Tax and Wage Reporting System
       http://www.tax.gov/news.htm
       Harmonized Wage Code (HWC) Request for
 Federation of Tax Administrators
       http://www.taxadmin.org
       Tax Information Group for EC Requirements
        Standardization (TIGER)
 XML Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
       http://www.xfrml.org/
       American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
                                Federal CIO Council
   Federal CIO XML Working Group
       http://www.cio.gov/docs/XML_memo_to_CIOs_9-00.htm
   Co-chairs
       Owen Ambur of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
       Marion Royal of GSA's Office of Governmentwide Policy
   Meetings Monthly (beginning June 2000)
   Listserv
       listserv@www.gsa.gov with "subscribe xmlwg firstname
        lastname" in the body of the message.
   Listserv Archive
       http://www.gsa.gov/archives/xmlwg.html

                     Mission Statement
        Federal CIO XML Working Group

 Identify pertinent standards and best practices
 Establish partnerships with industry and public
  interest groups
 Establish partnerships with governmental
  communities of interest
 Education and outreach

                                Business Case for XML
   Lightweight Exchange – Poor Man’s EDI
        Network Protocol Independent
   Better Leveraging of Training
        XML is Pervasive
        Minimal Resources Required
        Independent of Programming Environment
   Phenomenal Industry Support
   Leverage Existing Metadata
   Common Syntax Attracting:
        File formats
        Ontologies
        Metadata
   Better Suited for Hierarchical Data Than Relational Representation
   Stateless Nature Fits Web Paradigm
   Implementations Can Be Done Incrementally

                        XML = Low Risk                                   25

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