OASIS Tax XML TC Work Plan by bns26590


									OASIS Tax XML TC 2005-2006 Work Plan

Task                                               Deliverable                            Owner              Proposed      Comment
                                                                                                             Due Date
1) Develop rationale on the cross government       Vision Paper for Senior Executives     Harm Jan vanBurg   TBD           Promote Message of
   use of open standards like XBRL, beyond the                                                                             interoperability in support of
   tax administration practical use                                                                                        task 3
2) Taxpayer Identification requirements            Requirements document                  John Glaubitz
   a) CRA to provide list of requirements with                                                               a. Oct 31
        descriptions and definitions
   b) Refined requirements document for peer                                                                 b. Nov 30
   c) US, UK, and Au review and expand                                                                       c. Jan 30
        requirements list with their needs
   d) NL, Ger., and NZ review and expand list                                                                d. April 30
        with their requirements
   e) Analyze the consolidated requirements                                                                  e. May 30
        and provide comments to CIQ as well as                                                                                           f.
3) Promote interoperability of the standards
   identified in the TaxXML position paper         Plan                                   Harm Jan vanBurg   Feb.06(F2F)
   through outreach of the stakeholders to the
   appropriate standards body.
   a) Conduct education and marketing of
        interoperability amongst standards
   b) Promote standards development around
        core competencies
4) Initiate business process and content                                                  Michael Roytman
   modeling of the electronic tax reporting
   a) Develop purpose and requirements for         a. Purpose Document                                       a.Dec 15
        modeling                                   b. Current Practices Document
   b) Document current practices in e-tax          c. Vision and Strategy for XML-based
        filing in UK, IRS, other jurisdictions     Data Exchange
   c) Identify plans of future practices (vision
        and strategy) regarding data exchange
Task                                             Deliverable                         Owner               Proposed         Comment
                                                                                                         Due Date
5) Identify a Tax XML name and design rules.     Purpose Document                    Sol Safran          Oct. 31
   a) Provide recommendation on XML
        naming and design rules
6) OECD taxpayer Service/wage tax request                                            Harm Jan van Burg
   a) Define Scope                               a. Scope Statement                                      a. Nov. 15 ‘05
   b) Position paper by Sept 06                  b. Position Paper
   c) Identify area where standards could help   c. Guidance Paper
   d) Use or HR-XML or other standards
7) CoR Related                                                                       John Glaubitz
   a) Document business vision of CoR            a. Vision Statement                 a. Susan Smoter     a. Oct. 31
   b) Finalize the CoR glossary                  b. CoR Glossary
   c) Produce XML vocabulary for glossary        c. CoR Vocabulary
   d) Design XML schema for CoR Exchange         d. CoR Schema
   e) Conduct CoR pilot                          e. Evaluation and Recommendations
8) Indirect Tax Discussion
   a) Assess request for guidance from UBL       a. Response Statement                                   a. Nov 15 ‘05
        in advance of UBL 2.0 release(Dec-05)
   b) Develop implementation guide for UBL       b. Implementation guide
        for TA’s                                                                                         b. May 06
   c) Verify the model with jurisdictions(EU,    c. Plan                                                 (F2F)
        Au, NZ, Japan)
   d) Apply to UBL evaluation process to
9) XBRL Liaison                                                                      Eric Cohen
   a) Audit trail                                a. Whitepaper                                           a.Feb 06(F2F)
   b) Create a standard framework for            b. Plan                                                 b.Feb 06(F2F)
        agencies to utilize XBRL
        i) Best Practices for leveraging
             existing taxonomies
   c) Report on practical applications of        c. Whitepaper                                           c.Feb 06(F2F)

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