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					Offline Workflows

 Java Client ONLY
Workstation is disconnected from server due to
          unexpected emergency…..
…or planned downtime
• Offline Workflows Functions:

  – Check Out
  – Check In
  – Renew
  – Register new user
              Offline Workflows
• Must have:
  – User ID (barcode number) – no user search
  – Item barcode number – no item search

• Cannot:
   – Search or display item or user info
   – Do other circulation functions
   – BECAUSE Server (information) is disconnected
                 Daily / weekly reports
                  (Scheduled Reports tab)
• Prepare GUI Offline Data (Prepstand) report (Scheduled
  Reports set up - runs weekly)             - verifylist
  and config files created

• Update User Delinquency Status (Setdelinq) – select
  “generate list” (Scheduled Reports set up - runs nightly)
     - dumpdate, and delinq files created

• Reports run regularly (already set in each Instance and
  DEFAULT across the state)

• Files are automatically downloaded to Sirsi\Jwf\Configure
  directory on workstation when Workflows is started each
PC Workstation directory – find via START/explore menu on PC
MAC Workstation directory – find via Finder on MAC

>Resources>Java>Configure file
                           Prepare GUI Offline Data
                                       (Prepstand) report…
…will make sure that you have the most current policies and
configuration information for your library system. The report
generates the files verifylist (policies) and config (configuration info).
This report is scheduled to run weekly in each instance.

    verifylist looks like this:                                            config looks like this:
•   ONE^^ZuaENID^ub589^ucZIP^udZIP^^Z^5^O01330|
•   STAT|2|^@56mqLpuaSTAT^ub14^ucANSI^ud$<STAT_desc_ansi>^^ZuaSTAT^ub1     _CFG_BIBLIOGRAPHIC|1|
    ^ucBATCH^ud$<STAT_desc_batch>^^ZuaSTAT^ub15^ucDT110^ud$<STAT_desc_     _CFG_BOOKING|0|
    dt110>^^ZuaSTAT^ub17^ucHP700-                                          _CFG_CIRCULATION|1|
    92^ud$<STAT_desc_hp70092>^^ZuaSTAT^ub10^ucIBM3151^ud$<STAT_desc_ib     _CFG_UNICORN_TYPE|7|
    m3151>^^ZuaSTAT^ub28^ucIBM3153^ud$<STAT_desc_ibm3153>^^ZuaSTAT^ub2     _CFG_MAIL|0|
    1^ucIBM3164^ud$<STAT_desc_ibm3164>^^ZuaSTAT^ub6^ucMACGUIDISP^ud$<      _CFG_OUTREACH|0|
    STAT_desc_macguidisp>^^ZuaSTAT^ub8^ucMACGUIEDIT^ud$<STAT_desc_mac      _CFG_REQUESTS|1|
    DISP^ud$<STAT_desc_pcguidisp>^^ZuaSTAT^ub7^ucPCGUI-                    _CFG_RESERVES|1|
    EDIT^ud$<STAT_desc_pcguiedit>^^ZuaSTAT^ub32^ucSCANNER^ud$<P1316:c>^    _CFG_REFDB|0|
    ^ZuaSTAT^ub23^ucSCOCOLOR^ud$<STAT_desc_scocolor>^^ZuaSTAT^ub22^uc      _CFG_SERIALS_CONTROL|0|
    SCOMONO^ud$<STAT_desc_scomono>^^ZuaSTAT^ub33^ucSIPCHK^udSip 2.00       _CFG_FMT_VALIDATION|0|
    ^ucSUGGESTION^ud$<D796:c>^^ZuaSTAT^ub2^ucTTY0^ud$<STAT_desc_tty0>^     _CFG_Z3950_HOST|1|
    ^ZuaSTAT^ub3^ucTTY1^ud$<STAT_desc_tty1>^^ZuaSTAT^ub9^ucTVI^ud$<STAT    _CFG_ACCESSION_NUMS|1|
    _desc_tvi>^^ZuaSTAT^ub26^ucTY^ud$<STAT_desc_ty>^^ZuaSTAT^ub27^ucTY-    _CFG_UNIQUE_CALLNUMS|0|
    COLOR^ud$<STAT_desc_tycolor>^^ZuaSTAT^ub24^ucTYXT^ud$<STAT_desc_tyx    _CFG_PROFILE_TYPE|1|
    COLOR^ud$<STAT_desc_tyxtcolor>^^ZuaSTAT^ub4^ucUNKNOWN^ud$<unknown      _CFG_SEGMENTATION|0|
    :c>^^ZuaSTAT^ub13^ucUVT1224^ud$<STAT_desc_uvt1224>^^ZuaSTAT^ub11^uc    _CFG_CONSORTIUM|0|
    VT100^ud$<STAT_desc_vt100>^^ZuaSTAT^ub18^ucVT220^ud$<STAT_desc_vt22    _CFG_DATE_TYPE|0|
    0>^^ZuaSTAT^ub31^ucWEBSERVER^ud$<STAT_desc_webserver>^^ZuaSTAT^u       _CFG_WEBCAT|1|
    TAT_desc_wyse325>^^ZuaSTAT^ub19^ucWYSE60^ud$<STAT_desc_wyse60>^^Z      _CFG_SHADOW_INDEX|1|
    ^5^O01497|                                                             _CFG_USERALTID_INDEX|1|
•   BARF|2                                                                 _CFG_USERGRPID_INDEX|1|
                Update User Delinquency Status
                                        (Setdelinq) report…
…(select to generate a list of delinquent users) will make sure that the
 library has current user data for Offline WorkFlows. The report
 generates the delinq file (contains a list of users with a Delinquent,
 Blocked, or Barred status) and the dumpdate file (date and time
 information). This report is scheduled to run daily in each instance.

     delinq looks like this:                                                     dumpdate looks like this:
22628000003832|DELINQUENT|22628000003915|DELINQUENT|22628000004137|DELINQUENT|      Fri Apr 13 00:30:18 2007
 How to start and use Offline Circulation

  When the Unicorn server is unavailable, do the following
  to use Offline WorkFlows to continue circulating items
  and registering users.

• Start the Unicorn WorkFlows client. In the Configuration
  window, select the Operate in Offline Mode check box,
  and click OK.
• Select the Offline toolbar.
• Click the Offline Session Settings wizard, confirm or
  change the settings, and click OK to close the wizard.
At login, select “Operate in Offline mode”
1.Select Offline toolbar

  Offline menu displays:
• Select Offline Session wizard

•Offline Session Settings are used for
the transactions you are creating while
the Unicorn server cannot be accessed
using standard WorkFlows.
•Select the Review Settings for Each
Session check box to allow values to be set
for each session.
• Select appropriate staff User access (to be identified
  with final transaction) from drop-down menu.

• To change the user access while in Offline Checkout,
  log out and log back in with the new user access.

• This field is required.

NOTE: If no drop-down
menu displays, user is
NOT in Offline Mode
•Select the Library Field, which is the library
associated with the transactions that are
ultimately loaded.
•This field is required.
•Enter the date to be stamped on the transactions
(when data is loaded into Workflows), or select the
default date listed.
• Always use the date gadget.

•Can use Offline Circulation for several days
•Maintain accurate date for transactions
•Transactions are appended in each library's file
•Enter the time to be stamped on the transactions
(when data is loaded into Workflows)
•Or select the default time (current time)
•Always use the gadget.
-Select a default due date (all materials to be due
on the same date)


- Leave the Default Due Date field blank so that the
due date is calculated at the time the offline
transaction is completed

-Always use the gadget
-Log Directory points to where the log file will be
written as data is collected on the Offline
WorkFlows client

- Defaults to the \Sirsi\Workflows\LOG directory in
Documents and Settings for PC’s

- Defaults to Library>Preferences>Workflows>LOG
file for MAC’s.
-Date that the user status file was last generated is
displayed (set to run nightly).
- Select the Use User Delinquent List File check
box to use status check
- Deselect the Use User Delinquent List File check
box to check out without status check
Once you have set values for the offline
           transactions, click OK.
Register new user

Basic information required:
• User ID (14-digit barcode
• Name
• Library
• User Profile
Check Out
     - Enter the user ID in the User ID field
          - Scan or type 14-digits
    - Enter the Item ID in the Item ID field
          - Scan or type 14-digits
   - Due date will be calculated at time transaction
   is uploaded into database (using Circ Map)
   (leave alt due date blank)
   - OR alternate due date can be set at time of
- If using the delinq file, check out to BLOCKED,
       BARRED, SUSPENDED users will NOT be
       possible (not even overrideable).
Check In

    - Scan the item barcode in the Item ID field
    - Enter date
          -default is “today’s” date
        Offline Complete Transactions

-server becomes available

 -deselect “Operate in
Offline mode”

  - transaction file is
uploaded as library staff
logs in

  - library staff contact ITC
staff to complete
ITC Staff    (when contacted by library staff)

  Run reports (Administration tab):

  Load Offline Transactions (Loadstand)

      - Errors in Finished Report log
     - Assign to Library Staff for resolution

   Consolidate Daily Transactions (Consolidate)
   Statistics Log (Statlog)
• See Java Docs, Section16, for step-by-
  step documentation.

• Also see ONLINE HELP in Java
  Workflows for more information.
• Questions ???