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					Time (PT)          SeSSion TiTle             AbSTrAcT                                                    SpeAkerS                         Type
All sessions for the Virtual Conference are listed in the Pacific Time Zone

8:00 am –         Java EE: The              Java EE provides a standard for portable, robust,            Tom Kincaid: Executive           Business
9:00 am           Foundation for            multi-tiered server side applications. Java EE 6, improves   Director, GlassFish Portfolio;   Keynote
                  Your Business             on the Java EE 5 developer productivity features, breaks     Kevin Schmidt: Senior
                                            the “one size fits all” approach with Web Profiles, adds     Director, GlassFish Portfolio;
                                            extensibility, and more. This session covers the             Anil Gaur: Director, Java EE
                                            importance of Java EE for your business and highlights       and GlassFish; Bill
                                            key features of Java EE 6                                    Shannon: Java EE 6
                                                                                                         Specification Lead; Eduardo
                                                                                                         Pelegri-Llopart: GlassFish
                                                                                                         Community Lead

9:00 am –         Java EE 6: An             Join Roberto and Ludovic as they highlight the new           Roberto Chinnici: Java EE 6      Technical
10:00 am          Overview                  features of Java EE 6 and demonstrate the advancements       Specification Lead; Ludovic      Keynote
                                            in ease-of-development features that increase developer      Champenois: GlassFish
                                            productivity, making Java EE 6 the ideal platform            Tools Architect
                                            for developers.

10:00 am –        GlassFish v3: Java        This session provides an overview of the Java EE 6           Anil Gaur: Director, Java        Business &
11:00 am          EE 6 Reference            Reference Implementation (RI) and GlassFish Enterprise       EE and GlassFish; Abhijit        Technical
                  Implementation            Server v3. GlassFish v3 delivers the modularity,             Kumar: Manager, Java EE          Keynote
                  & Beyond                  extensibility and rightsizing capabilities of the new Java   and GlassFish v3; Jerome
                                            EE 6 platform and provides a lightweight, modular, and       Dochez: GlassFish Architect
                                            extensible platform for your Web and Enterprise              and Lead
                                            applications. GlassFish v3 is also extensible and
                                            embraces open-source libraries and frameworks.

11:00 am –        Enterprise Java           Hear about the new features in Enterprise Java Beans         Ken Saks: EJB Specification      Technical
11:30 am          Beans (EJB) 3.1           3.1 including: ejb-in-.war packaging, optional local         Lead
                                            business interfaces, singletons, asynchronous session
                                            bean invocations, and portable JNDI names.

11:30 am –        Jersey, JAX-RS            This presentation will give an overview of JAX-RS and        Paul Sandoz: JAX-RS              Technical
12:00 pm          and REST with             then proceed to focus on the areas where JAX-RS              Specification Lead and
                  GlassFish v3              integrates with other Java EE 6 technologies, specifically   Project Jersey
                                            EJB 3.1, managed beans, CDI and Java Servlet 3.0             Specification Lead

12:00 pm –        Servlet 3.0               Java Servlet 3.0 is a major revision of the Java Servlet     Rajiv Mordani: Servlet           Technical
12:30 pm                                    specification and includes changes to enable                 Specification Lead
                                            pluggability of frameworks, ease of development,
                                            support for async processing, security enhancements,
                                            and more. Attend this session and you’ll be sure to learn
                                            about the latest features in the Java Servlet.

12:30 pm –        Java Persistence          Hear about the new key features in Java Persistence          Linda DeMichiel: JPA             Technical
1:00 pm           API (JPA) 2.0             2.0 including: object-relational mapping and modeling        Specification Lead
                                            features, query language improvements, the new
                                            criteria API, pessimistic locking, and support for

1:00 pm –         Java Server               This presentation will introduce JSF 2.0 and explain         Roger Kitain: JSF                Technical
1:30 pm           Faces (JSF) 2.0           all the new features in this major revision of the JCP       Specification Lead
                                            Standard Web framework.

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Time (PT)          SeSSion TiTle             AbSTrAcT                                                     SpeAkerS                      Type
All sessions for the Virtual Conference are listed in the Pacific Time Zone

1:30 pm –          Web Services              Metro 2.0 is the advanced SOAP-based Web services            Harold Carr: Technical Lead   Technical
2:00 pm            in GlassFish              stack built into GlassFish Enterprise Server v3. It          for Metro 2.0
                                             supports the new JAX-WS 2.2 specification and provides
                                             advanced features such such as end-to-end security. Join
                                             us for this informative session to learn about the latest
                                             features of Metro 2.0 such as JMX monitoring.

2:00 pm –          Context                  New in Java EE 6: Context and Dependency Injection. This      Roberto Chinnici: Java EE 6   Technical
2:30 pm            Dependency and           is the next step in the inversion of control in Java EE and   Specification Lead
                   Injection (JSR 299)      combines lifecycle semantics to dependency injection so
                                            developers can tie in web-tier (JSF for example) with
                                            business logic (EJB or Java Persistence API).

2:30 pm –          OSGi in GlassFish v3     GlassFish v3 has leveraged OSGi to create a modular           Jerome Dochez, GlassFish      Technical
3:00 pm                                     application server. But that’s just the beginning!            Architect and Lead
                                            GlassFish v3 allows development and deployment of
                                            OSGi enabled applications, applications that co-exist
                                            with Java EE, and applications that leverage the
                                            strength of Java EE.

3:00 pm –          Dynamic Languages        GlassFish v3 is home not only to Java EE based                Vivek Pandey: Technical       Technical
3:30 pm            with GlassFish v3        applications but also to many popular dynamic                 Lead, Scripting Language
                                            language-based Web frameworks including: Ruby,                Support on GlassFish v3
                                            Python and Groovy. This session will present details
                                            about running these dynamic language based
                                            frameworks on GlassFish v3.

3:30 pm –          Tools for GlassFish      Learn about what is happening in NetBeans 6.8 for             Ludovic Champenois:           Technical
4:00 pm            v3: NetBeans and         Java EE 6 and in the GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse       GlassFish Tools Architect

4:00 pm –          Grizzly: NIO & Web       The Grizzly Framework is a high-performance NIO               Oleksiy Stashok               Technical
4:30 pm            Framework. Comet         framework that enables powerful asynchronous I/O
                   Using GlassFish          applications. It’s Web framework powers GlassFish v3.
                                            This two-part session will show how GlassFish v3 is built
                                            on top of the Grizzly framework and how GlassFish can
                                            be extended using Grizzly. The next part of the session
                                            will give a quick overview of the Grizzly Comet
                                            Framework and its successor, Project Atmosphere used
                                            to build Web 2.0 applications.

4:30 pm –          Monitoring and            This session is a presentation on the management and         Anissa Lam: GlassFish         Technical
5:00 pm            Management in             monitoring capabilities in GlassFish v3. You can eas-        Admin Console Lead;
                   GlassFish v3              ily monitor your production environment with a new           Sreenivas Munnangi:
                                             lightweight architecture using client-scripting, CLI, GUI,   GlassFish Monitoring and
                                             REST and DTrace. In addition, this talk will cover the Ad-   Management Engineer
                                             ministration Console, specifically the new features and
                                             tasks. It shows how to use Ajax to significantly improve
                                             the performance of this tool.

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