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					                                                                        Classification Specification
                                                                                     CUPE Local 30
                                      Aquatic Programmer


This work is associated with lifeguarding, staff supervision and operation of the program at pool

Work in this classification involves development and implementation of all aspects of the
instructional programs at the facility, supervision of staff and lifeguarding.

Supervision and performance assessment is received from a supervisor who reviews and approved
decisions, evaluates progress on performance expectations and assesses services rendered to the


Lifeguard, safeguard and supervise the customers using the facility in accordance with established
policies and procedures.
React to emergency situations and perform first aid as required.
Assess needs, develop, plan, administer, manage and evaluate the instructional and recreational
programs at the facility.
Assist in the instruction of programs as required.
Assist in the preparation of and submit administrative reports as required.
Supervise, recruit, select, monitor, train and evaluate instructors at the pool.
Check and regulate chemical feed equipment to ensure adherence to public health standards, adjust
and make minor repairs to equipment and backwash filters.
Take and record water test results in accordance with Centre practice.
Act as a shift supervisor in the absence of the supervisor.
Represent the facility at various meetings.
Perform related work as required.
                                                                                Classification Specification
                                                                                             CUPE Local 30
                                          Aquatic Programmer                                                 Page 2


Knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques employed in water safety and lifesaving
activities and first aid.
Knowledge of the principles and practices involved in designing, implementing and evaluating
swimming and leisure programs.
Knowledge of the public health, occupational health, construction and provincial operating guidelines
related to and the technical aspects of the operation of a swimming pool
Ability to practice positive customer service principles to the operation and programming at the
Skills and ability to community effectively orally and in writing to individuals and groups.
Skills in being able to apply and use relevant software applications.
Ability to supervise staff.
Ability to recognize emergency situations and react accordingly.


Job Level
Completion of one year post secondary education in Recreation Administration, Facility
Management, Marketing or related field and the Red Cross Instructor Award. One (1) year (2080
hours) experience as an Aquatic Instructor and Lifeguard. The incumbent must successfully
complete Level I Foremanship Training within one year of appointment. Possession of a Swimming
Pool Operators Certificate, Level I - A.A.R.F.P.

Possession of National Lifeguard Service Certificate - R.L.S.S.C. Aquatic Emergency Care Award -
R.L.S.S.C., Basic CPR certification and Bronze Cross - R.L.S.S.C. or equivalent as recognized and
approved by the Parks and Recreation Department. All certifications must be kept current according
to the certification organization.

* This is a class specification and not an individualized job description. A class specification represents and
defines the general character, scope of duties and responsibilities of all positions within a specific job
classification. It is not intended to describe nor does it necessarily list the essential job functions for a specific
position in a classification. Positions may perform some of the duties listed above but this does not necessarily
qualify for placement into this classification.

Salary Plan                                10M              10A               10B              10C
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Last Updated:                              1996/12
Previous Updates:                          1982/03, 1983/04, 1991/08, 1996/06
Originated:                                1978/11