Installing Cygwin by fso56144


									             Installing Cygwin                                         Installing Cygwin
●   Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for                ●   Start installation by double clicking the setup
    Windows. It provides a complete C/C++                     icon on the CDROM.
    development environment.
●   Additional installation instructions are in the
    install directory of the CDROM.

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             Installing Cygwin                                         Installing Cygwin
●   We will be installing from a local directory          ●   Install to c:\cygwin (or d:\cygwin).
    (the CDROM).

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             Installing Cygwin                                         Installing Cygwin
●   Enter the CD drive letter when prompted for           ●   After 5-10 minutes the package selection
    the local package directory.                              screen should appear. (See the next slide.)
                                                          ●   While sorting through the packages that are
                                                              available for installation, the program may
                                                              appear to hang or the window may go blank.
                                                              Just give the program some time ...

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              Installing Cygwin                                  Installing Cygwin
●   Initially just install the Default set of       ●   After a few minutes the following window will
    packages.                                           appear. Click “Finish”.

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              Installing Cygwin                                  Installing Cygwin
●   OPTIONAL: You can run setup again and           ●   Review the cygwin_tips.txt file in the install
    install additional packages:                        directory on the CDROM.
                                                    ●   Write a simple C++ “Hello world” program.
                                                        Compile and run it. The vi and emacs
                                                        editors are available, you can also use any
                                                        Windows text editor.

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