HB No USA63829920              Born 17/3/08

                                                                                                                            Nasis Primary ID 80JJE10

 FASTLANE JEVON AJAX                                                           Jevon/Impuls/All	American                         Available 	JUNE

                                                           Sire:     FOREST GLEN MECCAS JEVON                    •		Outcross	sire	line
                                                                     Mecca/Bold Dan                              •	 solid	production
                                                                                                                 •	 Exceptional	type

                                                           Dam: FASTLANE IMPULS ANNIE 3.06 91%                   MGS:     ISDK Q IMPULS
                                                           Age Litres %Fat KgF %Prt KgP Days                     MGD:     FASTLANE ANTHEMS ANGEL
                                                           2.06	 9756	 4.40	     430	 3.93	   384	 291                    5.10 92%
                                                                                                                 Age Litres %Fat KgF %Prt KgP Days
                                                                                                                 6.09	 9835	 3.81	   375	 3.69	      363	 305

           Sunset Canyon MBSB Anthem

                                                                                                                           US 01/09 GENOMIC DATA
What a great combination of pedigree, production, and cow families. JevJax has a dash of Danish, with two
shots of their best in Fyn Haug, and is represented by some of the US most successful proven bull mothers,     MILK     1527	lbs	        52%	REl	     DPR	 -0.6
with Maid and Jade on the top side, and anthem and althea on the bottom side. Jevon and impuls are high        FAT      80 lbs	          +0.05%	      SCS	 3.27
fat transmitters that rank in the top 10 JPi sires. Fastlane impuls annie ex91 is one of DnKiMPUlS’ highest    PROT	    54	lbs	          +0.00%	      PL   2.1
classified daughters, with ex scores for rear udders three generations back. Components, udders and outcross   PTAT     1.6              JUI 4.38	    45%	REl
are a feature of this young star.                                                                              JPI	     273

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