Everything you ever wanted to know about Anita and

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					Everything you ever wanted to know about Anita and Linux

  1. Anita’s address is anita.simmons.edu
  2. Anita runs LINUX, which is the PC version of the UNIX operating system
  3. You can log onto Anita using Putty (put – tty, which is an old abbreviation
      for teletype) or other secure telnet utility. Putty is freely available at
  4. Secure SSH/Shell Client (equivalent to Putty but with a nicer interface) is
      also installed on all the computers in S241, S150 and S251A.
  5. Because we will be using CoreFTP to FTP your files to Anita, you actually
      won’t need to know much about LINUX (until you take Operating Systems)
      but here are the key items:
  6. To set up your account on Anita
       Open up the Secure Shell utility
       Click on File->Connect
       Fill in anita.simmons.edu for the Host Name
       Fill in your User Name. (Anita, like all good LINUX machines, is case-
       The default port is 22 and the default authentication method is
          Password. These should pop up in the dialog box automatically.
       Click on Connect, and then enter your password in the new dialog box
       Anita will respond with [username@anita ~]$
       The first thing you want to do is change your password. To do this
          type passwd (Note spelling)
       Follow the instructions.
       Type exit to log off.
  7. You can now set up the public_html directory by using CoreFTP
      and then move into it and set up the cgi-bin directory.
  8. In case you want to learn a little more about working on a LINUX machine,
     Go to http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/y2k/60/primer/primer.html