Lab - Linux Installation by ywr18717


									                  Lab – Linux Installation
1. Update system using up2date
2. Resize root partition / to create a new backup partition
3. Using fdisk make a linux partition from newly create partition
4. Using mkfs.ext2 create an ext2 filesystem on backup partition
   1. Mount partition on /backup
5. Backup /home /etc on new backup partition
6. Create a swap file
   1. Turn swap file on
   2. Make swap file permanent
7. Switch to single user mode, then back to X mode
8. Boot into single user mode from cdrom and change root password
9. Show hard drive information using hdparm
   1. Turn DMA on
   2. Turn 32-bit transfer on
   3. Show hard drive information
10. Enhance network performance by changing TCP/IP values
11. Convert backup partition from ext2 filesystem to ext3 filesystem
12. Check max number of file handlers and increase if needed
13. Find out how much free ram memory available on system
14. Find out the number of process that are sleeping/running/zombie on the
15. Find out how much free disk space available on the root partition
16. Perform a non-destructive read-write bad blocks check on the backup

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