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					Green Room Studio - Creating The New Stock Video Market
Submitted by Shout SEO Mon, 21 Dec 2009

Green room studios are starting a stock video market because if you film in a green room studio, you could buy a piece of stock video and apply it to your green area to save time and money. Stock video is not too expensive now, but you can bet the price is going to go up eventually. Let me explain how the stock video market works. Say you have a scene that is taking place in a spaceship by some sort of window, you film a battle between two characters in your green room studio to start it. Then, you would get a stock video clip that suits what you want. This video clip could be as simple or complex as you want. The stock video market is soon to be full of alternatives. You could have a round window looking out over a huge laser infested battle; with other spaceships dropping from gravity, on fire with people even jumping out if you like. On the cheaper side of things; you could have a smaller window, maybe a triangle one, looking out over a peaceful section of space with only a few stars and a moon. Maybe your not in space at all, maybe you are crash landed on a strange planet. You could have a chunk of your space ship missing, with enormous monsters clawing at your two fearless warriors while they battle for their spot in your plot scheme. It is all up to you! With the amount of movies coming out every year, a stock video market is sure to do good and has been doing great so far. There are so many genres of movies; any type of stock video clip is sure to be used if it is stable! Stock video clips are a brilliant idea and are sure to be used by many green room studio users. Backgrounds and intrusive environments all have the same goal. They are really meant to make what is going on in the film more believable. If you have a scene going on in China and you can't get to China, you have a problem don't you. Not with a green room studio and stock video clips. The only problem you should have going this route, is what stock video clip to choose that goes along with your film. You will find all that you need on the stock video market as it expands and it is expanding every single day. There are even independent animators and computer specialists, that will make stock video clips in their own free time and often these clips are very usable; not to mention feesable. Independent stock clip holders can be contacted through the many Internet communities on the web. Whatever stock video clips are bought, they must be purchased with the rights to them. The last thing you want to do is end up with the same environment that another big name has. Green room studios and the new stock video market can get a solid movie done very quick indeed.

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