Justice programming in Europe and the CIS by ywr18717


									Justice programming in
  Europe and the CIS

           Louise Nylin
 Human rights and justice specialist
Geneva, Palais des Nations, 30 April
Projects map   Judicial training centers/
                 capacity development
                Judicial reform
                Juvenile justice
                Legal aid
                Security sector oversight
                Transitional justice
Observations from recent missions
     Reform of the judiciary closely linked with
     EU accession process, politicized
     The reform has been more focused on
     organizational re-structuring and less on
     services delivered and access to justice
     UNDP comparative advantage, neutrality,
     flexible and action oriented
Observations from recent missions
     Strong focus on the criminal justice
     system, less focus on civil and
     administrative justice, lack of trust in the
     Crowded field, but possible for UNDP to
     find its niche
Projects map   Vulnerable groups
               Human rights education
               National Human Rights Institutions
               Human rights based approach
               National Human Rights Action Plan
               Treaty reporting and follow up
Support to National Human Rights
     Primarily focused on the CIS region
     Facilitation of East-East transfer of knowledge
     and exchange of information
     Targeted trainings
     Knowledge products
     Capacity assessments – Paris Principles
Identifying UNDP niche in the
justice sector
   Capacity to provide justice remedies – focus
   on accountability, non-discrimination →
   access to services for vulnerable groups
   Capacity to demand justice remedies
   Focus on vulnerable groups
Next steps:
   Map projects and focal points at the
   national level
   Possible to identify a joint regional-sub-
   regional focus, priority
   Replicate the work done on NHRIs in
   the CIS, in the Western Balkans
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