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									3/08/1662/FP – Alterations to existing multi-storey car park to provide additional vehicular and pedestrian exits comprising new openings on West Elevation, at the multi-storey car park, Jackson Square, Bishop’s Stortford for East Herts Council. Date of Receipt: 19.09.08 Parish: Ward: BISHOPS STORTFORD BISHOPS STORTFORD MEADS Type: Full

RECOMMENDATION That planning permission be GRANTED subject to the following conditions1. 2. 3. Three year time limit (1T121) Materials of construction (2E113) The exit hereby approved shall not be brought into use until details of the off site works for the development, and changes to the phasing of the Adderley Road/A1250 junction traffic signals and the installation of any vehicle detection loops, are submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority in consultation with the Highway Authorit. Thereafter the development shall be implemented in accordance with the approved details. Reason: In the interests of highway safety and the maintenance of the free flow of traffic. Directives 1. Highway Works (05FC)

Summary of Reasons for Decision The proposal has been considered with regard to the policies of the Development Plan (East of England Plan May 2008,Hertfordshire County Structure, Minerals Local Plan, Waste Local Plan and East Herts Local Plan) and in particular policies ENV1 and BH5. The balance of the considerations having regard to these policies in this case is that planning permission should be granted. (166208FP.FM) 1.0 1.1 Background The application site is shown on the attached OS extract.

3/08/1662/FP 1.2 The application site forms part of the existing Jackson Square multi storey car park. The car park occupies the ground and first floor levels of the multi storey building, with a number of retail units at second floor level. The proposal would provide a second egress for cars exiting the Jackson Square multi storey car park at ground floor level onto Riverside. The applicant has outlined that the proposed development is to improve the exit flow of vehicles from the multi storey car park onto the highway. The exit would be formed in the existing façade of the south west elevation of the car park. This would involve removing a small section of railings and a small brick plinth wall. A new area of paving and tarmac is also proposed to the front of the new exit. The new exit would also allow for better direct access for disabled and other users travelling between the car park and the surrounding town centre. The new pedestrian walkways would be constructed in contrasting paving to the road. The existing (and only) exit on the east elevation of the multi storey car park for cars exiting onto Adderley Road would be used solely for vehicles exiting the car park at first floor level. The proposed additional exit would be for vehicles exiting the car park at ground floor level only. Internally, a barrier would be installed to prevent vehicles at ground floor level exiting onto Adderley Road. The internal directional floor markings in the multi storey car park would be altered to reflect this. Site History The Jackson Square Shopping Centre and associated multi storey car park was granted permission by the Development Control Committee under LPA references 3/02/0962/OP and 3/04/1435/RP. Consultation Responses County Highways do not wish to restrict the grant of permission and comment that the principle of the scheme had been discussed and agreed with them prior to the submission of the application.





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3/08/1662/FP 4.0 4.1 Town Council Representations Bishop’s Stortford Town Council raise no objections to the application but comment that further consideration should be given to pedestrian safety within the finished scheme. Other Representations The application has been advertised by way of neighbour notification and press and site notice. No letters of representation have been received. Policy The relevant policies of the East Herts Local Plan Second Review (April 2007) are: ENV1 BH5 Design and Environmental Quality Extensions and Alterations to Conservation Areas

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Considerations In determining this application it is necessary to consider the impact of the proposed development on the character and appearance of the Bishops Stortford Conservation Area, the surrounding street scene and the impact on the flow of traffic and pedestrians using the multi storey car park, Adderley Road and Riverside. It is noted that the proposal would not increase or alter the footprint of the existing multi storey car park. The proposed exit would be approximately 4.7metres wide and 2.7metres in height. For security purposes, the exit would have silver/grey roller shutter doors which would be used when the multi storey car park is shut. It is considered that the new exit in terms of design would not have a detrimental impact upon the character and appearance of the street scene or the Bishops Stortford Conservation Area. It is Officers opinion that the removal of the existing railings and the brick plinth would not have a significant detrimental impact upon the locality or upon the character of the Conservation Area. With regard to any implications the proposed scheme may have upon the flow of traffic in the area, it is considered that the additional exit for vehicles onto Riverside would help to improve and ease the flow of




3/08/1662/FP vehicles exiting the multi storey car park on to Adderley Road and would not have a significant detrimental impact upon the flow of traffic in the surrounding area. The consultation response from County Highways reiterates this and, in order to accommodate the change in traffic movement, the Highway Authority will alter the phasing of the traffic signals at the Adderley Road junction with the A1250. 7.5 It is also noted that County Highways acknowledge that the alterations to the lay-by, kerbing and relocation of the BT box are required to be dealt with under a Highways Act Section 278 agreement with the highway authority. An appropriate condition has been added. Internally, the proposed development would entail the loss of 2No disabled car parking spaces. However, these would be relocated adjacent to the main entrance that leads out from the multi storey car park to the town centre. Conclusion In conclusion, the proposed additional exit for the Jackson Square multi storey car park would not significantly materially affect the external appearance of the building or impact upon the character and appearance of the Conservation Area. It is considered that the proposed new egress would ease the flow of traffic exiting the multi storey car park on to Adderley Road and would not impact upon the flow of traffic in the surrounding area. Accordingly, it is recommended that the application be approved subject to the conditions set out at the commencement of this report.


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