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Flash is a Macromedia (recently bought out by Adobe) product which was originally aimed at
creating animations for the web. It has since been extended and is now used to deliver a wide
range of enhanced features on websites, such as games, buttons and questionnaires. It
works by installing a “plug-in” in the web browser so that a Flash file created in the Flash
package can be displayed as part of a web site.

There are two part to creating an animation, firstly you need to create an object to animate,
and then make the object move.

Drawing in Flash
There are a number of drawing tools in Flash, they are fairly familiar if you have used other
painting or drawing packages. Below are details of some.

The Pencil tool is used in much the same way that you would use a real pencil to draw.
Simply select the tool and drag on the Stage to draw with the Pencil tool.

SHIFT key : Constrain directions

You can press the Shift key while dragging to constrain lines to vertical or horizontal

You can specify the color with the Stroke Color Tool.
Color Tools:

Smoothing and Straightening
You can apply smoothing or straightening to the lines by setting a Pencil mode.

Pencil Modes:

Stroke panel : Window > Panels > Stroke
Finally, you can specify line style (solid, dotted etc.), line width in pixels and color using the
Stroke panel.
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Stroke Panel:

Brush Tool

The Brush tool draws brushlike strokes, as if you were painting. It lets you create special
effects, including calligraphic effects.
Brush Modes:


Creating a simple text animation
Insert some text with the text tool and then right click on it and select
Timeline Effects – Transform/Transition - Transition
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Experiment with changing the settings on the Transform Dialogue to change the text effects

Creating a Motion Animation

Create a new Flash document and click frame 1 in the timeline. Draw a circle at the bottom of
the stage

Click on the arrow tool and select the circle by dragging a rectangle around it. Then right click
and select convert to symbol. Flash animates symbols, not basic shapes.

Click on frame 20 and then press F6 to create a keyframe. Keyframes are points in the
animation where you want to control the position and/or shape. The click on frame 40 and
press F6 to insert another Keyframe.
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In frame 20 move the circle up to the top of the stage. Click on frame 1 and select Motion
from the Tween drop down in the properties panel at the bottom. Click on frame 20 and
repeat the Tween.

Run your animation by clicking in the Timeline and pressing Enter. What you should see is a
bouncing ball.

However the bouncing effect is not very realistic because the ball travels at the same speed
throughout the animation. Use the Ease control to control the speed. Set the ease to 100 in
frame 1 and -100 in frame 20

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