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									                                   ISMT E-110
                                   Spring 2009

     Internet and Integrated Productivity Software for


This course provides a foundation in end-user productivity software and teaches students
how to organize, analyze, and communicate information using the primary desktop
software applications: word processing (Microsoft Word), spreadsheet analysis, modeling
and charting (Microsoft Excel), database management (Microsoft Access), presentation
graphics (Microsoft PowerPoint) and appropriate applications for interacting with the
World Wide Web and the Internet. Students learn the conceptual basis of each of these
tools, how they are used for today’s organizational management, the limitations of the
current technology, and possible future developments. The course includes substantial
hands-on experience with microcomputers and business-oriented software, but it is NOT
a training course. The course is not designed to provide in-depth training on specific
software applications but allows for a general understanding of the utilization of such
packages in today’s world.

This course is offered online as well – Internet access is required to view weekly videos
of lectures and to submit assignments to the course site.

This course requires a high level of commitment to keeping up with class assignments
and to learning the use of several software tools. You are expected to have had some
experience in the use of a microcomputer. You are expected to develop and demonstrate a
basic understanding of different software tools and the ability to learn how to use new
software tools.

Students are expected to complete seven laboratory assignments and a final project. You
should expect to spend three to six – and possibly more – hours each week working to
complete these assignments on software and computers available in the Science Center
microcomputer labs or your own personal computer. Support from the teaching assistants
will be provided in the microcomputer labs. Students are expected to turn in all
assignments via the course website on time. All assignments must be done using the
specific software packages used in the course: Microsoft Office 2003: Word, Excel,
Access, PowerPoint, and wikis. No other software packages are acceptable. Note: If you
use Microsoft Office 2007 – there will be differences in the menu structures and features
and functions of the various tools.
You might want to purchase one or more books at any local bookstore to help you in the
use of the software. Choose a level appropriate for you. However, there is no required
text for the course.

Teri Chisholm                            Toni Trainor
Phone: 617-384-6619                      Phone: 617-495-8770
Email: teri_chisholm@harvard.edu         Email: atrainor@fas.harvard.edu
                                Teaching Assistant
Roy Guyton, Chief TA
roy@post.harvard.edu or
Susan Donnelly

Our teaching assistants (TAs) will be available during the regularly scheduled lab to
answer questions. The role of the TA is to help the student learn to use the software
tools, not to help the student perform the assignment. The TAs grades all homework

Class Time: Tuesday 5:30-7:30 PM
Location: – Science Center, Hall A

              Optional Lab Sections
To Be Posted on Course Site     Starting:

Most assignments are worth 10% of your grade; however, the database assignment and
the final project are worth 20%. Note: Points will be deducted for late assignments!
Assignments are as follows:

                                Assignment                  % of Grade
                                Powerpoint                        5%
                                   Word I                        10%
                                  Word II                        10%
                                   Excel I                       10%
                                  Excel II                       10%
                                   Charts                        10%
                                  Database                       20%
                                Final Project                    20%
                  Class Participation via On-line Surveys         5%
Students are expected to turn in all assignments on time. All assignments must be done
using the specific software packages used in the course: Word, Excel, Access, Front Page,
and PowerPoint. No other software packages are acceptable.

The provisions of Harvard University’s Academic Honesty Policy fully apply to this
course. In particular students should review the sections regarding plagiarism and the
copying of homework. Plagiarism, that is, submitting work that is not one's own as if it
were, is a serious offense. Plagiarists will receive no credit for the assignment in question.
If two or more students submit identical work and none admits to plagiarism, all will be
treated as plagiarists. Each student will be subject to subsequent disciplinary action by the
Division of Continuing Education.

User and Email Accounts

Student user and email accounts are issued and maintained by Harvard University – not
the teaching staff – and are necessary when using Harvard University computer
resources. Questions concerning those accounts should be directed to the Help Desk in
the Science Center. It is the student’s responsibility to have their accounts activated
before coming to labs. Students will not be granted an assignment extension because
they have not yet activated their accounts.

Planned Schedule of Classes – Subject to Change
Please note that the proposed schedule is a plan and is subject to change if necessary. If
the schedule changes, updated schedules will be made available to you on the Web as
soon as possible.

Date       Module         Content                                    Assignment Due
Jan 27     Course         Course overview
           Introduction   Goals, assignments, and grades


Feb 3      PowerPoint     Presentations
Feb 10     Word           Orientation to Word and word processing    Powerpoint
           Processing     Formatting text and paragraphs             Assignment
                          Tables                                     Due Thursday,
                          Grammar and spell-checking,                February 12th at 5:00
                          AutoText, AutoCorrect, Fields              pm

Feb 17     Word           Styles: text, paragraph, headings          Word Proc assignment
           Processing     Templates;                                 1 due Thursday , Feb
                          Form letters and mail merge                19th at 5:00 PM
Feb 24     Recap – Word   Recap Word.                                Word Processing 2
           Processing     Orientation to Excel and spreadsheets      due Thursday, March
           Spreadsheets   Formulas, functions, formatting            5th at 5:00 pm
March      Spreadsheets     Models                                  Spreadsheet
3                                                                   Assignment 1 due
                                                                    Thursday, March
                                                                    12th at 5:00 pm
March      Spreadsheets     Models (continued)
10                          Workbooks
                            Managing data in a spreadsheet
                            Pivot Tables
March      Charts           Types and Formats                       Spreadsheet
17                                                                  Assignment 2 due
                                                                    Tuesday, March 31st
                                                                    at 10:00 pm

March      Spring Break
Mar 31     World Wide       History, Exploring the Web 2.0, HTML,   Charts Assignment due
           Web              Creating Web pages                      Thursday, April 9th
                                                                    at 10:00 pm

April 7    Database         Orientation to Access databases
                            Designing databases
April      Database         Complete database example
April      Database         Searches, Reports;
21                          Relating databases
April      World Wide       Using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to    Database Lab due
28         Web              Create Web Pages                        Monday, May 4th at
                                                                    10:00 pm
May 5      World Wide       Review Session for Projects
May 12     No class -                                               Final Project Due May
                                                                    14th at 10 PM

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