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					                                                                                Evolving Security and Defence Context
 Centre for Security Science
 Canada’s Public Security Science and Technology
 Who, how and what for?                                                    Complex Conflict Spectrum          Asymmetric Threats
               Dr Ahmad Khorchid, DRDC Centre for Security Science
28 September 2009

                                                                                           Global Economic Crisis

     Public Security Technical Program

                                                                           Common Security and                     Globalization of
                                                                           Defence Agenda                   Science and Technology

                                                                                    Science and Technology:
                                                                                    Opportunities and Threats

                                                                                                    S&T Enabled
      “…technology itself cannot                                                   The Good
                                                                                                                         The Bad

      guarantee security, but                                                   • Connected                          • Radicalization
                                                                                  Societies         Information
      security without the support of                                           • E-Commerce        Technology
                                                                                                                     • Identity Theft
                                                                                                                     • Bio-Terrorism
      technology is impossible..”                                               • Improved         Biotechnology
                                                                                                                     • Environmental
                                                                                  Health          Nanotechnology       Degradation
      European Security Research Advisory Board                                                                      • “Power to the
                                                                                • Renewal
                                                                                • Clean
      3                                                                     4     Technologies

                    Since 9/11 …                                            … and these investments are
       The Federal Government has advanced S&T                              beginning to pay dividends
          for public security
                                                                                 • Intelligence/Scientific Consolidated Risk
       S&T Programs and Capacity                                                 • National First Responder CBR Specialist
              –      CBRNE Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI)
              –      DRDC Counter-Terrorism Technology Centre (CTTC)
                                                                                 • “Dirty Bomb” Preparedness
              –      Public Security Technical Program (PSTP)
                                                                                 • National Disease Surveillance Capability
              –      Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC)
                                                                                 • First Responder Personal Protection
                                                                                 • Forensic tools for CBR incidents
                ……Innovative integrative solutions are
                                                                                 • Incident management tools
                enhancing Canada’s preparedness

      5                                                                     6
                                                                                                    Towards Enabling Science-Public Security Interactions:
               Canadian Public Security Outcomes                                                             Public Security Technical Program

  • Canada, its peoples, allies, institutions and socio-economic fabric                            • PSTP is implemented through 2 enabling MOUs
    have a greater resilience to high-consequence public security
                                                                                                      – A Department of National Defence and Public Safety
  • Canada has a secure and efficient flow of people, goods and                                         Canada MOU. This establishes the DRDC managed
    services across its borders and ports of entry
                                                                                                        Centre For Security Science as the coordinating body
  • A national emergency management and response system is in                                           for federal public security S&T responsive to policy
    place, providing an effective full-spectrum protection of people,
    responders and critical infrastructure from all-hazards
                                                                                                        direction from Public Safety Canada. (2006--)
  • The public is confident that public security threats are being
    identified, assessed and addressed in a way that reflects                                         – An interdepartmental MOU signed with 21
    Canadian values, and maintains the integrity of the criminal justice                                participating federal Departments. This establishes
    and national security systems                                                                       the mechanisms for managing and delivering
                                                                                                        horizontal S&T (2002, renewed 2008)
  7                                                                                                  8

       DRDC Centre For Security Science                                                              CSS Organizational Structure

      • Stood up in 2006 through a DND—Public
        Safety MOU
      • Goal to promote collaboration in the
        application of S&T to enable public safety
        and national security
      • Foundational construct was the 2002
        CBRNE Research and Technology Initiative
      • Current staff complement of approx 35
      • Total annual budget of 45$ million

  9                                                                                                  10

Public Security S&T theme Areas                                                                    DRDC-CSS: facilitating S&T for Public Security

            CBRNE Defeat                            Infrastructure Protection (CIP)                             CBRNE Defeat                             Critical
       • Chemical Defeat                           • Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment                                                 Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
       • Biological Defeat                                         and Monitoring                          • Chemical Cluster
       • Radiological/Nuclear Defeat                        • Infrastructure Resiliency                   • Biological Cluster                    • Physical CIP Cluster
       • Explosives Defeat                            • Natural Disaster Alert and Mitigation             • Radiological/Nuclear Cluster            • E-Security Cluster
       • Forensics                                                  • E-Security                          • Explosives Cluster

                                                         Emergency Management
       Surveillance, Intelligence                    & Systems Interoperability (EMSI)                    Surveillance, Intelligence             Emergency Management
         and Interdiction (SI2)                          • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment                and Interdiction (SI2)           & Systems Interoperability (EMSI)
    • Integrated Communications, Intelligence      •Integrated Emergency Management Systems
                  and Surveillance                   • Interoperability, Standards, Modeling and                    • Biometrics Cluster        • Emergency Management Cluster
  • First Responder, Policing and Officer Safety                   Decision Support
        • Border and Transportation Security                                                                     • Border Security Cluster   • Human Factors / Psychosocial Cluster
                                                               • Modelling & Simulation                              •Forensics Cluster
                 • Maritime Security
                                                                    • Human Factors
                                                                 • Search and Rescue

  11                                                                                                 12
                                                                                   A horizontal “competition of ideas” approach to

                                                                                                                   PWGSC              IC
                                                                                                                PS                          CNSC
                                                                                                       PCO                                           CFIA
                 Our Approach to Delivering                                                                           Threat, Vulnerability
                                                                                                                             & Risk
                                                                                                RCMP                                                      AAFC
                       S&T Solutions                                                                         Transition                     Build
                                                                                           TC                               >$500M        Capabilities             PHAC
                                                                                                                                          & Linkages
                                                                                                DFO                                                         EC
                                                                                                        HC                R&T Solutions            CBSA
                                                                                                                TB                            CSIS
                                                                                                                     NRC          NRCan

  13                                                                              14

             Understand Threats, Hazards,                                         Build S&T Capability and Linkages
             Vulnerabilities & Risks                                                   • 11 Scientific Clusters across government,
                                                                                         linking to Policy & Operations
                                                                                           – Chemical, Biological, Radio-Nuclear
                               • Consolidated Risk Assessment for CBRNE                      Explosives
                                     –Whole of Government approach                         – Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber-
Litvenenko                     • Cooperation with Allies to collaborate & avoid
                                                                                           – Biometrics, Border Security, Forensics
                                                                                           – Emergency Management, Psycho-social
                               • Identifying capabilities required to Prepare,
                                 Prevent, Respond and Recover from events              • 21 Federal Departments and Agencies
                                                                                        collaborate under a single S&T MOU
                               • Assessing capability requirement versus               • Avoid duplication—enhance collaboration
                                 capabilities possessed – gaps.                          through
                               • Developing and bolstering capabilities                    – Industry and Academia
       SARS & BSE
                                 through S&T investment                                    – First responders
             Field exercises   • Lessons Learned from Real Events and                           • Canadian Police Research Centre
                                 Exercises                                                      • Association of Chiefs of Police, Fire
                                                                                                  Chiefs, Chiefs of Ambulance Services
                               • Demonstrating risk reduction and capability
                                                                                           – Provincial Governments
  15                                                                              16       – Allies (US, UK, Australia, Sweden)

             Develop S&T Solutions                                                Transition Results: Standards & Training
                                                                                                                                              Railway                Terrorist
                                                                                   • Standards                                                Station                Laboratory
                                                                                         – Development of Concept of
                                                                                         – Development of standards for                                                     Airport
         • Multiple program elements spanning                                              Personal Protective Equipment for
           the Technology Readiness spectrum                                               1st Responders

             –R&D to investigate and develop                                                                                                         Parking Lot
              emerging technologies
             –Demonstration of concepts and                                                                                               • Training of first responders
              technologies to responders                                                                                                      –Counter Terrorism
                                                                                    • Exercising New                                           Technology Centre
             –Acceleration of technologies
                                                                                      Capabilities                                             (CTTC)
              towards commercialization
                                                                                          – Systematic approach to                                   • Live agent Training for
         • Integration and management of new                                                Lessons Learned is a critical                              Consequence Management
           and existing knowledge                                                           enabler of operational capability
  17                                                                              18        enhancements
                                                           Constant Policy and Situational Mapping
     Balancing investment across event spectrum            Why?

                   Public Security Response spectrum
                                                           •    Ensure relevance of our programs
         25                                                      – Avoid operating in a strategic vacuum          Decision-making
                                                                                                                                     Science and Technology/
                                                                                                                                    Research and Development
                                                                 – Be better positioned to demonstrate to
                                                                   that we are serving the operational
                                                                   needs through S&T/R&D
                                                                                                                        and                Operations/
         10                                                •    Identify the policy and operational               Policy/Planning        Implementation

                                                                gaps and weaknesses
                                                                 – What are our enablers
                                                                 – What are our challenges
              -3    -2     -1      0      1      2     3         – How can we work with these

                                                           •    Be better positioned to maintain funding and relevance for PSTP
                                                                 – In current time of ‘frugal’ financing, need to have strong strategic
                                                                   and decision making linkages to have the buy in required to ensure
                                                                   program integrity and continuity

19                                                         20


“It must be considered that there is nothing
more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of
success, nor more dangerous to handle than to
initiate a new order of things”



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