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					                  105 East 22nd Street New York, NY 10010

“... if you are working in America, you should be
able to obtain a living wage and support a family .”
                               — President Obama

                                                            Find out what you can do ...
      “If you are working in America, you
      should be able to obtain a living
      wage and support a family.”
      -- President Obama, CSS Working Cities Forum, 2007

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                                                                                                                         R. Jone
                                                                                                                 David t & CEO

Photo: Greenberg
Two in five New
Yorkers live on the
edge of poverty.
                                                                                                                         Photo: Greenberg

CSS has solutions to strengthen and benefit our neighbors in need.
• Nearly 40% of our city’s residents – 3.4 million people – are getting by on less than $33,000 for a family of three.
• CSS’s extensive experience has taught us that when recession hits, the city’s most vulnerable will fall even further behind.
• Today, your generosity will enable CSS to help thousands of people to break the cycle of poverty – for good.
Here are just a few of the challenges CSS is tackling/addressing:

More than 2.5 Million New Yorkers                                  But CBS assists thousands of individuals and
                                                                families in getting the resources they need to
have no health insurance                                        get ahead. It also provides crisis intervention,
Health Care for all New York Campaign                           counseling, and case-management services to
   With people across our city losing their jobs,               people facing eviction, or needing help with utility
along with their health insurance, our country’s                payments, medical costs, and other essential
economic tsunami is also spiraling into a health-               expenses.
care catastrophe with no end in sight. But CSS is                  Your support connects low-income New Yorkers
tackling this crisis head-on by leading a statewide             to benefits that transform their lives.
coalition of advocacy groups pushing for high-
quality, universal health coverage.                             Half of all New Yorkers have less
   Your gift will help make the prospect of health
care for all residents – a REALITY.
                                                                than $500 in savings
                                                                Financial Coaching Corps
Thousands of New Yorkers don’t take                                In these challenging times, survival depends
advantage of benefits they are                                  more than ever not just on how much people earn
                                                                but, more importantly, on how much they keep.
entitled to receive.                                            Our trained senior volunteer financial coaches
Center for Benefits and Services (CBS)                          give hundreds of low-income New Yorkers the
   Many New Yorkers have difficulty accessing                   knowledge they need to manage their money
benefits like food stamps, tax credits, housing                 effectively, make wise financial decisions, avoid
subsidies, health care, and other critical public               pitfalls, and stretch their modest incomes.
supports. Others aren’t even aware of the many                    Your donation gives our city’s poor the financial
public benefits they’re entitled to.                            knowledge they need to help themselves.

                                               Our city’s most vulnerable residents urgently need your
                                                       support, today! Be a part of the solution.
                                              Together we can ensure New York’s future prosperity. Join
                                               CSS and make New York a better place to live for us all.

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