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									Technical Data Sheet

Tex-Perl TC 2102
Top quality silicone resin exterior paint with
water beading effect; contains fungicide and

Product Description
Application area          High quality water-repellent, highly diffusible coating; use for exterior
                          paintwork on mineral substrates and redecorating work on bondable
                          silicate and matt dispersion paintwork and synthetic resin render.
                          Specifically for use on listed buildings and monuments, and for use on
                          plasters in mortar group P I c.

Properties                High water-repellency (water beading), water vapour permeable,
                          Sd value (m) 0.05, extremely weatherproof, good coverage, easy to
                          work with, W value (kg/m²h) 0.08, forms a protective film to prevent
                          mould and algae.

Colour                    White

Gloss level               Satin matt

Density                   approx.1.5 g/cm³

Base pigment              Titanium dioxide and extender

Type of binder            Special pure acrylic with silicone emulsion

Components                In accordance with VdL* building paint guidelines (*German Paint
                          Industry Association):
                          Pure acrylic dispersion, silicone resin emulsion, titanium dioxide,
                          calcium carbonate, chalk, silicates, water, additives, preservatives.

Product code              M - DF 02 F

Application Guide
Substrate                 In order to be suitable, substrates should be bondable, solid, dry,
                          clean, and prepared in a professional manner. We recommend
                          adhering to VOB*, DIN 18 363, Part C, Sect. 3 (*Contract procedures
                          for building works - Part C; General technical specifications for
                          building works). For solid, bondable, slightly porous interior
                          substrates, no primer is required.
                          Non-bondable surface coatings must be completely removed.

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Technical Data Sheet

Number of coats/          Stir contents well before use.
                          Basecoat and/or intermediate coats: dilute Tex-Color Tex-Perl
application guide
                          TC 2102 with up to 5% water. Final coat diluted with max. 5% water.

Processing                Apply using brush, roller or spraying device.

Quantities                Approx. 160 ml/m² per coat on smooth, slightly porous surfaces.
                          Increase the amount appropriately for rough surfaces. Establish the
                          precise quantities to use by applying test coats.

Diluting                  Maximum of 5% using water

Tinting                   Can be tinted using silicate-based full-tone or tinting colorant, up to
                          5%; also available ex works (pastel shades).

Compatibility             Do not mix with other materials.

Cleaning of tools         Clean tools with water immediately after use.

Drying time                                                            C
                          Can be painted over after 10 hours at + 20° and max. 65% rel.
                          humidity. Able to withstand heavy rain after 24 hours, fully dried and
                          able to sustain load after 28 days. These times increase at lower
                          temperatures and higher humidity.

Application temperature   The temperature of the air and item being painted should be at least
                          +5° C during application and drying.

Container sizes           5 l and 15 l

Storage                   Dry, cool, free from frost. Always reseal containers properly once

Safety advice             Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with the eyes or the
                          skin, immediately rinse thoroughly with water. Do not allow the
                          product to enter sewerage networks/watercourses/ground soil. Advice
                          for users who are allergic to isothiazolinon: tel. +49 (0)800 6333378
                          Where necessary, the designation can be found in the safety
                          information sheet.

VOC-content               Safety notice: EU limit value for this product (cat. A/c):
                          40 g/l (2010). This product contains a maximum of 40 g/l VOC.

Disposal                  Containers should be completely empty before recycling. Dried waste
                          material can be disposed of as household rubbish. Containers with
                          liquid residue should be taken to a waste paint collection point. AVV
                          waste classification regulations disposal code no. 080112 (where

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Technical Data Sheet

Layering of paint: inspection of the substrate, see VOB 18 363, Part C, Sect.3 / Tex-Color Fassadenfarben

 Item                  Substrate                                     Pre-treatment & Primer
   1    Solid and bondable substrates               Without primer

   2    New plasters in mortar groups P I c, P II   Allow to dry for two to three weeks (treat touched up
        and P III, new concrete                     areas with a fluosilicate solution) then apply Tex-Color
                                                    Siloxan Grundfestiger LF, TC 3304 primer.
                                                    Similarly for new concrete, if necessary remove any
                                                    formwork release oil residue using a fluosilicate foam
                                                    wash and hot steam jets.

   3    Mineral-based scraped, machine-             Apply Tex-Color Siloxan Grundfestiger LF, TC 3304 or
        applied, and patent render, slightly        Tex-Color Siloxan Grundfestiger LH TC 3202 primer.
        sanding plaster, surface-weathered
   4    Slightly chalking, well bonded old          Apply Tex-Color Siloxan Grundfestiger LF, TC 3304
        paintwork                                   primer

        Heavily chalking old paintwork              Clean thoroughly first.

   5    Non-bondable, peeling old paintwork and Remove completely and, depending on the condition of
        synthetic resin render                  the substrate, apply Tex-Color Siloxan Grundfestiger LF,
                                                TC 3304 or Tex-Color Siloxan Grundfestiger LH, TC
                                                3202 as a primer. An intermediate coat of filling primer
                                                may be required.

   6    Surfaces with algae, mould or fungal        Completely remove the infestation, wash off and allow to
        infestation                                 dry well. Brush with Tex-Color Biozid-Sanierlösung
                                                    TC 8101 and leave to dry for 24 hours.

   7    Salt efflorescence                          Remove with a dry brush and prime using Tex-Color
                                                    Siloxan Grundfestiger LH, TC 3302. No warranty is given
                                                    for paintwork applied to surfaces contaminated with salt.

   8    Galvanised surfaces                         Clean using a wetting agent and a sanding fleece with
                                                    corundum. Wash down thoroughly with water when
                                                    finished. Follow BFS Information Sheet No. 5.

   9    Hard burnt brick, brick, and calcareous     Pointing must be free of cracks. Only suitable for frost-
        sandstone exterior masonry                  proof masonry without foreign inclusions. Masonry must
                                                    have equilibrium moisture content before paint is applied.
                                                    Surfaces that have deposits of iron salts, nicotine, and
                                                    soot should be primed using Tex-Color Siloxan
                                                    Grundfestiger LH TC 3202, followed by a coat of solvent-
                                                    based exterior paint.

  10    Elastic joint sealant and edge protectors   Do not paint over.

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Technical Data Sheet

This technical information is based on the latest state of the art and our experience of application technology. In view of the diversity of
primers available and differing requirements of items that may be painted, the purchaser/user must retain responsibility for ensuring
that materials manufactured by us are appropriate and technically suited for the intended application, under the actual conditions in
which they will be used. The above information is not to be considered to be legally binding. This document will no longer be applicable
should a new issue be published.
Further information can be obtained by calling +49 (0)800 6333378.

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