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					                        BI-202C (2 Units)
  Matlab and the Distributed Computing Toolbox for Biological

Course Objective
This course will introduce Matlab’s Distributed Computing Toolbox and
apply the techniques to solve problems involving large datasets and

Course Details
The course is divided into 4 sessions, roughly 1-1.5 hours each. The 5th
session is reserved for project discussion and any other issues the students
may want to discuss.

Session 1 will cover an overview of the distributed computing toolbox, and
some demos of the main ways of using the toolbox. Key concepts and
terminology for hardware and software will be introduced.

Session 2 will cover the job creation, submission and retrieval process. The
process of prototyping a potential distributed solution will be shown using
“embarrassingly parallel” and parallel process.

Session 3 will cover methods of monitoring jobs and tasks and getting status
updates. Some tricks will be discussed for running startup and finish tasks
and jobs.

Session 4 will cover the use of GUIDE to build real distributed applications.
Examples in literature mining and gene expression analysis will be covered.

Required Skills
Matlab for Biologists - Level 1 (BI-102) or equivalent training
Matlab for Biologists - Level 2 (BI-202A) or equivalent training