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									NAG Fortran Builder
What is it?
The NAG Fortran Builder is a new Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Release 5.1 of the NAG Fortran Compiler
on Windows. Fortran Builder provides a GUI debugger and an integrated help system. The command line version of the
compiler is still included for those who prefer a batch environment, for example for script-based production runs. Also a
“pretty printer” tool (that can convert from fixed to free format) and a call graph generator are supplied.

How does it work?
Fortran Builder projects include Console Application, Static Library, DLL and projects using various libraries. Once the
desired project type has been selected and named, files can be added to the project. Existing Fortran source files can be
added to the project using the usual Windows file opening dialogue. These files can be edited using the built-in Fortran-
aware editor, which can also be used to create new files. The editor uses colour coding of syntax elements to make the
source code more readable and features keyword completion.

Building the project simply requires a click of the “Build” button or selection of “Build” from the “Project” menu. Subsequent
builds only recompile files that have been updated. If the default options are not suitable, it is easy to change them by
selecting “Project Settings” from the “Project” menu.
Expert help system including Fortran
language guide

If you need help in using the IDE or
choosing the right compiler options there
is a comprehensive help system that
includes an extensive Fortran language

Illustrated to the right is a section
showing some of the compiler options.

                                                   Access to extensive numerical functionality from

                                                               NAG Fortran Library (license required)
                                                               LAPACK (supplied with Fortran Builder)
                                                               Simfit (supplied with Fortran Builder)

                                                   The image to the left illustrates one of the Simfit plotting library
                                                   demonstration programs showing a 3D surface and 2D contours.

Integrated debugging

Incorporated in Fortran
Builder is a GUI debugger
to help solve any coding

Illustrated to the right are a
break point, the command
line and several variable
watch windows. The “Run”
menu shows the single-
stepping and other options
available during

                        Key Features                                                    Benefit to User

    Access to numerical functionality via extensively tested          Enables the user to quickly create models, analyse data
    mathematical and statistical libraries                            and solve problems

    Integrated GUI debugging facility                                 Quickly and easily solves coding problems

    Expert inbuilt help system including extensive Fortran
                                                                      Helps the user work in the IDE more effectively and
    language guide
                                                                      choose the right compiler options

Fortran Builder can be purchased via our website or contact us for more information by email or telephone +44 (0)1865 511245. Trial versions are available on request.

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